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Ralph Pittman is the husband of the new Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member, Drew Sidora. When he and Drew got into a quarrel during their anniversary dinner in the first episode of Season 13, he was introduced to the fans. Drew Sidora has been his wife since August 21, 2014. They initially met in 2013 during the press tour for the TLC biopic. They married six months later. Pittman and Sidra are the parents of two children, a son and a daughter. Sidora’s previous relationship resulted in a 9-year-old son.

Pittman, like his wife, has a passion for music. He launched “My Mind Music,” a music enrichment and wellness firm that created therapeutic music to help people live better lives.

Ralph Pittman's Net Worth

As of 2020, Ralph Pittman net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. His career as a businessman is his main source of income.

His wealth is also increasing from her new company. Ralph leveraged his academic knowledge to become a musician and an entrepreneur, according to Heavy. The 38-year-old is the creator and CEO of My Mind Music, a wellness organization that makes soothing music to help people live healthier lives. 

Ralph’s company employs musical properties to promote positive emotions, relaxation, and enjoyment. Ralph not only founded the company, but he also contributes to the composition of music for his children’s show, My Mind Music for Kids. This program was intended to assist children in improving their sleeping habits.

Ralph Pittman's Early Life

Ralph David Pittman Sr. and Sherine Pittman welcomed Ralph Pittman into the world on January 31, 1983. His father owned and operated the ‘Absolutelyontime’ automobile service. His father, unfortunately, died on September 1, 2020. In addition to Phillip Hawkins, Bryan Pittman, and Racquel Woods, he has three siblings.

Their family seems to be close to each other. As a matter of fact, Ralph Jr. and his siblings organized a public viewing of their father in Homeland Avenue, Greensboro, North Carolina followed by a proper funeral at Wadsworth Congregational Church Cemetery at Whitsett, North Carolina.

Ralph Pittman's Education

Pittman played football at Rutgers University and finished with a degree in Business Economics and a minor in Music Theory. He’s been able to achieve success in both of his loves and has served as an advisor to Fortune 500 firms for the past 15 years. He was a high school football player before going to college.

Ralph Pittman's Wife and Family Life



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Ralph Pittman is Drew Sidora’s husband and the father of three children, Josiah, Machai, and Aniya Pittman. He’s from New Jersey but settled in Atlanta with Drew, their three children, and Drew’s mother, Pastor Jeanette.

Drew and Ralph first met in 2013 when she visited the town to promote her film CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story. Drew had a son from a previous relationship when they met, Josiah, who was just two. They reconnected some months later when they went on a 12-hour first date. After only three months of dating, Ralph realized Drew Sidora was the one Drew Sidora was the one after only three months of dating and proposed. The proposal included a video of Ralph asking her son if he could “be his daddy,” The pair married on a beach in Los Angeles in June 2014, just two months after becoming engaged. Ralph has formally adopted Josiah, Drew reported in 2015.

Drew Sidora is asserting her claim as RHOA’s newest cast member, but the actor and singer aren’t creating the impression she hoped for. Fans are witnessing Pittman and Sidora’s marriage in trouble rather than watching her auditions and practices. Sidora’s husband has been accused of being frigid by fans. Pittman stated in a recent interview that he was not a fan of joining the show.

Drew Sidora believes that honesty is the best policy regarding her marriage. Drew Sidora told Ralph Pittman “all that transpired” during her X-rated bachelorette party with her co-stars, and she wanted her husband to do the same about his previous solo trip to Tampa. Drew confronted Ralph about packing his belongings and leaving their home for three days without telling her. She also accused him of spying on the family using cameras in their home while he was away.

This couple had a lot of issues, and it’s taking a toll on them. In one episode, they can go to couples therapy and counseling, but this does not produce a positive result for their union.

Now, the two are in the middle of processing their divorce. But prior to that, on December 26, 2022, Ralph posted a short video of them together. He was seen playing the piano, and Drew sang a gospel song behind him. The video was a throwback clip of the couple as he wrote in the caption, “@drewsidora remember this??? 😍😍😍😍.”

