Gavin Forces COVID Vaccine to Kids

The State of California is set to require COVID-19 vaccination for K-12 students. Students older than 12-years-old will not be allowed to attend school unless vaccinated. Is this not a form of tyranny by a Democrat? It is essentially taking away the role of the parents to decide for the welfare of their children. This […]

Socialist Venezuela Reaps Extreme Poverty

76.6 percent of Venezuela’s 28 million residents are now suffering in extreme poverty. America, is this really the way to go? Venezuela is terribly suffering from an economic collapse that led to hyperinflation and shortage of basic necessities brought greatly by years of massive spending on social programs in building a “welfare state”. No one […]

Joe’s Math: $3.5 Trillion Equals Zero

Biden claims that his “Build Back Better” plan with a price tag of three and a half trillion dollars costs nothing. Is he still asleep when he tweeted that? Economists, analysts, and even fifth graders are scratching their heads on how he has arrived with that crazy calculation. Like how honestly one can believe to […]