Made in NY: Carriage House Birth

This band of Brooklyn doulas is bringing the village mentality back to our NYC village. We often like to think of our big little city as a village, filled with a cast of supportive characters no matter what stage of life you happen to be in. After all, we travel, work, play and live in […]

Infant Massage

Who knew your infant needed spa days too? Find out the benefits of an itty bitty massage. If babies could talk, they might say “rub my back.” Turns out there are tons of benefits infants gain from massage, including reducing stress (it’s hard being a baby), increased weight gain, improving neurological development, facilitating parasympathetic nervous […]

Individuals at Birth

Trying to figure out our babies, even if they know who they are from Day 1. Motherhood was a complete mystery to me when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I barely could grasp my own thoughts and emotions on the subject without bursting into tears, so to imagine a little person, who would […]

Is HPP the New Baby Food Trend?

Everything you need to know about HPP and baby food. In an era of increasingly alarming food recalls, high-pressure processing (HPP) has been making an appearance within a few different industries — from packaged deli meats, seafood & ready-to-eat meals, juicing, and most recently the world of baby food. Products that are branded as HPP are […]

How to Start a Yoga Practice

5 steps to ease into a mindful yoga practice from Latham Thomas. So often in my work, I see women who are driven, hustling, and making a difference in this world — but not extending that same energy and compassion to themselves. The modern mama makes time for exercise, but the intersection of self-care and […]

How to Have a Playdate

The how, who, what, and where, plus 8 ways to make playdates in NYC. When I arrived home with my newborn, I was totally lost. I was a new mother in a new neighborhood. My mother and sister came to stay with me for a while, and when they left, I cried and cried. I […]

How to Handle Annoying Questions About Your Infertility

Don’t let nosy people add to your struggle. It’s like clockwork. When a woman is in her 20s, she gets the question: “Do you have a boyfriend?” Once she has a boyfriend, it’s: “When are you getting engaged?,” followed by, “When are you getting married?” and the much dreaded and infamous, “When will you have […]

Healthy Holiday Food Swaps

Celebrate the holidays (and your pregnancy) with these healthy food swaps. While Thanksgiving may be over and you may still be recovering, the holiday season is still upon us. So as you get ready for the festivities, remember that the age-old myth of eating for two could be detrimental as your pregnancy progresses. At the same time, […]

Green Smoothies for Pregnancy

3 reasons you should drinking green smoothies and 1 easy green smoothie recipe. There’s no time like pregnancy to get into a green smoothie habit. A Green Smoothie is basically a fruit smoothie with dark leafy greens blended into a satisfying breakfast. And since we all know that food aversion during pregnancy can leave your […]

Cravings Made Healthy: Strata

Nourish your pregnant or new mama body with teeny tiny foodie’s easy recipe for a comfort food fave. There are few dishes I love more than strata. A strata is basically a frittata but with a layer of bread, which makes it a complete dish of protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables all in one. It is […]