Jean Reno’s Net Worth & Personal Info

French actor Jean Reno has established a remarkable presence in international cinema, with a career that spans several decades. Known for his versatility and distinctive persona, Reno has accumulated an impressive net worth, reported to be around $70 – $80 million. His earnings are attributed to his work in a variety of films that have not only been successful in France, his home country, but globally as well.

Born Juan Moreno y Herrera-Jiménez on July 30, 1948, in Casablanca, Morocco, to Spanish parents, Reno has cultivated a rich acting career that began in the 1970s. His multicultural background has contributed to his unique appeal and his ability to act in multiple languages, which has significantly broadened his marketability as an actor. Despite facing the struggle of an immigrant family moving to escape Francoist Spain, he has risen to prominence with roles that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Reno’s financial success is complemented by his personal life, which reflects a robust journey through cinema and various personal endeavors. At 74 years of age, his work continues to be a significant source of income, adding to his financial stability and his standing in the entertainment industry. Adept in both dramatic and comedic roles, his on-screen performances have been widely recognized, solidifying his status as a respected and affluent figure in the acting world.


Jean Reno’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)


Height 6 ft 2 in

1.88 m

Weight 187 pounds

85 kg

Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Body Type Average
Sexual Orientation Straight


Facts About Jean Reno


Nationality Hispanic
Estimated Net Worth $70 – $80 Million
Religion N/A
Zodiac Sign Leo
Birthplace Casablanca, Morocco
Birthday July 30, 1948


Jean Reno’s Net Worth

Jean Reno, the renowned actor celebrated for his work in both French and mainstream international films, has amassed a wealth estimated between $70 million to $80 million. This wealth accumulation is attributed to his distinguished career, featuring a variety of significant roles in global cinematic productions.

Contract & Endorsements

  • Salaries from Acting Roles:
    • Jean Reno has worked with esteemed personalities such as Luc Besson and Robert De Niro, which suggests he has likely drawn substantial income from lead roles.
  • Endorsements:
    • Known campaigns: Toyota, UPS
    • Although specifics are scarce, his participation in brand campaigns hints at lucrative endorsement deals.

Real Estate

  • Properties:
    • Known residences include a home in Paris.
    • Past property ownership in the United States implies a history of substantial real estate investments.

Early Life

Jean Reno, acclaimed for his cinematic versatility, was born on July 30, 1948. His birthplace is the vibrant city of Casablanca, Morocco, stemming from Spanish heritage. Early on, he found his passion for performing arts, engaging actively in local theatre.


With an unwavering interest in dramatic arts, he honed his craft at the prestigious Cours Simon, a well-known drama school located in the heart of Paris. This institution is renowned for shaping aspiring actors and was instrumental in Reno’s development as a professional actor.

Jean Reno’s Fiancé & Family

Jean Reno, the esteemed actor, has experienced matrimony on three notable occasions. His first union with Genevieve lasted from 1977 until 1995. After this marriage ended, he entered a second marriage with Nathalie Dyszkiewicz, which spanned the years between 1996 and 2001. Reno’s current marital bond was formed with Zofia Borucka in 2006, and they continue to be together to this day.


  • Genevieve Reno (1977-1995)
  • Nathalie Dyszkiewicz (1996-2001)
  • Zofia Borucka (2006-present)

Reno’s personal life includes a large family circle, consisting of six children born from his various matrimonial alliances. Despite his public persona, Jean Reno opts to keep the details of his family and relationship dynamics away from the public eye.

Throughout his relationships, Reno has expressed deep personal commitment to his family, which juxtaposes his highly visible professional life as an actor. Jean Reno’s approach to his public and private life showcases his intent to maintain a clear boundary between his career and his family, ensuring a separation that allows for personal space and privacy in family matters.

Jean Reno’s Foundation & Charity

In examining the charitable side of Jean Reno, it becomes clear that his involvement, while not often headlined, aligns with his reputable character as an artist. Reno’s passion for the arts extends beyond the screen, as he supports various cultural programs. Not only does his work in film bring joy and entertainment to audiences, but it also reflects a commitment to foster peace and cultural understanding.

Charitable Support:

  • Cultural initiatives
  • Peace-promoting organizations

Reno’s personal contributions to such causes may not be publicly detailed; however, his impact through support and advocacy is implicit in his career success and public persona. He brings to the table not just his talent as an actor but also his voice as a human being aimed at bettering societal values through the arts.

Known Initiates by Jean Reno:

  • Advocacy: Reno utilizes his platform to endorse charitable activities that resonate with his values, particularly those aiming for global harmony.
  • Donations: Financial support to arts and peace-centered nonprofits are part of his unsung philanthropy.

While specific foundations or charities directly founded by Reno may not be specified, it is understood that his influence and contributions remain significant. The depth of Reno’s commitment to philanthropy reflects his understanding that his role as an artist carries the potential to transcend entertainment and contribute meaningfully to societal well-being.

Jean Reno’s Career

Jean Reno has had a distinguished career in acting, marked by his versatility and international appeal. He is best known for playing strong and silent characters in several successful films, many of which have achieved international fame.


Though Jean Reno’s career spans decades with many critically acclaimed performances, specific details on awards he has received are not provided in the search results. Without this specific information, it’s important to note that his enduring presence in cinema, across various cultures and languages, speaks to his wide-ranging talent and the recognition he has earned within the film industry.

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