Leslie Cheung’s Net Worth & Personal Info

Leslie Cheung was a multi-faceted artist, whose talent spanned across singing, songwriting, acting, and film directing. With a career that stretched over two decades, he became one of the most influential figures in the Hong Kong entertainment industry. His contributions to the music scene were significant, particularly in the popularization of the Cantopop genre. Cheung’s successful career in entertainment accumulated him a substantial net worth, estimated at $30 million at the time of his passing.

Cheung’s extensive body of work included the release of over 40 music albums and roles in 56 films. His popularity not only cemented his status as a top entertainer but also made a notable impact on the cultural landscape. His artistry was acknowledged with numerous awards, highlighting his role as a pioneering force in Asian pop culture. Despite Cheung’s untimely death on April 1, 2003, his legacy lives on, underscored by the enduring appeal of his music and films, as well as his influence on subsequent generations of artists.


Leslie Cheung’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)


Height 5 ft 8 in

1.74 m

Weight 140 pounds

64 kg

Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Body Type Slim
Sexual Orientation Bisexual


Facts About Leslie Cheung


Nationality American
Estimated Net Worth $30 – $50 Million
Religion N/A
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Birthplace Kowloon, Hong Kong
Birthday September 12, 1956


Leslie Cheung’s Net Worth

Leslie Cheung was a highly acclaimed figure in the entertainment industry, whose success in music and film helped him amass a significant fortune. Estimates place his net worth at the time of his death between $30 million and $50 million.

Contract & Endorsements

Due to his renowned status in both the singing and acting realms, Leslie Cheung was able to secure high-paying roles across numerous productions. His widespread appeal also made him a sought-after brand ambassador. Among the notable endorsements he secured were with international brands such as Pepsi, Omega watches, and Levi’s jeans. These partnerships, alongside his entertainment work, greatly contributed to his financial portfolio.

Early Life

Leslie Cheung, born in Kowloon, Hong Kong, on September 12, 1956, showed a passion for the performing arts early in his life, a passion which would set the stage for his later fame as a singer and actor. He was active in various performances during his school years, an indication of his budding talent in entertainment.


While attending school, Leslie Cheung honed his artistic skills, engaging in activities that nurtured his growing interest in music and drama. His pursuit of higher education led him overseas to the University of Leeds, although he did not complete his studies there. Resolute in following his dreams, he made the decision to return to Hong Kong, where he would embark on a fruitful career in the entertainment industry.

Leslie Cheung’s Fiancé & Family

Leslie Cheung, a renowned Hong Kong singer and actor, was not formally married during his lifetime. However, he was in a committed partnership from 1997 with Daffy Tong. Cheung and Tong shared a deep bond that lasted until Cheung’s untimely death in 2003.

Personal Life

  • Partner: Daffy Tong (1997-2003)

The couple’s relationship was characterized by mutual support, particularly through the peaks and troughs of Cheung’s vibrant entertainment career. Their partnership, though private, became public knowledge, with Tong often being recognized as Cheung’s significant other especially after Cheung’s passing.

Family Connections
While specific details about Cheung’s immediate family are scarce in public records, it is evident that Tong was a central figure in his personal life, and their relationship represented a significant element of his family experience during the latter years of his life.

Leslie Cheung’s Foundation & Charity

Leslie Cheung demonstrated a steadfast dedication to humanitarian causes throughout his life. His involvement in charity was widespread, marked by his support for esteemed organizations that included the likes of the Hong Kong Red Cross and the AIDS Awareness Centre.

Cheung’s philanthropy went beyond financial contributions; he actively engaged in various fundraising events and initiatives aimed at social improvement. His contributions significantly aided in raising both awareness and funds for important health-related issues. His commitment went hand-in-hand with his public persona, often utilizing his influence to advance the wellbeing of others.

  • Organizations Supported:
    • Hong Kong Red Cross
    • AIDS Awareness Centre
  • Charity Activities:
    • Participating in charity events
    • Raising awareness for health-related issues

The singer and actor’s involvement in these organizations underscored his deep concern for societal issues, especially those related to health. Cheung’s legacy in philanthropy remains notable for his genuine care and the proactive stance he took to make a difference within his community.

Leslie Cheung’s Career

Leslie Cheung was a renowned figure in both the film and music industries, prominently recognized for his cultural impact in Asia through acting and singing. Cheung’s extensive work included lead roles in remarkable movies and the release of over 40 musical albums that resonated with audiences, cementing his legacy as an entertainment icon.


Throughout his illustrious career, Leslie Cheung accumulated a range of prestigious awards highlighting his achievements in film and music. His acting prowess was acknowledged with five Hong Kong Film Awards, which featured Best Actor accolades for his performances in Days of Being Wild and Farewell My Concubine. He also claimed two Taiwan Golden Horse Awards, again securing the Best Actor award for Farewell My Concubine.

His success in music was equally notable with a World Music Award recognizing him as the Best-Selling Asian Artist, which was complemented by numerous other music awards throughout Asia. Cheung’s talents earned him a revered place within the entertainment industry, and his contributions continue to be celebrated posthumously.

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