Parents Protest NYC School Closure

NYC Parents have had enough of Chancellor Carranza and Mayor DeBlasio. The city has decided to move forward with the closure of schools and a transition to fully remote learning because the 7-day city-wide testing average has reached 3%. The CDC, WHO, and other prominent health organizations have disagreed with this move, but it seems […]

Black Man Slashes Queens IHOP Employee Over Mask

Black Man Slashes Worker in IHOP

The main stream media will have you think that only white people are against wearing masks. People love sharing videos of an angry white woman yelling at management that she doesn’t have to wear a mask because it’s a free country. None of the MSM channels or news outlets will report on this black man […]

NYC Public Schools to Go Remote…Again

New York City Schools

Almost all experts and evidence shows that schools should not be closed as they do not statistically contribute to the spread of the coronavirus. However, as we know, Hizonner DeBozzo (and his puppet Carrranza) has never used statistics or reason in any of his decisions. Instead, he does what his socialist compass guides him to […]