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Net Worth Rob Morrow

Rob Morrow, an American actor, director, producer, and writer, has established himself as a notable figure in the entertainment industry. Known for his memorable portrayal of Dr. Joel Fleischman in the critically acclaimed television series “Northern Exposure,” Morrow’s career has been marked by a blend of acting and directing roles that have spanned several decades. His work in both television and film has not only earned him a fanbase but also significant financial success, with his net worth being reported to be around $10 million.

Morrow’s professional journey has been complemented by a stable personal life. He has been married to actress Debbon Ayer since 1998 and together they have navigated the complexities of life in Hollywood. Despite the public nature of his career, Morrow has managed to keep his personal life relatively private, focusing on his craft and maintaining a steady presence in the industry through various roles and projects.

Key Takeaways

  • Rob Morrow has gained both fame and financial success through his acting and directing career.
  • His net worth reflects the commercial success of his longstanding career in show business.
  • Morrow has balanced his professional accomplishments with a stable and private family life.


Rob Morrow’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)


Height 5 ft 10 in

1.78 m

Weight 165 pounds

75 kg

Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Body Type Average
Sexual Orientation Straight


Facts About Rob Morrow


Nationality American
Estimated Net Worth $10 Million
Religion Jewish
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Birthplace New Rochelle, New York
Birthday September 21, 1962


Net Worth

Rob Morrow has built a considerable fortune estimated at $10 million from his multifaceted career in the entertainment industry, notably through acting and behind-the-scenes roles in various television shows and films.

Contracts & Endorsements

Throughout his career, Morrow has taken on significant roles on popular television series that likely contributed to his earnings. His portrayal of Dr. Joel Fleischman on the acclaimed dramatic series Northern Exposure brought him three Golden Globe and two Emmy nominations, which may have led to lucrative contracts. His subsequent work as FBI agent Don Eppes on Numb3rs added to his portfolio of high-profile TV roles, potentially bolstering his income through salary increases and bonus structures tied to the success of the series.

Real Estate

Exact details regarding Rob Morrow’s real estate investments are not publicly disclosed. However, it is reasonable to assume that as an individual with a substantial net worth, he has likely invested in property, which can contribute to wealth through appreciation and rental income. The stability and potential growth in real estate could serve as a smart financial move for someone with his earnings from television and film.


Rob Morrow has established a multi-faceted career in the entertainment industry as an accomplished actor, director, and producer. His acting career took off with a significant role in the CBS comedy-drama “Northern Exposure,” where he played Dr. Joel Fleischman, leading to recognition and accolades.


Throughout his career, Rob Morrow has received various nominations for prestigious awards. He earned Golden Globe nominations for his performance in “Northern Exposure,” a show that also brought him Emmy nominations. While he has not won an Emmy or Golden Globe, these nominations highlight the critical acclaim his performances have garnered.

In addition to his television work, Morrow has appeared in films such as “Quiz Show,” “The Bucket List,” and “The Guru.” He also directed and produced various projects, with TV credits that include “Numb3rs,” “Billions,” “The Whole Truth,” and “CSI: NY.” He made guest appearances in series like “Designated Survivor,” “Hawaii Five-0,” and “Entourage.”

Morrow’s directorial prowess is evident in “The Silent Alarm” and “The Kill Team,” while his work on TV extends to “The Fosters” and “The Good Doctor.” He continues to evolve within the industry, with his latest roles reflecting a diverse portfolio of characters, from legal dramas to financial thrillers. His daughter, Tu Morrow, shares his passion for the arts, marking a generational continuity in the craft.

His dedication to acting, directing, and producing has not just earned him a place in viewers’ hearts but also a respected position amongst his peers in the film and television industry.


Rob Morrow has demonstrated commendable commitment to charitable work. One notable aspect of his philanthropy is his support for organizations battling Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). This progressive neurodegenerative disease affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, leading to a loss of muscle control. Morrow’s contributions to ALS causes are critical, as the disease currently has no cure and requires significant research and support for those affected.

  • Organization Involvement:
    • Morrow has been involved with various ALS-related charitable organizations.
    • He actively participates in fundraising events to support ALS research.
  • Awareness Efforts:
    • Through his public platform, Morrow raises awareness about ALS.
    • His celebrity status is leveraged to bring attention to the disease and its impact.

Morrow’s dedication to charity, especially related to ALS, highlights his altruistic nature and his commitment to making a difference in the world. His efforts contribute to the ongoing fight against this debilitating disease.

Family & Relationships

Rob Morrow’s personal life includes a long-standing marriage with actress Debbon Ayer. They tied the knot in 1998 and their union has been going strong ever since. The couple expanded their family with the birth of a daughter.

His wife, Debbon, is known for her work both in acting and production. The partnership between Morrow and Ayer not only thrives on the professional front but also forms the foundation of a stable family life, nurturing their only child together.

The family dynamic of Morrow revolves around a tight-knit core, with Morrow and Ayer maintaining a private yet seemingly content domestic life. While their daughter’s details are kept away from the limelight, it can be inferred that she is brought up in an environment surrounded by the arts, considering the professions of her parents.

As an individual whose career spans decades in Hollywood, Morrow’s emphasis on privacy and separation of his work from his personal life is evident, ensuring that his family and especially his daughter enjoy life away from the public eye.

  • Marital Status: Married to Debbon Ayer
  • Children: One daughter
  • Family Life: Private and centered around the arts

Morrow’s family life, though largely kept out of the public gaze, reflects the balanced home he has built with his wife and daughter. His steady professional success has been matched by a stable and happy personal life away from the glares of Hollywood.

Early Life

Robert Alan Morrow, widely known as Rob Morrow, was born on February 11, 1962, in North Tonawanda, New York. His parents’ professions were rooted in everyday American business—his mother worked as a dental hygienist and his father was involved in industrial lighting manufacturing.


Morrow’s educational journey began in New York. Intent on pursuing a career in acting, he enrolled at Carnegie Mellon University to study theater, which laid the foundational stones for his future endeavors in the performing arts.

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