Vax Mandates Take Effect in NY, Thousands Put on Leave

NY City Moving Ahead with Mandates Vaccine mandates have been causing a stir in the government workforce of New York city. While majority of the 300,000 + workforce getting the jab, there are those who refuse the jab out of choice or religious exemption. So far, the option for those who resist the jab is […]

Twitter’s ‘Delete’ and ‘Block’ Button Give CRT Proponent a Lifeline

Ibram Kendi dispoves systemic racism with tweet

Debunking White Privilege The logic of being self-critical has come to an absurd point. Ibram X. Kendi, author of bestselling book, “How to be an Anti Racist” was caught at the crosshairs of his own arguments. On Friday, he shared an article from The Hill which reported that more than 30% of white college applicants […]

Ghanaian-Canadian Writer Exposes Ibram Kendi as False Prophet

Ibram X Kendi is a Fake

Slow to Write Samuel Sey is a writer who started his blog ‘Slow to Write’ 5 years ago. He is a Ghanian-Canadian who grew up fatherless but overcame these struggles. A college drop-out, he is a poignant writer with a deep Christian insight. He has been featured in The Daily Wire, The Christian Post,, […]

A Nod to Natural Immunity? Study Suggests Individual Factors to Covid Infection

Vax Mandates don't work

Research on Coronavirus Transmission A team of researchers from the UK recently studied how fully vaccinated individuals transmit the coronavirus compared to unvaccinated individuals. The study shows similarity when it comes to vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in terms of peak viral load. The study was published on the Lancet Infectious Diseases on October 29. You […]

Sunshine State is Open for Business

Gov DeSantis is Pro-Business

Pro-Business Florida’s signal is loud and clear: we’re here to do business. If the policies of Gov. DeSantis are to be examined, the results coming out of the state show that they are working. Florida is an optimistic sign that the country’s economy can do much better in general. According to the press release by […]

Elon Musk Criticizes Dems’ Wealth Tax Plan

Tax on Ghost Money? Elon Musk, known for the innovation in his companies, is going to get taxed for money he has not yet earned. That’s if the tax plan of the Democrats gets signed into law. At the moment, the bill is being reviewed by the Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), which […]

Floyd Mayweather Supports Kyrie on Decision to Stay Unvaxxed

Support for Vax Stance Kyrie Irving received a strong and vocal support from boxing champ Floyd Mayweather on his unpopular choice in refusing to get vaccinated. Mayweather, a 5-division boxing champion, went out to voice his support for Kyrie the ‘old school’ way. In his Twitter post on Tuesday, he reads a letter he wrote to express […]

Sen. Blackburn Scrutinizes TikTok for Data Collection Practices

Big Tech In Focus Again Another social media giant has come under fire for invasive data collection practices. TikTok, the famous app which allows its users to watch short viral videos, create content, or build a following, was scrutinized by Senator Blackburn in a Senate Commerce hearing. The representative for TikTok during the hearing was […]

NIH & Fauci’s GOF Research – The Lies

NIH Funding Wuhan Experiment The recent admission of NIH Director Lawrence Tabak about funding EcoHealth Alliance’s research into bat coronaviruses in China is almost as hot as the smoking prop gun of Alec Baldwin. We now know that the NIH-funded experiments in Wuhan Institute of Virology resulted in a more infectious pathogen. However, we’re still […]