Terence Stamp’s Net Worth & Personal Info

Net Worth Terence Stamp

Terence Stamp, born in July 1938 in Stepney, London, is an English actor of significant repute. His career spanned several decades where he made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. With appearances in a variety of films, including notable titles like “The Collector” and “Far from the Madding Crowd,” Stamp has not only garnered critical acclaim but also built a substantial net worth estimated at around $10 million.

The actor’s personal life has been as colorful as his on-screen roles, marked by relationships detailed by the media and his own writings. Though fiercely private, his past marriages, including his relationship with Elizabeth O’Rourke, with whom he was married from 2002 to 2008, have been of public interest. His early years in Canal Road, Bow and later in Plaistow, West Ham, played a formative role in sculpting the individual he is today.

Key Takeaways

  • Terence Stamp is an acclaimed English actor with a considerable filmography.
  • He has amassed an estimated net worth of $10 million over his career.
  • Stamp’s personal narrative includes significant relationships and an East London upbringing.


Terence Stamp’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)


Height 6 ft 0 in

1.83 m

Weight 168 pounds

76 kg

Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Blue
Body Type Average
Sexual Orientation Straight


Facts About Terence Stamp


Nationality British
Estimated Net Worth $10 Million
Religion Catholic
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Birthplace Stepney, London, England
Birthday July 22, 1938


Net Worth

Terence Stamp’s financial status is assessed to be substantial, with net worth figures fluctuating considerably from $10 million to possibly as high as $25 million.

Contracts & Endorsements

Stamp’s financial agreements and commercial partnerships have not been disclosed to the public, hence specific details about his income from these sources remain unknown.

Real Estate

Stamp’s investments in property have not been made public, which means no verified information about his real estate assets is available.


Terence Stamp, an accomplished English actor, initiated his acting career with his noteworthy performance in the title role of “Billy Budd”. Over six decades, he has appeared in a significant number of films, showcasing his versatile acting skills in various genres.


Stamp has been recognized with several esteemed accolades throughout his illustrious career. A highlight of his achievements is his Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer for his role in “Billy Budd”. In addition to the Golden Globe, his performance also garnered him a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

His portrayal of villainous roles, like General Zod in “Superman” and “Superman II”, has cemented his reputation as a compelling actor. For his role in “The Limey”, Stamp received critical acclaim, leading to further BAFTA nominations. Stamp’s extensive work has not only made him a mainstay in the film industry but also a recurring guest star on television.

The breadth of Stamp’s career is vast, with credible sources such as IMDb detailing his participation in over 60 films including “Far From the Madding Crowd”, “The Collector”, “The Hit”, and “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”. This work demonstrates Stamp’s ability to deftly transition between leading and supporting roles across both mainstream and independent cinema.


Terence Stamp, despite his notable career in acting, has also been involved in various charitable causes. His engagement in charity work, however, is not as publicly documented as his acting career. He keeps his philanthropic endeavors relatively private, leading to limited public records of his charitable activities.

The specifics of Stamp’s charitable contributions are not widely disclosed, which aligns with a pattern among some celebrities who prefer to support causes without seeking public recognition. When celebrities like Stamp contribute to charities, they often focus on causes they feel passionately about or that align with their personal values.

If there are particular organizations or causes that Stamp has supported, that information isn’t abundantly clear from media reports. Public figures often contribute to charities in several ways:

  • Financial Donations: Direct monetary support to charitable organizations.
  • Fundraising: Participating in events to raise funds for specific causes.
  • Advocacy: Using their platform to raise awareness for charitable work.

Without specific details, it is only possible to provide a general overview of how an individual such as Terence Stamp might engage with charitable activities. Individuals interested in the charitable works of their favorite personalities can look out for any public announcements or events that celebrities may endorse or participate in related to their philanthropy.

Family & Relationships

Terence Stamp’s matrimonial life includes a solitary union with Elizabeth O’Rourke, spanning six years from 2002 until their separation in 2008. Despite his various relationships, he has not fathered any children.

Within the sphere of his personal connections, Stamp’s name is often linked with the celebrated British model and actress Jean Shrimpton, with whom he had a noted relationship in the 1960s. Although life led them on separate paths, their partnership remains a memorable chapter of Stamp’s personal life narrative.

The actor has largely kept his personal life private, which extends to limited activity on social media platforms. His discrete presence in the digital realm reflects a preference for maintaining the privacy of his family and relational matters.

Relationship Status:

  • Spouse: Elizabeth O’Rourke (m. 2002 – div. 2008)
  • Children: None

Stamp’s life, devoid of offspring, suggests a focused dedication to his craft and personal journey, one that has traversed the landscapes of film and human connection without the added roles of parenthood. His relationships, past and present, remain a topic of intrigue and part of the actor’s layered history, each contributing to the tapestry of his life both in and outside of the limelight.

Early Life

Terence Stamp embarked on his journey in Stepney, London, England, where he was born on July 22, 1938. Recognized for his contributions to the film industry, his formative years set the stage for a distinguished acting career.


Stamp’s pursuit of acting led him to secure a scholarship to attend the esteemed Webber Douglas School of Dramatic Art in London. This early education was foundational in honing his craft and propelling him towards a successful career on screen.