NBPC President Calls Out Biden on Border Crisis


Worst Border Crisis

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC), has strong words on the border crises. In a Fox News interview on Sunday, he called the situation the ‘biggest’ border security crisis ‘we have ever seen’.

As the president of the NBPC, he represents 17,000 Border Patrol Agents and support staff. In recent weeks, he had been vocal of his criticism against DHS and the Biden government, notably during the Del Rio border crisis.

In opinion articles he wrote also on the Fox News site, he warned specifically about the danger of offering rewards to migrants for crossing US borders illegally. 

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Lack of Transparency

According to Judd, the Biden administration had not been transparent with the American public with regard to the number of immigrants who cross the border.

“They’re not forthcoming with the American public and the American public has a right to know exactly what is happening — and until this administration is in fact forthcoming with all these things, we have reason to be skeptical on anything that they tell us as it pertains to border security,” he said.

In an opinion article he penned in September at Fox News, he noted that for every 1,000 people the Border Patrol processed, another 5,000 entered.

In the same article, he noted that the administration lost contact with the 40% or about 45,000 of more than 114,000 children without guardians who illegally crossed the border this year.

Trump Policies

He also remarked in the interview that Biden has withdrawn the policies of Trump which worked to stem the flow of migrants. “Any time we release people into the United States pending a hearing that they’re [illegal immigrants] not going to show up to, we’re going to have tons of people cross our borders illegally,” he told “Fox News Live”.

He called Biden’s strategy a magnet for illegal immigrants, a strategy which is not sustainable.

Reactions to Border Crisis

White House spox: Biden is “perfectly comfortable” with the American taxpayer funding cash payments for illegal immigrants.

If the Biden administration follows through with the $450,000 payments to illegal immigrants, this nation will come unglued.

We went from America First to illegal immigrants first.

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