Andy Garcia’s Net Worth & Personal Info

Net Worth Andy Garcia

Andy Garcia, the accomplished American actor of Cuban descent, has made a significant mark in Hollywood with a career that spans several decades. Known for his commanding presence on-screen, Garcia has appeared in an array of successful films, which have greatly contributed to his substantial net worth. Esteemed roles in classic movies such as “The Untouchables” and “The Godfather Part III” have solidified his standing as a respected figure in the industry.

His talents extend beyond acting, with credits in producing and directing that have also bolstered his earnings. Garcia’s contributions are not just limited to the entertainment world; he’s known for his philanthropic efforts and keeping his personal life, particularly his family relationships, relatively private amidst the public eye. Despite the fame, Andy Garcia has maintained a discreet and guarded personal profile, preserving a sense of normalcy for himself and his loved ones.

Key Takeaways

  • Andy Garcia has established a notable career in Hollywood as an actor and director.
  • His diverse roles and projects have culminated in a significant net worth.
  • Garcia balances professional success with a commitment to privacy and philanthropy.

Andy Garcia’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)


Height 5 ft 9 in

1.75 m

Weight 167 pounds

76 kg

Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Body Type Average
Sexual Orientation Straight


Facts About Andy Garcia


Nationality American
Estimated Net Worth $20 Million
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Aries
Birthplace Havana, Cuba
Birthday April 12, 1956

Net Worth

Andy Garcia has garnered a substantial wealth of approximately $20 million through his multifaceted career, including his roles in front of and behind the camera.

Contracts & Endorsements

Garcia’s income streams include compensation from acting contracts which, over the years, have contributed significantly to his overall net worth. He has also likely benefitted from endorsements, although specific details regarding endorsement deals are not publicly disclosed.

Real Estate

In the realm of real estate, Garcia is known to have had ties to properties in coveted locations. He has resided in Los Angeles, where the average price of homes in upscale neighborhoods like Toluca Lake can be a testament to his affluent status. Additionally, having a presence in Miami and the exclusive Key Biscayne area further reflects the robust value of his property portfolio.


Andy Garcia built a successful career as a versatile actor, producer, and director spanning over several decades, having been a part of significant Hollywood projects and collaborated with well-known filmmakers such as Brian De Palma and Stephen Soderbergh.


Throughout his years in the industry, Andy Garcia has been recognized for his outstanding performances. Notably, he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in “The Godfather Part III.” He also received a Golden Globe Award nomination showcasing his role as a powerful actor in Hollywood.

His work in “The Untouchables,” directed by Brian De Palma, gained him considerable acclaim, as did his involvement in “Internal Affairs” and “Night Falls on Manhattan.” Collaborating with Stephen Soderbergh, Garcia appeared in “Ocean’s Eleven,” which further solidified his position in the entertainment industry. He took on roles beyond acting, venturing into directing and producing with films such as “The Lost City” and “City Island.”

Aside from his film work, he has made notable television appearances, including on the classic show “Murder, She Wrote.” Garcia continued to add to his diverse career portfolio with films like “New York, I Love You,” “Kill the Messenger,” “Book Club,” and more recently, “The Mule,” expanding his repertoire and demonstrating his adaptability and skill as an actor, as well as a filmmaker.


Andy Garcia demonstrates a strong commitment to charitable work. He actively supports several organizations that focus on various causes, significantly contributing to society’s betterment. His dedication extends to groups like the Screen Actors Guild Foundation and the National Kidney Foundation. Furthermore, Garcia is associated with H.O.M.E., a charity dedicated to helping elderly people.

Additionally, he has shown his support for the arts by honoring fellow musicians such as Cachao and Arturo Sandoval. Through both direct involvement and advocacy, Garcia helps promote cultural heritage and education. His efforts often spotlight the importance of art in community development and individual well-being. Garcia’s philanthropic activities embody his dedication to impactful causes and illustrate his generous nature beyond his film and television accomplishments.

Family & Relationships

Andy Garcia’s marital life has been stable and longstanding; he has been married to Marivi Lorido Garcia. Their union is marked by a strong partnership and a shared journey through life’s ups and downs. Together, they have welcomed four children into their family.

The Garcia family includes two daughters and two sons. Each child has their own distinct identity and interests. Below is a list of their children:

  • Daniella Garcia-Lorido: A talented actress following her father’s footsteps.
  • Alessandra Garcia-Lorido: A model renowned for her work in plus-size fashion.
  • Andrés Garcia-Lorido: A budding talent, taking cues from the artistic family environment.
  • Dominik Garcia-Lorido: An actress who has also inherited the acting gene, making a name for herself.

Their family dynamic showcases a blend of personal and professional achievements. It’s clear that creativity and artistry are valued traits within the Garcia household, with multiple members establishing themselves in the entertainment industry. Andy’s wife, Marivi, has been a constant support system, helping to ground the family amidst their artistic endeavors.

Early Life

Andrés Arturo García Menéndez, better known as Andy Garcia, was born on April 12, 1956, in Havana, Cuba. At the age of five, his family relocated to Miami, Florida, following the tumultuous aftermath of the Bay of Pigs Invasion.


Garcia attended Miami Beach Senior High School where he played on the basketball team until he was diagnosed with mononucleosis in his senior year, which prompted a shift in interest from sports to drama. He subsequently studied at Florida International University, participating in their theater program before moving on to pursue his acting career in Hollywood.

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