Zbigniew Zamachowski’s Net Worth & Personal Info


Zbigniew Zamachowski, a seasoned Polish actor with a reputation for charismatic and versatile performances, has made a notable mark in the entertainment industry. Born on July 17, 1961, in Brzeziny, Poland, he has carved out a successful career that spans several decades, emerging not only as a prominent figure in Polish cinema but also gaining international recognition.

His financial success is as much a topic of public interest as his professional career. As of his late 50s, Zamachowski had established a significant net worth, a testament to his success across various performances. While the monetary value attributed to his career may vary, it is known that he has managed his earnings through a mix of skillful acting roles and careful career choices.

Zamachowski’s private life, including details about his family and relationships, has been managed with a certain level of discretion despite the public nature of his career. Nevertheless, these personal elements contribute to the public’s interest in his life story, both on-screen and off. With his background rooted in Poland and a global audience that appreciates his work, his personal narrative complements the story of his professional achievements.


Zbigniew Zamachowski’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)


Height 5 ft 7 in

1.7 m

Weight 143 pounds

65 kg

Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Body Type Average
Sexual Orientation Straight


Facts About Zbigniew Zamachowski


Nationality Polish
Estimated Net Worth $1 – $5 Million
Religion N/A
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Birthplace Brzeziny, Poland
Birthday July 17, 1961


Zbigniew Zamachowski’s Net Worth

Zbigniew Zamachowski, esteemed in the realm of Polish cinema, has a net worth reported to span from $1 million to $5 million. Due to the private nature of his financial affairs, these figures are not confirmed.

Contract & Endorsements

While the specifics of Zamachowski’s contracts and endorsement deals remain confidential, his illustrious filmography and stage presence suggest he has had access to lucrative earnings. Having played pivotal roles in the industry, financial rewards commensurate with his status are implied.

Real Estate

Zamachowski’s real estate investments are a subject of privacy, with no public records detailing these assets. Thus, the value and extent of his property holdings are not disclosed.

Early Life

Zbigniew Zamachowski’s formative years were marked by a burgeoning passion for the performing arts, a journey that began in his hometown of Brzeziny, Poland. His birthday, July 17, 1961, would also become the starting point of a notable timeline in the realm of acting.


During his teenage years, he embraced drama and showcased his talent through roles in various school productions. This early exposure laid a foundation for his professional training, culminating in his graduation from the renowned National Film School in Łódź where he pursued and completed his formal education in the field of acting.

Zbigniew Zamachowski’s Fiance & Family

Zbigniew Zamachowski, the eminent Polish actor, has experienced matrimony on three occasions. His first marriage was with Anna Komornicka, from which he eventually parted ways. Following this, he exchanged vows with Aleksandra Justa, but the relationship concluded with a divorce in March 2012. His most recent marital union was with Monika Zamachowska, lasting from 2014 until their separation in 2021.

His private life is also marked by his role as a father. He has four children, whose names are Marysia, Antek, Tadeusz, and Bronisława. These offspring speak to his familial commitments outside of the spotlight and dramatic arts.

While Zamachowski’s professional achievements are widely recognized, his family life has remained relatively discreet, with the public details being largely only what is necessary in context with his career. His relationships and parenthood have undoubtedly shaped not just his personal existence but also his nuanced portrayals on screen. With a life rich in experiences, both personal and professional, Zamachowski’s roles often reflect a depth befitting someone who has navigated the complexities of family dynamics and relationships.

Zbigniew Zamachowski’s Foundation & Charity

Zbigniew Zamachowski’s contributions to charitable organizations and causes testify to his commitment to give back to society. Despite his notable reputation as an actor, he chooses not to publicize his philanthropic endeavors, demonstrating a preference for privacy in his acts of kindness and support.

His generous nature is apparent through discreet involvement in a variety of initiatives intended to aid those in need. Whether it’s support for cultural, educational, or healthcare-related programs, Zamachowski’s charitable activities align with his personal values.

Notable Characteristics of Zamachowski’s Charitable Activities:

  • Discretion: Maintains a low profile regarding his philanthropy
  • Variety: Supports a diverse array of causes
  • Commitment: Steadfast in offering assistance to various charity initiatives

Engagement in philanthropy, particularly for figures in the public eye, often takes the form of establishing one’s own foundation or public endorsements. In contrast, Zamachowski’s approach is characterized by a quieter form of support, reflecting a genuine dedication to contributing positively to the community without seeking recognition.

collective knowledge on his philanthropic approach is limited due to Zamachowski’s choice to keep these activities away from the public eye.

Zbigniew Zamachowski’s Career

Zbigniew Zamachowski, with a career encompassing both the silver screen and the theatre stage, has been a prominent figure in Polish performing arts for over five decades. His performances have earned him critical acclaim and a well-regarded reputation in the film industry.


  • Polish Film Awards:
    • Best Actor:
      • “Hi, Tereska” (2001)
      • “Zmróż oczy” (2004)
  • Złota Kaczka:
    • Award:
      • Acting contributions (1993)
  • Fryderyk Award:
    • Best Singer Songwriter Album:
      • (2014)

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