Jamie Lee Curtis’s Net Worth & Personal Info

Jamie Lee Curtis, an esteemed American actress, has established herself as a significant figure in Hollywood, celebrated for her versatile performances in various film genres, particularly horror and comedies. Her work in the entertainment industry has spanned several decades, with a myriad of accolades and box office successes to her name. Alongside her thriving acting career, Curtis has also authored children’s books and engaged in production, showcasing her diverse talents and business acumen within the arts. With her husband, Christopher Guest, Curtis’s net worth is reported at approximately $60 million, illustrating the financial success earned through her multifaceted career endeavors.

Beyond her impressive career in film and literature, Curtis has been recognized for her charitable contributions and activism. She is part of a family with deep roots in Hollywood, offering her a unique perspective on the industry. Her early life and relationships have also been integral to her story, shaping her public image and contributions both on and off the screen.

Key Takeaways

  • Jamie Lee Curtis is an accomplished American actress and author with a notable presence in Hollywood.
  • Her financial success is reflected in a significant net worth, shared with her husband Christopher Guest.
  • Curtis’s career, philanthropy, and family ties have greatly influenced her personal and professional life.

Jamie Lee Curtis’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)


Height 5 ft 7 in

1.70 m

Weight 137 pounds

62 kg

Hair Color Salt-and-Pepper
Eye Color Blue
Body Type Athletic
Sexual Orientation Straight


Facts About Jamie Lee Curtis


Nationality American
Estimated Net Worth $60 million
Religion Jewish
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Birthplace Santa Monica, California
Birthday November 22, 1958

Net Worth

Jamie Lee Curtis, alongside her husband Christopher Guest, holds a notable fortune estimated at $60 million. Their wealth is attributed to Curtis’s prolific career in film and other ventures.

Contracts & Endorsements

Curtis has been part of several high-earning projects, including her roles in the “Halloween” series and films such as “Knives Out” and “Trading Places.” Her on-screen performances doubtlessly bolstered her salary, with earnings supplemented through lucrative branding partnerships, echoing her time as the face of Activia and collaborating with companies like Samsung.

Real Estate

Curtis and Guest’s assets extend into the real estate market, featuring ownership of a coastal residence in Santa Monica, famed for its luxury and a swimming pool that underscores the property’s opulence. They also possess an estate in England, indicative of their diversified property portfolio.


Jamie Lee Curtis has made a significant mark in the film industry, primarily known for her work in the horror genre as well as her ventures into comedy and drama. Her career spans over several decades, featuring a diverse range of roles in both film and television.


Curtis’s acting prowess has earned her a number of nominations and awards. Chief among them are her Golden Globe wins, which include Best Actress for her performance in “True Lies” and Best Supporting Actress in the series “Anything But Love.” Her role in “Everything Everywhere All at Once” brought widespread acclaim, leading to nominations for prestigious accolates like the OscarBAFTA Award, and Golden Globe Awards.

Curtis launched her acting career with the iconic horror film “Halloween,” which not only established her as a Scream Queen but also spawned a long-running franchise. Her return to the “Halloween” series over the years, especially in “Halloween Kills,” has been both a critical acclaim and box office success.

While Curtis is well-regarded for her roles in horror movies, she has demonstrated versatility with roles in comedies such as “Freaky Friday” and “Christmas with the Kranks,” and the mystery film “Knives Out.” She has been a regular on television, with notable appearances in “New Girl,” “NCIS,” and most recently, a role in “The Bear.”

Beyond acting, Jamie Lee Curtis has also made a mark as both a producer and an author. Her contributions extend across a range of media, showcasing the depth and breadth of her talent within the entertainment industry.


Jamie Lee Curtis actively engages in philanthropy. She supports various charitable organizations and causes. Her commitment to charity and community service is evident through her frequent involvement and contributions.

  • Children’s Hospitals and Health Care: Curtis is a long-term supporter of children’s hospitals. She often volunteers and advocates for quality healthcare for children.
  • Starlight Children’s Foundation: As a notable contributor to the Starlight Children’s Foundation, Curtis has helped to bring awareness and support to this charity that focuses on improving the lives of ill children and their families.

Her philanthropic efforts also extend to supporting medical research and education. Curtis has dedicated her time to raise funds for a myriad of research initiatives. Through both her public appearances and private donations, she impacts the community positively.

  • Cancer Research: She contributes to cancer research, aiming to help in the advancement of cures and treatments.
  • Public Safety: Curtis is involved with programs that promote public safety, including those that address emergency preparedness.

Furthermore, Curtis is an advocate for human rights and works with organizations that aim to advance equity and justice.

  • Human Rights Campaign: Curtis has shown her support for the Human Rights Campaign, highlighting her stance on equality and social justice.

Through her charitable endeavors, Jamie Lee Curtis demonstrates a commitment to making a meaningful difference in the community. Her philanthropic footprint is sizeable and continues to impact various social sectors.

Family & Relationships

Jamie Lee Curtis, an established actress, has enjoyed a long-standing marriage with Christopher Guest, tying the knot in 1984. Together, they have expanded their family by adopting two children, embracing the joys of parenthood.

Curtis was born into a family with deep roots in the entertainment industry. Her parents are the renowned actors Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, both of whom left a significant mark on Hollywood. Despite her illustrious family background, Jamie Lee carved her own path in the acting world, claiming fame with her innate talent.

The family maintains a relatively private life, steering clear of the sensationalism often associated with Hollywood legacies. Curtis and Guest have created a stable environment for their children, away from the limelight, fostering a sense of normalcy amidst their high-profile statuses. The couple’s enduring partnership and dedication to their family reflect their commitment to both their personal lives and professional careers.

Early Life

Jamie Lee Curtis was born into a family of celebrated actors, which set the stage for her own entry into the entertainment industry.


Curtis’ educational journey included attending Choate Rosemary Hall, a boarding school with a reputation for academic excellence. Her time in education, however, was a prelude to a distinguished acting career, an inclination that became clear during her enrollment at the University of the Pacific in California. Here, she chose to pursue her passion for acting, which redirected her path from traditional academics to the heart of Hollywood.

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