Vax Mandates Take Effect in NY, Thousands Put on Leave


NY City Moving Ahead with Mandates

Vaccine mandates have been causing a stir in the government workforce of New York city. While majority of the 300,000 + workforce getting the jab, there are those who refuse the jab out of choice or religious exemption.

So far, the option for those who resist the jab is waiting on the court to make a decision or from the administration to admit exemptions that they filed. Meanwhile, those who cannot file for religious or medical exemption must go on unpaid leave or call in sick. 

2,300 firefighters called in sick, 9,000 were put on unpaid leave, while 12,000 filed for religious or medical exemptions.

The deadline passed last week, October 29, which goes to show that the government wants everyone jabbed despite stiff opposition and protest by workers.

There is no sign of letting up from de Blasio as he thanks those who received the jab, thanking them for helping the city and in ‘moving us forward’.

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Similar Risks

Robust data recently published show that vaccinated individuals pose just as much risk as unvaccinated when it comes to the delta variant. A comparison by a Lancet published study show a 25% risk of transmitting in the household by the vaccinated, and 23% for the unvaccinated.

In the state of Florida, the city government data shows that mandatory jabs are not needed to achieve a low Covid rate, and that somehow the trend is related to weather conditions. So far, they are leading the country as well in business growth and shows success in private sector job growth.

Nevertheless, there seems to be no backtracking of public health policies that remain unjustified by the New York city government.


Despite the assurances of the CDC and FDA, there is no clear, long-term data showing the vaccines are safe. The waning immunity given by the vaccines is 6 months at best, whereas natural immunity has shown to be more durable. Meanwhile, the jury is not yet out as to whether 2 doses or 3 doses comprise a ‘full dose’. Turns out, we really do not know because mass vaccinations are an ongoing experiment.

There are also countries like Singapore (80% vaccinated), Israel (65% fully vaccinated)  and states like Vermont (71% fully vaccinated and 79% at least one dose) that are seeing upticks in cases in recent weeks.

Given that firefighters and policemen are willing to put their lives at risk with their work, Bill Maher makes an excellent point in saying that the government should not bother with mandating vaccines. If a firefighter can face the prospect of going inside a burning building, what are vax mandates for to help with safety?

Given that transmission rates are equal for vaccinated and unvaccinated, mandates are silly front for ‘public health’ virtue signaling.

Reactions to NY Vax Mandate

Happening now in Crown Heights. Does their vaccination status matter?

From a friend in NYPD: This is the line at an NYPD station of officers lined up to go out sick tomorrow as that’s the deadline for the vaccination.

New York Paris Rome Trieste Bern Rome Dublin Montreal Melbourne Los Angeles Zagreb Bucharest Prague Marseilles Athens Buenos Aires Cape Town And many more… Mass protests against vaccine passports and yet the media ignore it.

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