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Net Worth Matt Craven

Matt Craven, a seasoned character actor from Canada, has built a solid reputation in the film and television industry with his diverse performances. Known for his roles in critically acclaimed movies such as “Crimson Tide” and “A Few Good Men,” Craven’s career spans several decades, demonstrating both his skill and adaptability. While emphasizing his work in entertainment, it’s also important to discuss his financial success. Estimates of Matt Craven’s net worth range up to $5 million, a reflection of his long-standing presence and impact on screen.

Craven’s personal life reveals a stable family foundation, having been married to Sally Sutton for over 25 years. The couple, having met on the set of K2, share a life that includes two children. This balance of professional success and personal stability has been a noteworthy aspect of Craven’s life story, illustrating the possibility of maintaining privacy and strong family ties in the face of celebrity.

Key Takeaways

  • Matt Craven has sustained a successful acting career with notable roles in film and television.
  • His financial standing is commendable with an estimated net worth reaching up to $5 million.
  • Craven’s longstanding marriage and family life reflect a stable personal background.


Matt Craven’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)


Height 5 ft 10 in

1.77 m

Weight 163 pounds

74 kg

Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Green
Body Type Average
Sexual Orientation Straight


Facts About Matt Craven


Nationality Canadian
Estimated Net Worth $5 Million
Religion Christian
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Birthplace Port Colbrone, Ontario, Canada
Birthday November 10, 1956


Net Worth

Matt Craven, a prolific character actor, has an estimated net worth of approximately $5 million, primarily built through his extensive acting career in television and film.

Contracts & Endorsements

Matt Craven’s financial portfolio is bolstered by earnings from acting contracts tied to his appearances in numerous cinematic and TV productions. However, there is limited public information on specific endorsements or partnerships that have significantly contributed to his net worth.

Real Estate

Details about Matt Craven’s investments in real estate are not publicly disclosed. It is common for individuals with similar net worth to invest in real estate as a means to enhance their financial portfolio, but without specific information, any assertions regarding his property holdings would be speculative.


Matt Craven is a highly regarded Canadian actor known for his versatility and significant contributions to both film and television. His career has spanned numerous roles where he’s consistently delivered engaging performances.


Despite a prolific career, Matt Craven’s work has not been extensively recognized with awards. His projects have garnered attention, with his roles in films that received wider acclaim, such as “A Few Good Men,” which was nominated for an Academy Award. He himself has not received an Academy Award nomination. Craven continues to be a respected presence in the acting community for his strong character work and his participation in critically acclaimed and successful projects.


Matt Craven is known not only for his acting career but also for his philanthropic efforts. He has demonstrated a strong commitment to charitable work, with a particular interest in improving education in Africa.

  • One Heart Source: Craven supports this non-profit organization, which focuses on providing high-impact programs aimed at empowering communities through education and mentorship.
    • Primary Goals: Enhance educational opportunities and build strong leadership in African communities.
  • Education Initiatives: He is deeply involved in promoting education as a means to uplift impoverished regions.
    • Impact: By contributing to educational charities, Craven helps in facilitating better access to quality education for children in Africa.

Craven’s charitable actions reflect a genuine desire to make a positive difference in the world, especially within underprivileged communities. His support for One Heart Source, among other education-focused charities, highlights his dedication to the cause of education in Africa.

Craven has successfully leveraged his public platform to raise awareness about the importance of charity and to mobilize resources to support these causes. His efforts exemplify how individuals can use their influence to foster positive change globally.

Family & Relationships

Matt Craven, born Matthew John Crnkovich, is married to Sally Sutton. Sutton and Craven have a strong marital bond that has lasted over 25 years. Together, they share two children, a daughter named Josephine and a son named Nicholas.

Sutton, with a background in makeup artistry, met Craven during the production of the film K2. Their professional engagement blossomed into a personal relationship leading to their long-standing marriage.

Their family life remains reasonably private, with few public details about Josephine and Nicholas. Craven and his wife have worked together to balance their careers with their family commitments. Despite being in the industry, they have kept their children out of the spotlight, focusing on a stable family environment away from media attention.

In summary, Matt Craven’s family life features a lasting marriage with Sally Sutton, with the couple parenting two children, Josephine and Nicholas. Their emphasis on privacy suggests a valued separation between their personal and professional lives.

Early Life

Born in the coastal city of Port Alberni in British Columbia, Matt Craven embarked on his acting journey after attending a renowned Canadian institution dedicated to the dramatic arts.


He pursued formal acting training at the National Theatre School of Canada, located in the culturally vibrant city of Montreal, Quebec. This marked the beginning of his path into a professional acting career.

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