Socialist Venezuela Reaps Extreme Poverty


76.6 percent of Venezuela's 28 million residents are now suffering in extreme poverty. America, is this really the way to go?

Venezuela is terribly suffering from an economic collapse that led to hyperinflation and shortage of basic necessities brought greatly by years of massive spending on social programs in building a “welfare state”.

No one in his right mind would believe that these policies would have been sustainable in the long run after knowing the horrifying stories of states that glorified and implemented socialism, which always ends up in utter failure.

However, the Democrats have been known to ignore this kind of stories and espouse and advocate essentially the same socialist policies such as the “Medicare for All”, cancellation of student debt, and “The Green New Deal”.

Americans' Reaction to Venezuela's Story

More than 75 percent of Venezuelans now living in extreme poverty - On the current trajectory, this is America's future.

One user is wittingly echoing the mantra of the Democrats.

It started with the rhetoric, "the rich need to pay their fair share," and ended with 75% of the country lving in EXTREME poverty.

Someone asks if we’ll have the same fate with Joe’s administration but certainly knows what needed to be done in the election.

Wil that be us in a few years if the #Biden Administration continue in its current course? We need to get the corrupt politician out of office.

With the Democrats on the steering wheel, “The American Dream” is dangerously heading to a nightmare.

What do you think?