Jeremy Irons’s Net Worth & Personal Info

Net Worth Jeremy Irons

Jeremy Irons, an accomplished English actor with a career spanning several decades, has amassed a notable net worth. Born on September 19, 1948, Irons has developed a substantial presence in film, television, and theater. His acclaimed performances have earned him an array of prestigious awards, including an Academy Award and multiple Golden Globes. His wealth is a reflection of his successful career in the entertainment industry, with his net worth reported at approximately $25 million as per various public sources.

While Irons is widely recognized for his acting prowess, his personal life and philanthropic efforts also capture public interest. Married to actress Sinéad Cusack, he is a father and a family man. Beyond his professional achievements, Irons is involved in notable charity work, demonstrating a commitment to activism. With a distinctive voice and a legacy of diverse roles, Jeremy Irons continues to leave an indelible mark on the performing arts.

Key Takeaways

  • Jeremy Irons is a celebrated English actor with a significant net worth.
  • Awards and a long-standing career in acting contribute to his financial standing.
  • His family life and charitable involvement are also prominent aspects of his persona.


Jeremy Irons’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)


Height 6 ft 1 in

1.86 m

Weight 158 pounds

72 kg

Hair Color Salt and Pepper
Eye Color Dark Brown
Body Type Average
Sexual Orientation Straight


Facts About Jeremy Irons


Nationality British
Estimated Net Worth $25 Million
Religion Catholic
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Birthplace  Cowes, Isle of Wight, England
Birthday September 19, 1948


Net Worth

Jeremy Irons, an esteemed English actor, has an amassed net worth of approximately $25 million. This wealth reflects his earning power from a distinguished career in both film and stage acting.

Contracts & Endorsements

Irons’s wealth has been influenced by numerous acting roles and voice-over projects. While specifics regarding his contracts and the full scope of his endorsements remain undisclosed, Irons’s participation in high-profile projects suggests a lucrative career.

Real Estate

Jeremy Irons’s real estate portfolio is as diverse as his acting roles, featuring holdings that traverse national borders. He owns a residence in the bustling city of London, a historic castle in the pastoral landscapes of Ireland, and a scenic vineyard nestled in French territory.


Jeremy Irons is a British actor renowned for his versatility and the depth he brings to both stage and screen roles. His extensive career spans several decades and includes significant awards for his performances.


Throughout his career, Irons has received critical acclaim, underscored by a collection of prestigious awards. Notably, he won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1991 for his performance in “Reversal of Fortune”. His portrayal of the Czech aristocrat Claus von Bülow earned him widespread recognition and confirmed his status in Hollywood. In addition to his Oscar win, he has also been honored with several Golden Globe Awards, including Best Actor for “Reversal of Fortune” and a supporting actor role in the television series “Elizabeth I”.

Irons’s stage work has also been celebrated. He received a Tony Award in 1984 for Best Actor in the Broadway show “The Real Thing”, a play by Tom Stoppard. His range and commitment to theater further solidify his place as a respected actor in both mediums.

His contributions to television haven’t gone unnoticed, with an Emmy Award win for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance for the PBS documentary “Big Cat Week” and for Outstanding Supporting Actor in “Elizabeth I”. These accolades showcase the broad scope of Irons’s abilities across various forms of acting, from voice work in documentaries to dramatic roles in historical series.


Jeremy Irons engages in charitable activities, although specifics regarding his contributions to various causes remain largely private. Despite limited details, Irons’ dedication to philanthropy is evident through his support for the arts and environmental initiatives. His charitable interests align with the principles of global betterment, reflecting values akin to the “four pillars of wisdom,” which emphasize the importance of nurturing intellectual, physical, spiritual, and social development.

Irons has supported the United Nations in the capacity of a Goodwill Ambassador, leveraging his influence to raise awareness and endorse programs that align with the UN’s mission. His ambassadorial role embodies a commitment to supporting the UN’s efforts in areas such as poverty reduction, environmental conservation, and the promotion of cultural understanding.

Goodwill Ambassador Role:

  • Advocacy for UN initiatives
  • Support for environmental and educational programs

Alignment with “Four Pillars of Wisdom”:

  • Promotion of intellectual and cultural pursuits
  • Encouragement of social and spiritual growth

Jeremy Irons’ humanitarian efforts resonate with the ethos of fostering a wiser, more compassionate world. While not all of his charity work is widely broadcast, his involvement with recognized organizations signifies a persistent dedication to using his platform for the common good.

Family & Relationships

Jeremy Irons, the esteemed English actor, has been intertwined with the performing arts not only through his career but also within his family life. He was previously married, with that union bringing forth two children, both sons who have ventured into the world of acting. Max Irons and Samuel Irons have followed in their father’s footsteps, continuing the family’s artistic legacy.


Currently, Jeremy Irons shares his life with his wife, Sinéad Cusack, also an accomplished actor. Their partnership has been a prominent aspect of Irons’s personal life.


  • Max Irons
  • Samuel Irons

Irons’s father, Paul Dugan Irons, an accountant by profession, and his family have remained a significant part of his life. Jeremy has siblings: Christopher, his brother, and a sister, whose personal endeavors have kept them out of the prominent limelight enjoyed by Jeremy.

Leveraging his English heritage and background, Jeremy Irons has become a notable figure in the acting world, acclaimed for his performances on both stage and screen. His family and relationships have undoubtedly contributed to the person and performer he is today, rooted in a supportive and artistically inclined environment.

Early Life

Jeremy Irons was born on the 19th of September in 1948, in the town of Cowes, located on the Isle of Wight, England. As a young child, he was raised in the company of two elder brothers and a younger sister, in a family headed by his father Paul Irons, a professional accountant, and his mother, Barbara Danaher.


Irons’ educational journey commenced at Sherborne School in Dorset, a distinguished boarding institution known for its rigorous academic environment. His pursuit of the dramatic arts led him to the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, where he underwent formal training in acting, thus laying the groundwork for his later career on stage and screen.

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