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Glenn Close, an American actress with a renowned career spanning decades in film, television, and theater, has garnered significant recognition and financial success through her work. With iconic roles in productions such as “Fatal Attraction” and “The Wife,” her versatility as an actress has not only won her critical acclaim but also has substantially contributed to her net worth, estimated to be around $50 million as of 2023. Close’s dedication to her craft is evident in her numerous honors and accolades which underscore her status as one of the most accomplished actors of her generation.

Apart from her professional achievements, Close’s personal life, too, has been a topic of interest for her fans and the public alike. Her family background, relationships, and active engagement in various charities illuminate aspects of her persona beyond her on-screen characters. As she balances life in the spotlight with privacy and philanthropy, Close’s journey reflects a tapestry of meaningful connections and personal values.

Key Takeaways

  • Glenn Close is a celebrated American actress with a substantial net worth.
  • Her career encompasses a range of critically acclaimed performances.
  • Close’s personal life is marked by a commitment to family and charitable work.


Glenn Close’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)


Height 5 ft 5 in

1.65 m

Weight 128 pounds

58 kg

Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Body Type Slim
Sexual Orientation Straight


Facts About Glenn Close


Nationality American
Estimated Net Worth $50 million
Religion  Irreligious
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Birthplace Greenwich, Connecticut
Birthday March 19, 1947

Net Worth

Glenn Close, with a multi-faceted career across various forms of media and entertainment, holds a net worth estimated at $50 million.

Contracts & Endorsements

Close’s association with high-profile brands points to a series of profitable engagements. Her endorsement deals, including her work with L’Oreal Paris and AARP, complement her income alongside her roles in film, television, and theater.

Real Estate

Properties owned by Glenn Close reflect her success and financial acumen:

  • Ranch in Wyoming: 1,000-acre
  • Residence: Martha’s Vineyard
  • Apartment: New York City


Glenn Close is an esteemed American actress who has made an indelible mark on film, television, and the stage. Her versatility and depth have earned her numerous accolades and her roles have been influential in shaping Hollywood’s landscape.


Close has gained critical acclaim and recognition throughout her decades-long acting career. Here are some notable achievements:

  • Academy Awards: Nominated for an Oscar multiple times for her performances in films like The World According to GarpThe Big ChillThe NaturalFatal AttractionDangerous LiaisonsAlbert Nobbs, and The Wife. However, she has not yet won an Oscar.
  • Emmy Awards: Won multiple Primetime Emmy Awards for her roles in television, including the portrayal of Patty Hewes in Damages.
  • Tony Awards: Received the Tony Award for her performances on Broadway, illustrating her talent in the theater. Her roles in productions such as Sunset Boulevard and The Real Thing are noteworthy.
  • Golden Globes: A recipient of several Golden Globe Awards for her work in both film and television.
  • Others: Beyond these, Close has been recognized with various other accolades in her career, reflecting her status as one of the most decorated actors in the industry.

Her career encompasses a wide range of characters in different genres, from playing the iconic Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmations to dramatic roles in Hillbilly Elegy and The Lion in Winter. Close’s work spans over many years, and she continues to be a significant figure in the entertainment industry, demonstrating a continual commitment to her craft in various capacities as an actor and producer.


Glenn Close is well-known for her commitment to philanthropy. Her charitable engagements extend to various organizations focusing on environmental protection and mental health awareness.

Philanthropic Involvements

  • Environmental Advocacy:
    • Waterkeeper Alliance: Dedicated to preserving and protecting water from polluters.
    • Oceana: Aims to restore oceans to former levels of abundance.
  • Mental Health Initiatives:
    • Co-founded Bring Change to Mind in 2010, a non-profit organization working to end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness.

Support for Other Causes

Additionally, Glenn Close supports the Entertainment Industry Foundation, which drives awareness and funds for critical health, educational, and social issues.

Historical Charity Involvement

Her history with charity intersects with the Democratic and Moral Re-Armament groups. The latter, also known as Initiatives of Change, is a global movement focused on personal and social transformation.


Close’s philanthropic contributions have earned her accolades, resonating with her belief in the power of individual action to enact positive change.

Family & Relationships

Glenn Close, a distinguished actress, has experienced marriage on three occasions. Her personal life, despite its public nature, reflects a history of commitment and family ties.

Marriage and Divorce:

  • Close’s first marriage was to Cabot Wade, a musician; however, their union was brief.
  • She then entered into matrimony with James Marlas, a business executive, but this too ended in divorce.
  • Her third husband was David Evans Shaw, a biotech entrepreneur, from whom she also parted ways.

Family Dynamics:

  • Close is a mother to Annie Starke, also an actress, born from her relationship with producer John Starke.
  • William Taliaferro Close, her father, was a significant figure in her life, rooted deeply in the medical profession.

Her relationships have been part of media narratives, contributing to discussions about balancing personal endeavors with a dynamic career. Each marriage, though ended, illustrates her journey and interweaves with her professional milestones. Close’s family background, notably her father’s career in medicine, has likely played a role in her humanitarian interests.

Close remains a respected figure in Hollywood, with her talents transcending the screen and affecting her profound family values. Her daughter, Annie, following Close’s artistic footsteps, continues to be a testament to their close-knit bond. Despite the alterations in her marital status, Close has upheld strong family ties and sustained relationships that underline her life off-screen.

Early Life

Glenn Close was born in Greenwich, Connecticut and expressed an interest in the performing arts during her childhood.


Close completed her undergraduate studies at The College of William & Mary, majoring in Anthropology. Her passion for acting was nurtured here, leading her to further her education in the performing arts. She would later attend the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art to gain a Master’s degree, cementing her foundation in theater.

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