Mia Sara’s Net Worth & Personal Info

Mia Sara has established a formidable presence in Hollywood as an accomplished actress. Known for her roles in enduring classics such as “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “Legend,” her acting prowess has not only won her critical acclaim but also a substantial fan following. Alongside her acting career, her personal life, including her marriage to producer, director, and puppeteer Brian Henson, contributes to her public image and overall net worth.

The financial success of Mia Sara is reflective of her diverse career in the entertainment industry. With a combined net worth with her husband estimated to be around $50 million, it underscores the financial rewards of her professional endeavors. Her career milestones include a range of performances from her film debut in “Legend” to a Saturn Award-winning role in “Timecop,” which collectively have solidified her status in the industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Mia Sara is an acclaimed actress with iconic roles in film.
  • Her marriage to Brian Henson factors into their combined net worth.
  • Career achievements and awards highlight her industry impact.

Mia Sara’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)


Height 5 ft 4 in

1.63 m

Weight 115 pounds

52 kg

Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Body Type Slim
Sexual Orientation Straight


Facts About Mia Sara

Nationality American
Estimated Net Worth $50 Million
Religion Catholic
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Birthplace Brooklyn, New York
Birthday June 19, 1967


Net Worth

Mia Sara’s financial standing is notably strong with an estimated net worth significantly varying from $3 million to a substantial $50 million. This variation is due to differing reports, with her acting accomplishments and property holdings contributing to her wealth.

Contracts & Endorsements

While precise details of Mia Sara’s contracts and endorsements are not in the public domain, it is acknowledged that during the height of her fame in the late 20th century, she likely benefited from such agreements.

Real Estate

Mansion in Hollywood Hills:

  • Ownership: Shared with Brian Henson
  • Details: Custom-built, indicative of high-value property within the Hollywood Hills area

Penthouse in New York City:

  • Ownership: Joint with Brian Henson
  • Status: Part of real estate portfolio, adding significant value to their combined net worth


    Mia Sara began her acting career in the early 1980s, quickly establishing herself as a talented American actress in both film and television. Her early success in the fantasy film “Legend” set the stage for her breakout role as Sloane Peterson in the iconic 1986 comedy “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”


    In her career, Mia Sara’s performance has garnered critical acclaim. Notably, she won the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the 1994 science fiction film “Timecop.” Her portrayal of characters across various genres has demonstrated her versatility as an actress. Beyond film, Sara also ventured into voice acting, notably voicing the character of Harley Quinn in the DC Comics-based animated universe. This role contributed to her recognition within the superhero and science fiction fan communities.


    Mia Sara’s contributions to charitable causes reflect her commitment to giving back to the community. Though not widely publicized, her involvement in philanthropy aligns with her private nature. Specific details regarding her charity work are not abundantly available in public records or media reports.

    When Sara does engage in charity work, she focuses on causes that resonate with her. This includes organizations dedicated to the arts, since her background in acting presumably fosters an appreciation for supporting arts education and opportunities for young, aspiring actors.

    Moreover, she is known to support initiatives that aim to improve children’s welfare. Her contributions, whether financial or participatory, benefit non-profit organizations working in these fields. Mia Sara’s charitable activities exemplify her use of her resources and platform to endorse and aid significant social issues.

    The actress’s approach to charity is discreet, and it is clear she chooses to make a difference without seeking public recognition. Her philanthropic efforts continue to positively impact the causes she supports.

    Family & Relationships

    Mia Sara, originally named Mia Sarapochiello, entered into matrimony with Brian Henson, notable puppeteer and son of the renowned Jim Henson. Their union has been blessed with a daughter named Amelia. The family’s home is established in the state of California, where they live together.

    Prior to her current marriage, Mia Sara was once wedded to actor Jason Connery, the son of acclaimed actor Sean Connery. The couple had a child, a son named Dashiell. However, their partnership ultimately led to a divorce.

    In her personal life, Mia Sara’s relationships have been characterized by her connections to notable figures in the entertainment industry and her family has been a blend of her career and her roles as a wife and mother. She has experienced both the complexities of divorce and the dynamics of a longstanding marriage. It is reported that her marriage with Brian Henson continues to hold steady without publicized conflicts.

    Relationship Status Partner’s Name Children
    Currently Married Brian Henson Amelia
    Previously Married Jason Connery Dashiell

    Early Life

    Mia Sara was born in 1967 in Brooklyn, New York, to an artistically inclined family, setting the stage for her future career in acting.


    School: St. Ann’s School, Brooklyn, NY
    Focus: Arts

    At a young age, Sara was already honing her acting skills at St. Ann’s School for the Arts, affirming her trajectory in the performing arts world.

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