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Net Worth Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds, a celebrated American actor, carved an indelible mark on Hollywood with his charismatic performances and became a cultural icon of the 1970s. With a career spanning several decades, he showcased his versatility in various roles that contributed both to his fame and financial success. Despite his onscreen success, Reynolds faced financial challenges, including filing for bankruptcy in the mid-1990s. Nevertheless, at the time of his passing in 2018, he was reported to have an estimated net worth of $3 million.

His personal life, as captivating as his film career, was often the subject of public interest. Reynolds’ relationships and family life, though private, occasionally made headlines, reflecting the common intersection of personal and public spheres for high-profile figures. His early life set a foundation that would lead him to become not only a recognized name in entertainment but also a subject for discussions related to wealth and celebrity culture.

Key Takeaways

  • Burt Reynolds was a prominent figure in Hollywood and a symbol of American pop culture.
  • At the time of his death, his net worth stood at approximately $3 million despite financial issues.
  • His film career, personal life, and financial affairs garnered significant public attention.


Burt Reynolds’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)


Height 5 ft 11 in

1.80 m

Weight 154 pounds

70 kg

Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark  Brown
Body Type Average
Sexual Orientation Straight


Facts About Burt Reynolds


Nationality American
Estimated Net Worth $3 Million
Religion Christian
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Birthplace Lansing, Michigan
Birthday February 11, 1936

Net Worth

At the time of Burt Reynolds’ passing in 2018, his net worth was somewhere between $3 million and $5 million. This figure reflects the impact of lifestyle choices, costly divorces, and financial missteps.

Contracts & Endorsements

Burt Reynolds’ career earnings were substantial, especially during the height of his fame. Major film contracts and endorsements increased his wealth significantly. However, lucrative deals were offset by financial losses in later years.

Real Estate

Reynolds’ real estate holdings were extensive, including:

  • Mansions: A Beverly Hills mansion and other luxury homes.
  • Burt Reynolds Ranch: A 153-acre property in Jupiter, Florida, which was eventually sold and earmarked for development into the Burt Reynolds Institute and later to Jupiter Medical.

His affinity for property extended to multiple states, such as Georgia and the Smokies of North Carolina. Despite these assets, Reynolds faced foreclosure proceedings for some of his properties and was forced to sell others to manage debt.


Burt Reynolds was a versatile American actor who achieved fame as a movie star in Hollywood through a career that spanned several decades. He worked in television and film, showcasing a range of performances from comedy to drama.


Throughout his career, Reynolds received multiple awards and nominations. Notably, his portrayal of Jack Horner in Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Boogie Nights” earned him critical acclaim, including a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor and an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. His long career included roles in television series such as “Riverboat,” “Gunsmoke,” “Dan August,” and “Hawk,” leading to a significant presence in Hollywood.

In the 1970s, Reynolds rose to stardom with films like “Deliverance” and “The Longest Yard,” and later starred in commercial hits including “Smokey and the Bandit,” “The Cannonball Run,” and “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.” He returned to television in the ’90s with the CBS show “Evening Shade,” which won him an Emmy and more Golden Globe awards.

His relationship with actress Sally Field was highly publicized alongside his performance in “Smokey and the Bandit.” Reynolds’s role choices later in his career, such as in “Striptease” and an opportunity to work with Quentin Tarantino in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” which he could not complete due to his death, demonstrated the breadth of his film career.


Burt Reynolds was not only known for his illustrious acting career but also for his philanthropic efforts. Jupiter Medical Center in Florida benefited from his charitable spirit. Reynolds supported the center, enhancing its capabilities to provide quality healthcare services.

His contributions to various charitable causes were often unpublicized, aligning with his desire to help without seeking excessive attention. Reynolds’s approach to charity was to support meaningful projects, providing aid that would have a lasting impact.

Despite facing financial challenges, he remained committed to giving back to his community. Reynolds’s philanthropy serves as an example of his generosity, demonstrating that his legacy transcends his work in entertainment.

Family & Relationships

Burt Reynolds, a well-known American actor, experienced a vibrant and often public personal life. He had a series of high-profile relationships with renowned women in the entertainment industry, highlighting his popularity during his peak in Hollywood.

Family Despite his star status, Reynolds’s family life largely remained out of the comprehensive public eye. He had one son, Quinton Anderson Reynolds, with his ex-wife, actress Loni Anderson.

Romantic Relationships Reynolds’ romantic life was often the subject of media attention. His most notable relationships include:

  • Loni Anderson: Married in 1988, their relationship was highly publicized. The couple adopted a son, Quinton. They divorced in 1993 after a turbulent marriage.
  • Judy Carne: His first marriage was to actress Judy Carne from 1963 to 1965.
  • Sally Field: They shared a significant relationship in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Reynolds later referred to Field as the love of his life.
  • Nancy Lee Hess: His relationship with Hess led to an engagement, but they never married.

Reynolds was romantically linked with several other women, including Dinah Shore, Susan Clark, Tammy Wynette, Lucie Arnaz, Candice Bergen, and Goldie Hawn, showcasing a diverse and star-studded array of partnerships throughout his lifetime. Despite the numerous romantic connections, Reynolds often spoke nostalgically about his relationships, especially with Field, revealing a side often hidden behind the screen of his charisma and fame.

Early Life

Burt Reynolds was born on February 11, 1936, in Lansing, Michigan, to a family boasting a diverse heritage including Dutch, English, Scots-Irish, and Scottish, with claims of Cherokee and Italian roots. As a young man, Reynolds moved south, spending time in states like Georgia and Florida.


Reynolds attended Florida State University (FSU) on a football scholarship after proving his athletic prowess at Palm Beach High School in Florida. An injury redirected his focus from sports to the arts, leading him to study drama at FSU. To further refine his acting skills, he took part in summer studies at the Hyde Park Playhouse in New York and engaged with the Outward Bound program in North Carolina. His education laid the foundation for a future successful acting career.

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