King of Jordan Has a $100m Real Estate Empire – Pandora Papers Reveal


In a country where about 1 of 4 are unemployed, the king has secretly amassed a huge wealth.

King Abdullah II took the helm in 1999 following the passing of his father. He hasn’t shied away from flaunting his wealth in public, but he has managed to keep the extent of his wealth secret until now.

According the the leak, King Abdullah II owns over $100 million in real estate that has been kept secret by purchasing the properties with offshore companies.

King Abdullah is one of the few world leaders in the Middle East who has an allegiance to the West.

Hi secret wealth is so expansive that it comes as a surprise to most.

Shell companies incorporated in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) kept secret his ownership.

Using offshore companies to purchase properties in not illegal. However, it is clear that he didn’t want the citizens of Jordan to know of his wealth.

In October 2019, Jordanian security forces detained a lawyer and some of his possessions for simply asking how much property the king owns.

Massive International Property Empire of King Jordan II

Jordan‘s King Abdullah owns properties in Malibu, London, and Washington D.C.

The property in Malibu, California is a sprawling 26-room mansion on the cliff, overlooking the water, and was purchased for $33.5m in 2014.

The seven properties in the United Kingdom have an estimated value of 28 million pounds. Note that the UK was sending up to 100 million pounds per year to Jordan.

The king maintains that the properties were purchased with his own money and public funds were not used to acquire the properties. However, how he earns enough funds to purchase the properties remains a mystery.

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