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Doug is an actor, contortionist, and mime artist from the United States. People are mostly known for portraying non-human creatures, which he does with heavy makeup and visual effects. Doug is known for his work with acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, in which he appeared in the films Mimic, Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Crimson Peak, and The Shape of Water. Doug Jones, the youngest of four brothers, was born in Indianapolis and attended Bishop Chatard High School. He graduated from Ball State University and used his improvisational skills to play the school mascot “Charlie Cardinal.” (1)

Facts About Doug Jones

Estimate Net Worth$2 million
Zodiac SignGemini
BirthdayMay 24, 1960

Doug Jones' Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height1.92 m
Weight65 kg
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBlue
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

Doug Jones' Net Worth

Doug Jones has a net worth of $2 million dollars. (2

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Doug Jones' Early Life


Doug Jones, the youngest of four brothers, was born in Indianapolis. His birthday is May 24, 1960. (3) He has no known family members. Despite his media celebrity and fortune, Doug Jones prefers to keep his personal information private. Understandably, Doug Jones wants to keep family information confidential. This may give them a sense of security. Other information includes whether or not he has siblings and how he remembers his childhood.

Doug Jones' Education

 Doug Jones graduated from Bishop Chatard High School. He graduated from Ball State University and used his mime skills to play the school mascot “Charlie Cardinal.”

Doug Jones' Wife and Family Life

Doug Jones married his college sweetheart, Laurie Pontoni, in 1984. In 1985, they moved to Los Angeles to further his acting career.

Doug Jones' Career


Jones’ likeness was used in Nvidia’s “Human Head” tech demo in February 2007. He played the Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer in June 2007. He returned to the role of Abe Sapien in Hellboy II: The Golden Army, directed by del Toro, and provided both the voice and body performance. He also played the Angel of Death and the Chamberlain in the film under heavy prosthetics. Del Toro announced on BBC Radio in 2009 that Jones would play the monster in his upcoming Adaptation of Frankenstein.

We all know that he is best known for his work in prosthetic makeup, such as the zombie Billy Butcherson in Walt Disney Pictures’ Halloween film Hocus Pocus or the happen due spy Morlock in the remake of the 1960 film The Time Machine. He has also performed without prosthetic devices in films such as Adaptation and Batman Returns, as well as indie projects such as Stefan Haves’ Stalled, AntiKaiser Productions’ Three Lives, and Phil Donlon’s A Series.

Jones starred in Gainsbourg, a French-language film written and directed by French comic book author Joann Sfar and produced by Universal Europe. Jones played La Gueule, Serge Gainsbourg’s grotesque fantasy muse and malicious doppelganger who teases, guides, and accompanies him throughout his life. He was fitted with heavy and excellent prosthetics designed and created by the Academy Award-winning Spanish FX shop DDT Efectos Especiales, with whom he had previously collaborated on Pan’s Labyrinth; the FX technicians specifically requested that Jones be cast as the Mug creature due to his ability to perform with heavy prosthetics and elaborate special effects. Like in Pan’s Labyrinth, Jones delivered his lines phonetically, this time in French; his voice was redubbed by Éric Elmosnino, who also played Gainsbourg. Director Joann Sfar was so taken with Jones’s speech patterns that he asked Elmosnino to mimic them when delivering the creature’s lines. On January 20, 2010, the film was released in France.

Jones signed a book deal with Medallion Press in January 2010 to model for Mime Very Own Book, a nonfiction comedic coffee table book co-authored by Adam Mock and Scott Allen Perry and photographed by Eric Curtis. The book must be ready for release in December 2011. In the web series Universal Dead, Jones plays Dr. Henry Vataber. It was announced in late June 2010 that Universal Dead would be made into a feature film. He starred in the independent film The Candy Shop, a “modern fairy tale” about child sex trafficking produced by the American film company Whitestone Pictures. (4)


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