In Canada, It’s a Human’s Rights Offense to Use the “Wrong Pronouns”


They (a single non-binary person, not plural people) won $30k in their (a single non-binary person's, not plural people's) case against the restaurant

A Canadian tribunal has awarded a transgender, non-binary server $30,000 and ruled refusal to use someone’s preferred pronouns as a human rights offence, during the settlement of an employment dispute.

The former server, Jessie Nelson, transitioned from a female to a non-binary person. However, the manager continued to refer to Jessie with feminine pronouns.

According to Devyn Cousineau, member of the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal, the restaurant’s bar manager, Brian Gobelle, “persistently referred to Jessie Nelson with she/her pronouns and with gendered nicknames like ‘sweetheart’, ‘honey’, and ‘pinky’.”

As a result, the restaurant is ordered to pay Nelson $30,000 and provide mandatory diversity, equity and inclusion training to its staff.

This appears to be another problem of people “not trusting the science” when it comes to genders.

Reactions to Non-binary Server Awarded $30k for Being Referrer to With Wrong Pronouns

It’s is important to see how outrageous people’s views can be.

There are people who believe this is gender discrimination. Even though, the person does not identify as any gender.

It always seems like the people who support this all have the same far-left ideals like capitalism is bad (Profit Is Exploitation), decolonize, and LGBTQ all go together.

Never thought about it like this, but it makes sense that refusing to use someone's proper pronouns in the workplace is gender discrimination. It's like saying you can only work here if you're cisgender.

There are some sane people though.

Forcing everyone to lie & adopt false beliefs is a violation of everyones human rights.

Wow...this young lady needs to grow up. To use "them" is just stupid, them is plural and my guess is she isn't conjoined twins...

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