Condoleeza Rice Challenges CRT in ABC Show Guesting

CRT not Feasible CRT is changing not just the curriculum being taught in schools, but also changes American education to focus on the main tenet of race. However, the first female, African-American Secretary of State disagrees that that is either feasible, good, or both. In a guest appearance at ABC’s ‘The View’, Rice shared her […]

Dave Chappelle Continues On the Road with Sold-Out Show

Chappelle Refuses to Get Cancelled Dave Chappelle shows no signs of slowing down amid the ruckus that his jokes generated in the ‘trans community’.  In his Netflix Special, “The Closer”, he had been hit by barrage of opposition from the leftist woke camp. In his last Netflix special, he struck the rawest nerve by saying […]

Was DeSantis Correct About ‘Covid Season’?

Sunshine State is Alright We’re not yet sure, but there are clues that the Florida Governor is doing something right. During the time that Florida was surging with cases in August, DeSantis had a war of words with the White House, with President Joe Biden calling him, ‘Governor Who?’. However, Florida is seeing a downward […]

SF Restaurant In-N-Out Refuses to be the Vaccine Police

IN-n-Out Burger Stands up against mandates

Resisting Vaccine Mandates In-N-Out, a restaurant chain with 350 stores mostly in California and in the SouthWest, had some strong words for the city of San Francisco. The business, owned by devout Christian Lynsi Snyder, was cited for violation of the health protocols of the city. Its store at Fisherman’s Wharf was temporarily closed by […]

The American Legacy of Colin Powell

Colin Powell's Legacy

Tower of Public Service Colin Powell is a true tower of US public service, because he shaped the lives of many public servants as a soldier, leader, and government official. He died of Covid-19 complications on October 18 after battling multiple myeloma, an illness which he battled with for years, according to his aide. Multiple […]

Are the Supply Chain Problems Good News? Only If You Twist Reality

Supply Chain Shows Economy is Recovering? It’s reason to be optimistic, if you ask Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. In a CNN interview with Jake Tapper’s “State of the Union”, Pete Buttigieg claims that US President Joe Biden ‘successfully guided the economy’, citing increased wages, increased retail sales, and that the ships docked on the West […]

Parents of Female Student Assaulted in LCPS to Sue Woke School Board

Parents Take Legal Aim In response to the growing threat of schools with the implementation of Critical Race Theory, some parents are taking legal action. However, such actions had to be preceded by incidents of alleged sexual assault triggered by the school’s transgender bathroom policy, unfortunately.  Scott Smith, parent of a high school student at […]

What is the Chilling Effect of Vaccine Mandates?

Developments on Biden’s Vax Mandate On Wednesday, Jen Psaki confirms that the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), an office under White House, received the draft from OSHA regarding the vaccine mandates. According to the White House spokesperson, the draft of the mandate is now under review and should be available in the Federal […]

Will Biden’s Port Measures Ease Inflation?

With an economy that is hurting with 5.4% inflation in September, the recent White House press briefing offered little assurance to the public. The CNN article piece on Tuesday set up Biden’s press briefing to be a watershed moment and clarify how solving the port bottlenecks can mitigate inflation. CNN stated in its article, “…a […]

Mayorkas’ DHS Memo to ICE Shifts Policy on Illegal Immigrant Labor

The border crisis has left Texas reeling due to the wave of South and Central Americans pursuing immigrant status in the US. This has been the case since the start of the Biden administration, who has currently no plan to stem the flow of illegal immigrants into the US. On the contrary, the seeming plan […]