Chic Blue French Tip Nails Ideas 2023

The popularity of blue French tip nails is notable these days. More and more beauty enthusiasts prefer nail art to classic French white-tip nails. Next year, the nail design is also poised to dominate major beauty publications as beauty lovers post more photos wearing it. For your inspiration, we’ve accumulated some tips for doing blue […]

Gorgeous Black French Tip Nail Art Design Ideas For 2023

Many people like to collect different black French tip nail art designs. Since it is an option for the usual white French tips, black remains one of the in-demand looks this year. One of the exciting parts of applying black on the tips is incorporating it with different accents and colors. For instance, you can […]

Fast Fashion Brands And Their Impact On Retail Manufacturing

There are many fashion brands that shoppers love these days. The popular ones even achieve fame on social media such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Besides, fashion enthusiasts share their delight in wearing this type of clothing pieces. However, we want to know more about it. In this article, we’re going to talk about […]

Black Tip Nails Ideas 2023

One of the astonishing ways to look good is to have a chic nail design. There is pretty nail art to copy these days, so the trick is to find your favorites. Today, we’ve gathered the best black tip nail ideas for you. We have also included some looks fit for next year, 2023. Isn’t […]

Black French Tip Nails Ideas 2022

There are endless lists of black French tip nails ideas. However, we enjoy following the best ones, especially the tried-and-tested techniques of getting the most fabulous black French top nails. Today, we’ll gather all the tips about the said nail style you’ll probably love this year. Table of Contents How To Do Black French Tip […]

How To Copy Blake Lively And Kim Kardashian’s Silver Bandage Dress?

There are many reasons to look chic and sassy. If you’re looking for outfit inspiration for your next social gathering, you can check out the hottest celebrity party outfits. One of the best examples is Blake Lively’s silver bandage dress. It isn’t a simple bandage dress, though. It is well-designed, dramatic, and exceptionally stylish. Here, […]

How To Recreate Jennifer Lopez’s Celebrity-Inspired Black Skimpy Bodycon Dress?

Every fashion lover’s dream is to seamlessly copy one’s favorite celebrity outfit. If you’re fond of doing so and looking for inspiration, you’re in for a treat. We’ve gathered tips on amplifying your bodycon dress game like Jennifer Lopez. Fashion designer Hervé L. Leroux popularized bodycon dresses in the 1990s. Up to these days, the […]

30 Gifts For Dog Lovers

NYB - Gifts for Dog Lovers

Table of Contents What would life be without a dog? As a pet lover, I cannot imagine myself living a life without my paw pets by my side. I grew up having dogs in our home, and now that I am a mom, I am doing the same to my kids. As a proud fur […]

Kendall Jenner’s Best Street Style Outfits

The fashion world is in awe of Kendall Jenner’s remarkable sense of style. We think she’s born to showcase her gorgeous looks wherever she may go. She always slays it, whether it be simple lounge costumes or glamorous red carpet ensembles. Let’s talk about her best street-style outfits this year so far. Kendall Jenner’s Neutral […]

Stars Wearing Fabulous Mini Skirts

Do you want to wear mini skirts? Do you think it’s hard to style? Well, you’re in luck. There are myriad ways to wear mini skirts in style— thanks to celebrities who dazzle in the chic clothing piece. We’ll discuss the gorgeous stars who have rocked mini skirts so far. Sydney Sweeney’s Seductive Look Have […]