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Forrest Meredith Tucker was an American film and television actor who appeared in nearly a hundred films. (1)

Facts About Forrest Tucker

Estimate Net Worth$135 million
Zodiac SignAquarius
BirthdayFebruary 12, 1919

Forrest Tucker's Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height193 cm
Weight100 kg
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

Forrest Tucker's Net Worth

Forrest Tucker has a net worth of $35 million. (2)

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Forrest Tucker's Early Life

Forrest Tucker 2

Even after his celebrity and media fortune, Forrest Tucker prefers to keep his personal information private. Forrest Tucker’s desire to keep family matters confidential is understandable. His family background is unknown, implying that he is one of many actors who prefer to keep their personal lives confidential. This reflects celebrities’ desire to keep personal information confidential unless it is required to defend them. Tucker identified as a farm boy. On February 12, 1919, he was born in Plainfield, Indiana, to Forrest A. Tucker and Doris Heringlake. His mother is said to be an alcoholic. (3)

Forrest Tucker's Education

The only information available about his education was that he graduated from Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, Virginia, near Washington, D.C., in 1938 and joined the United States Cavalry but was discharged for being underage once more.

Forrest Tucker's Wife and Family Life

Tucker married four times: Sandra Jolley in 1940, divorced in 1950 and married I. Stanford Jolley, the sister of Academy Award-winning art director Stan Jolley, also died of emphysema. Pamela “Brooke” Tucker was their daughter. Marilyn Johnson was born on March 28, 1950, and died on July 19, 1960. On October 23, 1961, Marilyn Fisk was born. Cindy Tucker was their daughter, and Forrest Sean Tucker was their son. On April 15, 1986, Sheila Forbes was born.

Forrest Tucker's Career

Forrest Tucker 3

Tucker was managed to help by a rich and influential mentor to travel to California and attempt to break into film acting when Lake’s theatre closed for the summer in 1939. He passed his screen test and began auditioning for movie roles. Tucker, in his opinion, was more akin to large “ugly guys” like Wallace Beery, Ward Bond, and Victor McLaglen than a matinée idol. In Gary Cooper’s The Westerner, he made his debut as a powerfully built farmer who clashes with the hero. Tucker stood out during a fight with Cooper. Tucker appeared as a supporting actor in United Artists’ The Great Awakening. He quickly rose to stardom in PRC’s Emergency Landing, defying Hollywood’s belief that fair hair did not photograph well. He agreed to terms with Columbia Pictures.

Tucker had a supporting role in one of Columbia’s Lone Wolf films, Counter-Espionage, followed by a Boston Blackie film, Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer borrowed him for the film Keeper of the Flame, starring Tracy and Hepburn. Like many other Hollywood actors at the time, Tucker enlisted in the United States Army during WWII, earning a commission as a second lieutenant. Tucker resumed his acting career after the war. He was borrowed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for the classic film The Yearling. The same year, Warner Bros. hired him to play Errol Flynn’s love rival with Eleanor Parker in Never Say Goodbye. He was in Coroner Creek with Randolph Scott at Columbia Pictures.

Tucker left Columbia in 1948 to join Republic Pictures. Hellfire and The Last Bandit, starring Wild Bill Elliott, were his first films for them. Montana Belle, which he co-wrote with Jane Russell, was sold to RKO. Tucker appeared in the Republic film Sands of Iwo Jima as PFC Thomas, a Marine with a grudge against John Wayne’s Sergeant Stryker. He returned to Columbia to support Scott in The Nevadan once more. Tucker advanced to leadership roles in California Passage. He then went on to Rock Island Trail. Tucker returned to supporting roles in Hoodlum Empire and Flaming Feather for Paramount, where he co-starred with Sterling Hayden and helped Charlton Heston in Pony Express. Tucker traveled to England to support British film star Margaret Lockwood in Laughing Anne, a Republic co-production. When Forrest returned to the U.S., he returned to work for Republic: San Antone with Rod Cameron, Flight Nurse. And Jubilee Trail with Joan Leslie. (4)


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