Ralph Pittman's Career



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Ralph Pittman is the Founder and CEO of My Mind Music, an American music enrichment and wellness firm that curates therapeutic music to encourage and improve quality of life. Pittman wrote and developed My Mind Music for Kids, a sleep system that has been published all across the world to help children sleep better. He’s been able to achieve success in both football and music, and has served as an advisor to Fortune 500 firms for the past 15 years.

Pittman has also composed music for television and cinema productions/projects, most recently for the critically acclaimed film Preacher’s Son, which is based on the novel by New York Times Best-Selling Author Carl Weber.

Pittman is the father of three children, Josiah, Machai, and Aniya Pittman, who is an American famous television and film actress. He continues to innovate in a variety of ways, and while raising his three children, he began researching the importance of music in child development and the brain-music relationship. He devised a technique called My Mind Music for Kids to assist youngsters in achieving REM sleep through music. Pittman International, a holding corporation, was founded by him.

Today, Ralph Pittman works/owns/manages My Mind Music and is one of the stars of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” As a matter of fact, Ralph recently released music titled Already Know,” in which he collaborated with his now ex-wife, Drew Sidora. The song was even posted on his Instagram page on January 28, 2023. He wrote in the caption, “Make sure you have Already Know in rotation 💯.”

Real Housewives of Atlanta Storyline for Ralph Pittman

Ralph Pittman joined “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” in season 13 in 2021.

On his first season, he was always seen bickering with his wife. When he and Drew got into a quarrel during their anniversary dinner in the first episode of Season 13, he was introduced to the fans.

Drew was frequently shot with her family rather than the RHOA ladies at the start of the season. Ralph leaving the house and traveling to Tampa without telling Drew where he was going was discovered by the fans. Drew felt misled and hurt by him, prompting them to meet with their therapist for an outside couples counseling session. He was a true gentleman during Drew’s dinner party with the women, and the pair seemed to be doing much better after then. They are currently getting set to move into a new home, and he seemed to be doing much better since then.

Despite allegedly being uncomfortable to appear on TV, he’s seen on the show quite often. Ralph Pittman, Jr. says that he and his wife, actress Drew Sidora, were unsure about joining Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta ensemble. He explained, “I have a wonderful career and a pleasant life.” The couple has gotten anger from certain franchise fans, as expected, but he claims they have received a lot of support from people who have faced similar relationship issues and can relate to their narrative. Furthermore, the chance to market his brand, particularly his new project, My Mind Music for Kids, is invaluable.

Pittman’s behavior has sparked a lot of debate among viewers. Not only is there a communication barrier between him and Sidora, but there’s also a trust issue, as Sidora says Pittman has gone days without contacting his family. Pittman was condescending, aloof, and snarky in a recent episode when the couple sat down for a marriage counseling session. He ignores Sidora’s sentiments, makes fun of her when she becomes upset, and admits to using punishment tactics to get what he wants.

Pittman’s actions is causing controversy on Twitter. Egle-eyed fans and viewers of the show are concerned that Sidora is being used and abused emotionally. Even the significant event of the two purchasing their first house together is fraught with strife. Despite the fact that Sidora contributes monetarily to their home, Pittman prefers Sidora to take care of packing the house for their relocation while he keeps her out of the business side of things.

Pittman’s behavior on the show could indicate that he doesn’t want to be on it at all. Pittman reluctantly decided to do the show for the sake of Sidora’s career, according to ScreenRant. Pittman assisted in the care of Sidora after she injured her Achilles heel, and he admits to feeling depressed and anxious about racial inequality in the United States.

During a recent interview on Watch What Happens Live, Sidora revealed to Andy Cohen that the couple is still in marital counseling and that they are determined to “doing the work” for the benefit of their family.

Ralph Pittmans Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height 5 ft 6 in
1.67 m
Weight 160 pounds
73 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark brown
Body Type Fit
Sexual Orientation Straight

Facts About Ralph Pittman

Nationality American
Estimate Net Worth $400,000
Religion Unknown
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Birthplace New Jersey
Birthday March 31, 1985