Jen Shah’s Guilty Plea Caught Heather Gay And Meredith Marks Off Guard

Jen Shah's Guilty Plea Caught Heather Gay And Meredith Marks Off Guard

They even flew to New York to show their support to their co-star. The “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” Jen Shah’s guilty plea to charges of conspiring to commit wire fraud in connection with telemarketing stunned a number of people, including her co-stars Meredith Marks and Heather Gay. According to information Page Six was […]

“RHOSLC” Meredith Marks Offers Her Support To Jen Shah Ahead Of Her Trial

"RHOSLC" Meredith Marks Offers Her Support To Jen Shah Ahead Of Her Trial

Given their recent disputes, this raises questions regarding the fans. Recently, it appeared that Meredith Marks and Jen Shah were on friendly terms since, in advance of Jen’s imminent trial, Meredith posted the following message on Instagram story to show her support for her fellow housewife. “For those of you who may not know this: […]

“RHOSLC” Lisa Barlow Appears To Be Attacking Costars In Her Recent Cryptic Post

_RHOSLC_ Lisa Barlow Appears To Diss Someone

Another big potential is that this would spark a fresh housewives drama. Lisa Barlow wrote a mysterious message to someone, probably in the cast of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” in her recent Instagram post, which spurred conjecture among fans as to who she was addressing it to. “Stop being a miserable f*ck- it’s really […]

‘RHOSLC’ Jen Shah Hopes To Have Kim Kardashian As A Member Of Her Legal Team

Jen Shah Wants Kim Kardashian To Join Her Legal Team

Will the American socialite fulfill her wish? ‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ star Jen Shah wants Kim Kardashian to be a part of her defense counsel as she prepares for her forthcoming trial for wire fraud and money laundering. This information was obtained exclusively by PEOPLE. The real housewife explains that she was “100 […]

Jen Shah Filed A Motion To Remove ‘RHOSLC’ Footage From The Fraud Trial

Jen Shah's RHOSLC Drama Out Of Her Fraud Case

She is not looking forward to any unconnected drama that has occurred on the program during her court case. Jen Shah has made a number of demands related to her time on “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” including not being allowed to utilize video from the show in her forthcoming wire fraud and […]

‘Real Housewives’ Star Teresa Giudice’s Attorney Says Jen Shah Has To Find ‘Humility’ Throughout Her Trial

Teresa Giudice’s Attorney Reacts To Jen Shah's Trial

Seen as a serious problem, her legal struggles are no joke. Jen Shah and her assistant, Stuart Smith, have been charged by federal authorities of taking advantage of hundreds of vulnerable, typically elderly, working-class individuals via a telemarketing operation. Numerous charges of wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy have been leveled against the real housewife. On […]