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Aaron Phypers is an actor and a sound and light therapist from Beverly Hills. He is best known for his marriage to Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan and former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Denise Richards. 

Aaron Phyper's Net Worth

In 2022, Aaron Phyper’s is reported to have a net worth of $2 Million Dollars. The majority of his income comes from his acting career as well as his therapy center called the Q360 Club. 

Aaron Phyper's Early Life

Aaron  Phypers or also known as Aaron William Cameron was born in Los Angeles, California on September 16, 1972.  His mother’s name is Patricia Phypers, while his father’s name is not yet disclosed online. He has a younger brother by the name of Kyle Phypers. 

Aaron Phyper's Education

Aaron Phypers attended California State University where he was studying Arts. However, he wasn’t able to continue his degree because he decided to pursue an acting career in Los Angeles. 

Aaron Phyper's Relationships and Family Life

Aaron Phypers is currently married to former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Denise Richards. The couple does not have any biological children together, but the actor has adopted Denise Richards’ adopted daughter Eloise Joni Richards,  whom she adopted in 2011. 

Eloise Richards has a rare chromosomal disorder called, Chromosome 8, Monosomy 8p. This caused her to have many delays in speech and development. The couple has worked hard in giving her a normal life, they made her learn sign language and got her a guide dog. 

Aside from Eloise,  Aaron Phypers also serves as a step-father to Denise Richard’s two other daughters with her ex-husband actor Charlie Sheen, namely Sami Sheen and Lola Rose Sheen. 

Denise Richards and Aaron Phypers met in 2017, after the actress went to his clinic for frequency medicine. Phypers was still married during this period so their relationship did not progress. However, when his divorce from his ex-wife got finalized the couple became official and then tied the knot in late 2018 in Malibu, California. 

Aaron Phypers was previously married to Desperate Housewives star Nicollete Sheridan. The couple met in 2015 and got married in 2015. However, the couple separated just 6 months after their marriage. But it was only until 2018 that their divorce got finalized. 

The actor-turned businessman and his wife made headlines in 2021, after the Real Housewives of Beverly Hill’s daughter, Sami Sheen posted a TikTok video claiming that she felt trapped in her mother’s house. She further claimed that Aaron Phypers was abusive to her to the point that she would often feel like hating herself which often leads to her not eating and sleeping for days.

While all of this has been disproven by Denise Richards herself, it is also worth mentioning that Aaron Phypers has been on the receiving end of hate comments before from the actress’ fans because he threatened to “crush”  the actress’ hand. All of which, were caught on camera.  Because of the incident, Denise Richards’s teen daughter has decided to move in with Richards’ ex-husband Charlie Sheen. 

Aaron Phyper's Career

Aaron Phypers had appeared in a few films such as Air Crash  Investigation (2003), The Curiosity of Penny Parke (2009), and The Leap (2011). When compared to the projects his wife got, Aaron Phypers is very far along. Because of this, he has encountered a lot of rude comments from his wife’s fans. He has since stopped acting and is more focused on his business. 

Today, Aaron Phypers works as a sound and light therapist for his own clinic called the Q 360 Club. Many people are confused about what this really is, here’s a quick overview from their website:

“Q in Q 360 stands for the Quantum Energy Field. This field is universal. It is the field where we all share an interconnectedness and an inter-relatedness. It is a field that both responds to consciousness and emits a universal field of conscious, informed, and intelligent energy. At the level of mind and spirit, Q 360 uses this field to create balance and health.”

While this sounds fairly new to a  lot of people, Aaron Phyper’s Clinic or club is not the first of its kind. A quick Google search will direct you to a list of clinics offering the same kind of services. In 2005, the New York  Times even made an article about it. 

Aaron Phyper's Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height 6 ft 2 in
1.8 m
Weight  154 pounds
70 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Body Type Fit
Sexual Orientation Straight

Facts About Aaron Phypers

Nationality American
Estimate Net Worth $2 million
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Birthplace Los Angeles, California
Birthday September 16, 1972

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