Kyle Chrisley Was Taken Into Custody In Tennessee For Aggravated Assault

Kyle Chrisley Was Taken Into Custody In Tennessee For Aggravated Assault

Allegedly, he threatened to kill his employer. According to the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Lisa Marchesoni, on Tuesday, Kyle Chrisley was arrested and charged with aggravated assault in Smyrna. Chrisley was arrested and taken into custody in Rutherford County. Kyle Chrisley was arrested in Tennessee only a few months after his father and stepmother, […]

Fidelis ad Mortem – Pledge Fulfilled for NYPD Heroes

NYPD Hall of Heroes Adds 28 Names

NYPD Memorial The sacrifice made by NYPD officers in 9/11 continues to be recognized. On November 15, 28 more names were added to the NYPD Hall of Heroes to honor those who succumbed to the illnesses which they contracted during the recovery effort following September 11, 2001. In 2020, these officers succumed to various illnesses […]

Bill Gates on the Future of Pandemics and Climate

Billionare’s Insights If you ask Bill Gates, next year will be the year when we will see dramatic investments in global pandemic preparedness. Watching his recent interview, one could surmise that the rest of the global agenda on vaccines will follow suit. The main highlight of the interview was COP 26, which was ongoing in […]

Outgoing NJ Senator Sweeney Concedes: ‘I, of course, accept the results’

Sweeney Concedes The outgoing Democrat Senator of New Jersey’s third legislative district conceded the election to Senator-elect Edward Durr. After a surprising loss by about 2,000 votes, Steve Sweeney wanted all votes to get counted to make sure of the results. On his Wednesday speech at the statehouse complex, he was humble to admit the […]

On Al Gore, Surveillance State, and Climate Pledges

Climate Trace Al Gore made significant statements about what the global elite is up to nowadays. Speaking from Glasgow at the COP26, he shared with MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell about a surveillance system that can zone in on those responsible for ‘gas emission streams’. Asked about Mitchell on the significance of surveillance efforts of the […]

Former Pfizer VP Connects Athletes’ Death and Injuries to Jab

Athletes’ Heart Injuries Former Pfizer Vice President sounds the alarm on the wake of top athletes’ injuries and deaths due to cardiac issues. Across the world, dozens of reports surface from different news outlets about athletes who suddenly collapse in-game due to cardiac arrests. What’s more is that these athletes are young, healthy, and have […]

NBPC President Calls Out Biden on Border Crisis

Worst Border Crisis Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC), has strong words on the border crises. In a Fox News interview on Sunday, he called the situation the ‘biggest’ border security crisis ‘we have ever seen’. As the president of the NBPC, he represents 17,000 Border Patrol Agents and support staff. In […]

Commercial Truck Driver Wins New Jersey Senate Seat

$153 beats Big Money Edward Durr, a truck driver for 25 years decided to run for Senate with $153 of his own money, winning the New Jersey Senate seat and beating the Democrat incumbent. He spent the $67 to buy Dunkin Donuts for his staff. In his campaign, he raised around $10,000 by making calls, […]

San Francisco Soon to Require 5 to 11 Year Olds Entering Restaurants To Get Vaxxed

San Francisco to Broaden Mandates In a virtual town hall, Susan Philips has announced that soon, kids as young as 5 can’t enter restaurants without getting vaccinated. Susan Philips is the Acting Health Officer and Director of Disease Prevention and Control for San Francisco Health Department. This is in line with the current vaccination mandates […]

Texas Gov. Abbot Offers Help to Ease Supply Chain Problems

Southern States Step Up on Supply Chain Crises After Florida, Texas is now the second state to offer help for stranded ships and open up their ports to logistics companies. Florida’s ports are already back to pre-pandemic operations, with 8 ports capable of handling container ships. According to Texas Gov. Abbott, the ships waiting for […]