Court Grants De Santis, Parents’ Appeal to Mandate Masks Denied

Governor Ron DeSantis wins in reinstating Florida’s mask mandate ban, promoting that students should not be compelled to wear masks inside classrooms. ⚡️NEW | Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ wins appeal Florida’s ban on mask mandates remainsSchools can not require students to wear masks in classrooms. — New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) September 10, 2021 A […]

Biden Orders Mandatory Vaccination to Target 100 Million Americans

Millions of Americans will be forced to adhere to vaccine mandates under President Joe Biden’s command. Biden to announce vaccine mandate for companies with more than 100 employees — Fox News (@FoxNews) September 9, 2021 To increase vaccination rates in the United States, Biden announced a six-part plan on Thursday to target approximately 100 […]

Kamala Harris Bailed Minneapolis Man Charged with Murder From Freedom Fund

A fund supported by Vice President Kamala Harris released an alleged murderer from prison. Bail fund backed by Kamala Harris freed Minneapolis man charged with murder — New York Post (@nypost) September 8, 2021 On August 29, an incident at Interstate 94 in Minneapolis led to the shooting of Luis Damian Martinez, 38, […]

Jimmy Kimmel: Unvaccinated Patients Shouldn’t Be Granted With ICU Beds

TV host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel joked that unvaccinated patients do not deserve ICU beds when hospitals become crowded and say they are “pan-dimwits.” On Tuesday, ABC’s late-night talk show host Kimmel throws a banter against unvaccinated Americans, triggering reactions on social media. According to him, only those who have been vaccinated are eligible for […]

University Bans Unvaccinated Student from Attending Virtual Classes

Rutgers University denied a student from studying virtually for one reason: he is not vaccinated. Rutgers bars unvaccinated student from attending virtual classes — New York Post (@nypost) September 7, 2021 Student Logan Hollar from Rutgers University said he disregarded the school’s protocol for COVID-19 because his classes were all “remote.” Although he […]

Florida Doctor to Not Treat Unvaccinated Patients for their ‘lack of selflessness’

Dr. Lina Marraccini will refuse to treat COVID-19 positive patients if they are not vaccinated, thus violating the Hippocratic Oath. Is she being manipulated? The South Miami primary care doctor Lina Marraccini seems to hold prejudice against patients who opposed vaccine mandates by refusing to treat any of them as she believed they pose a […]

New Yorkers Enraged at de Blasio Over Ida Flooding, say they ‘blame the mayor’

Hurricane Ida’s aftermath sparks fury among New York City residents, who blame Mayor Bill de Blasio and Representative AOC for the absolute “no warning.” 'I blame the mayor': residents fume at de Blasio, AOC over flood — New York Post (@nypost) September 6, 2021 NYC experiences flash floods after Ida whipped through last […]

Amid National Crisis, Where is Kamala Harris?

Vice President Kamala Harris has been missing in action following series of problems on Afghanistan withdrawal. Thus, Americans can’t help but wonder: where is she in the middle of a crisis? The aftermath of the controversial retreat exposes serious setbacks for both Americans and Afghans, leading to accusations of government negligence and President Joe Biden […]