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Ciara Miller, who was born in Atlanta and currently resides there, is a registered nurse by trade and also stars in a reality television show. The majority of credit for her increased visibility goes to her participation in the BravoTV reality show Summer House, which airs in the United States. In addition, she has a major part in Winter House, another drama that airs on Bravo and has many of the same performers that were in Summer House and Southern Charm. In addition to this, Miller is a model who is now signed with Link Model International and works in the industry on a freelance basis.

Although Ciara Miller did not initially intend to become a reality TV star, she was well prepared to take advantage of the opportunity when it came her way. Ciara, who has recently joined the cast of the Bravo series Summer House, will make her highly anticipated first appearance on the show when it returns for its fifth season in the year 2021. Ciara’s desire to perform in front of an audience has never wavered, despite the fact that she never intended to pursue a career in the field of reality television. She has been doing modeling work for a number of years now, and she has been represented by the Salt Agency.

Ciara Miller's Net Worth

In 2021, it is reported that Miller’s net worth is anywhere from one hundred thousand to one million dollars. This includes her income and money, in addition to her assets and property. The majority of her income comes from her profession as a television personality, which she has done for many years. Miller is able to retain a low-key way of living regardless of the fact that she has been able to acquire a substantial amount of cash because to the multiple sources of income she has. Despite her financial success, Miller has decided to keep a low-key style of living. In addition to the money she made from her television appearances, she also made a good living as a nurse.

Her modeling jobs are also contributing to the growth of her riches. It is not apparent, however, whether she has collaborated with well-known and well-known firms.

Ciara Miller's Early Life

Ciara Miller is 26 years old as of 2021. Her birthday is December 24th, 1995, and she was born in Atlanta, which is located in the United States. Miller has been successful in keeping her private life out of the public eye, and she has not revealed any information about her family, including her parents. On the other hand, it was just recently discovered that her mother, Sheila Miller, is a principal at Capital Wound Management Con, while her father is still unknown. It is also unknown whether or not Ciara Miller has any brothers or sisters.

Ciara was born and raised in the Atlanta neighborhood, which is also where she got her start in the showbusiness. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information available regarding her upbringing, despite the fact that she is extremely proud of her heritage. It would appear from the areas she has tagged on Instagram that she is still based in or around the Atlanta area.

During an interview with ET Online, Miller discussed her thoughts for her parents. She stated that she has a profound affection for both of them and that her mother is her number one fan. Miller also revealed that she has a close relationship with each of her siblings. Miller’s relationship with her father has become strained in recent years as a result of her father’s subsequent remarriage to a woman whom Miller finds distasteful. The woman who fills the role of Miller’s stepmother shared this information with us. They maintained their silence for a total of four years during that time period.

Ciara Miller's Education

Ciara Miller received her bachelor of science degree in nursing with a concentration in critical care from Chamberlain University in Illinois, where she studied. She referred to the day of her graduation as “the greatest day ever” in an Instagram post that she created to celebrate the occasion. Miller received his nursing degree in 2018 and practiced as a registered nurse for a few years before being thrust into the thick of the pandemic. She revealed the news to her followers on Instagram, stating that her mother had submitted her application to nursing school and that she had always known she wanted a career in the medical field.

Ciara Miller's Husband/Boyfriend and Family Life


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At the moment, Miller does not have a spouse or partner. As the fifth season of Summer House progressed, she discovered that she was caught in the middle of a love triangle with Luke Gulbranson and Hannah Berner. Before she entered the house, she was Luke Gulbranson’s buddy for the previous two years, during which time she had known him as a fellow Big Brother contestant.

After joining the cast in Season 5, Ciara made her first appearance alongside Southern Charm actor Austen on the set of the spin-off show Winter House, which they filmed together in the early years of 2021. When the inventor of Trop Hop beer spent some time in the Hamptons working on Season 6, he reignited his decades-long bond with Lindsay.

Things came to a head during an episode when Austen kissed both Ciara and Lindsay at the same time during the celebration for the latter star’s 35th birthday. Despite the fact that Austen was not in an exclusive relationship with either woman, the situation became awkward. Before Austen arrived in the Hamptons, Ciara had a fleeting interest to the star of Season 6, Alex Wach, and she kissed Carl Radke before the two of them parted ways.

Ciara Miller's Career



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Ciara Miller has been employed by Aya Healthcare in Atlanta as a nurse ever since the month of March in the year 2020. Because of the nature of her employment, she has been required to spend anywhere from eight to thirteen weeks at a stretch working in medical facilities located in a variety of cities and states across the United States. Patients suffering from COVID-19 have benefited from her medical attention at the Brooklyn Hospital.

Her employment there spanned the months of July 2017 through January 2018, and she held the position of patient care technician in the Greenville Health Care Department throughout that time. During this particular event, Ciara provided an overview of the processes that lead to her achievement of accomplishment in the field of medicine. It was actually her mother that filled out an application form for the nursing school on her daughter’s behalf. She was not the one who applied. She has a career as a nurse, but she also has a career as a model, and she is always seeking for ways to merge the two careers in a more effective manner. 

She was working as a nurse for three days out of the week at the time of her most recent interview with Women’s Health magazine. Her schedule was full-time for those three days. In addition, while she was out of the hospital, she coordinated with her agent to set up further performance reservations. This took place during the moments when she was not in the medical facility. She has worked for a variety of modeling agencies, the bulk of which are located in the cities of Atlanta, Florida, and Miami. These places are in the United States.

Ciara is a multi-talented woman who can juggle her responsibilities as a nurse, model, and tv reality star. During the course of an interview, she discussed the challenging nature of the modeling industry. “In the world of modeling, they either want a Black girl with light green eyes and straight hair, or they want a Black female with really, really dark skin and… coily hair. Both of these characteristics are desirable.” These are the two poles of the spectrum. When you’re somewhere in the middle of things, it might make you feel a lot of worry and self-doubt, as Ciara pointed out.

Today, Ciara Miller is one of the cast members participating in the fifth season of Summer House on Bravo. The plot of the show centers on a group of privileged young adults in their late twenties to early thirties who make the most of their weekends and summer by going out and having a good time. It appears like she is making the most of the opportunities presented to her by participating in the show.

Summer House Storyline for Ciara Miller

Ciara Miller joined “Summer House” in season 5 in 2021.

After Ciara Miller began her career on Summer House with her ex-boyfriend Luke Gulbranson, audiences wanted her to find love on the first season of Winter House and connect with one of the many single people on the show.

Although she did investigate her connection to Austen during the first season, he later revealed that he wasn’t ready for a relationship because he was still processing his break-up with Southern Charm co-star Madison LeCroy. Despite the fact that she did investigate her connection to Austen during the first season, he later stated that he wasn’t ready for a relationship.

When the summer came around, he went to the Hamptons to celebrate Lindsay’s birthday, which resulted in some of the most dramatic drama that the season had to offer. Ciara and Paige debated with Lindsay, while Danielle Olivera pointed out that the underlying issue was Austen’s writing.

Ciara stated that the fact that Austen appeared on the Hamptons series caused her to “doubt him” and their relationship with Winter House.

“The dynamic did not have a very good mix. Because of this, I had no choice but to distance myself from him and ask him in a confused tone, “What are you doing?” It did cause me to have some doubts about him for a spell, “During an interview with Us Weekly in January of 2022, Ciara stated the following. “We’ve had a conversation on each of these points,” she said.

Austen chased both women and was accused of leading the women on by viewers as well as cast members of telling each woman what they wanted to hear rather than the truth. This accusation was made by both cast members and spectators. Ciara, on the other hand, gave off the impression that she was hopelessly in love with Austen. She appeared to believe him when he flirted with her, kissed her, and generally exhibited interest in her. 

While all was going on, Lindsay was having a great time spending the summer on her own, which included a lot of naughty behavior with Austen. The remaining members of the cast were divided as to which woman to support while criticizing Austen for his numerous affairs with other women. Paige DeSorbo, Ciara’s best friend, was watching out for her, and Danielle was by Linday’s side the whole time. The simmering animosity between Ciara and Danielle eventually erupted into a fistfight between the two of them.

Danielle Olivera, star of Summer House, recently updated fans on the status of her relationship with reality star Ciara Miller and disclosed that she no longer trusts Miller. Olivera also stated that their friendship is over. The sixth season of Summer House was easily one of the most dynamic and exciting seasons to date. During the course of the summer, a great number of friendships were put to the test, and while some of these relationships were not able to last, others grew closer.

Ciara expressed her sadness and remorse over the argument that occurred between them and apologized for the way things were handled at the reunion. Danielle commented, “I would say that the reunion was beneficial.” “I feel like I’ve made my point, and I’ve told her all I wanted to say to her. I have no idea what lies ahead in the future.” Fans believe that Ciara has not accepted responsibility for her conduct and that both she and Paige reacted in an immature manner to the entire event, despite the fact that she has issued an apology for her behavior. In the end, neither Lindsay nor Ciara left with Austen on their arm as they walked away from the party.

Ciara Miller's Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height 5 ft 8 in
1.72 m
Weight 125 pounds
57 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Body Type Fit
Sexual Orientation Straight

Facts About Ciara Miller

Nationality American
Estimate Net Worth $1 million
Religion Unknown
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Birthplace Atlanta, Georgia
Birthday December 24, 1995


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