Real Housewives of Cheshire: Net Worth & Personal Information

The Real Housewives of Jersey UK is a series that airs on Bravo, NBCUniversal’s international distribution arm. The series follows a group of women who live in a beautiful island paradise. It will feature gossip, drama, and some of the most beautiful homes on the island. There will be a new cast each season, and each season will feature new characters. The first episode will feature the new housewives, who have a diverse range of backgrounds and lifestyles.

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Tanya Bardsley Net Worth

Tanya Bardsley net worth is estimated at PS2.8 million. She is a successful British model. She first gained popularity on the television show Unknown in 1998, and has since appeared in numerous magazines and advertisements. She is a well-known face from television shows such as Zoo, FHM, and The Sun. She has also authored a book called Just A Girl Who Got It All, which she has written with fellow High Street Honey Kayleigh Pearson.

Tanya Bardsley has four children. She and her husband, footballer Phil, were married in 2014, but their relationship didn’t last forever. They divorced in 2013, and Tanya now lives with her husband, four kids, and their dog, Ralphi.  

As a supermodel, Tanya Bardsley has undergone numerous plastic surgeries to enhance her looks. She has increased her bra size from 32B to 32D, undergone regular face lifts, and undergone a number of other cosmetic procedures. Her net worth is not limited to her acting career; she is also a businesswoman with her own brand. She owns the jewelry store Dreams to a Reality.

Lauren Simon Net Worth

The English actress has a net worth of $1.5 million. She is best known for playing the role of the young, rebellious Miss Marple in ITVBe’s show “Little Britain”. After getting married, Lauren Simon worked in nightclub marketing and launched her own perfume company. She has a pet rabbit named Sweetie and enjoys watching movies. In addition, she loves spending money on diamond jewelry, coffee, and cosmetic surgery.

Lauren Simon is also a social media personality with a high-profile net worth of PS6.9 million. After her divorce from her millionaire husband Paul Simon, she took a break from reality TV and launched her own perfume brand. She also has an apartment in Marbella, England, and a house in Cheshire. She also owns a property in Cheshire. However, Lauren Simon is still making her way to success in the world and is not reliant on her husband.

As a youngster, Lauren Simon was a successful model. She has an interest in art and design and has made her name in the fashion world. She has also launched a perfume line, and is a devoted fan of chocolate. Her net worth grew rapidly and is steadily increasing. Although Lauren Simon has been married for ten years, her relationship with Paul was highly contentious and tense, which led to her revealing a significant portion of her assets to be hidden.

Dawn Ward Net Worth

Dawn Ward is one of the most successful British interior designers, with a net worth of about PS65 million. In the UK, she is best known for appearing on Britain’s Most Expensive House, a redesigned Mayfair super-home. Since her debut in the show, she has become a popular name in the world of design. Her net-worth is not as large as some of her more well-known colleagues, but her career has brought her great success.

The reality TV show follows the lives of the wealthy housewives of Cheshire. She has undergone several cosmetic procedures in the past and has also appeared on numerous television shows. As a fashion lover, she reportedly loves fashion and modeled for many famous models. Her career in interior design has also helped her increase her net-worth.

The reality-television star has not had a baby in recent years. She and her husband, Ashley Ward, have four daughters. They have been on The Real Housewives of Cheshire for five seasons. In between seasons, the couple has been involved in several catfights with fellow stars. In 2017, they were spotted at a shopping mall and a call center. The couple is currently back home with their children. Their relationship has been quite public, and they are currently raising their kids.

Rachel Lugo Net Worth

The actress has a net worth of $3.7 million. Her parents are David and Janet Lugo. Her father died when she was only 28 and she has a step-sister, Janie. Her mother died of breast cancer when she was 34 and she is survived by five children. As a reality TV star, Rachel is known for her interior design projects.

As an actor and social media personality, Rachel Lugo is well-known for her role on the ITV series Real Housewives of Cheshire. Initially, she made her debut on the show by playing an interior designer for a wealthy family. Since her appearance, she has been promoting the cause of breast cancer and has raised over PS2.5 million from her businesses. She also is a philanthropist and works in the field of interior design.

The actor began his career inland as a property master. His company, Gatley Green Construction and Property Management, has helped many charities. His charity work has increased his net worth. He has also joined the Real Housewives of Cheshire, and the two have traveled to the Maldives together. However, Lugo has not been married before. He is currently dating Nick Griffiths, whom he met while on a blind date.

Seema Malhorta Net Worth

Seema Malhotra is a well known fashion designer who has made a name for herself in the world of television. She has a net worth of PS2.6 million and is married to Sandeep Malhotra. She was born on 25 August 1971 and has no children. She is 44 years old and is currently studying for her degree in fashion marketing. Her children are Neil and Aaron, and they are both studying at home.

The designer studied fashion at the University of Salford and then met her husband Sandeep. They have two sons, Aaron and Neil. During her first series on the Real Housewives of Cheshire, she became the Design Director and became a successful designer. She married her husband Sandeep, and they have two sons. She was recently named as one of the Top 40 under 30. Her net worth is estimated to grow even more with time, and she continues to do what she loves.

She has two daughters who have grown up, Neil and Aaron. She has also owned a fashion boutique called Forever Unique with her husband. Her salary comes from her ITVBe channel, where she serves as a fashion consultant. She is an extremely talented and respected fashion entrepreneur.

Nicole Sealey Net Worth

She is married to Joe Sealey, a former professional footballer, and has three children with him. She has a total net worth of PS13 million and a net worth of PS15 million by 2020. She and Joe have several businesses, including their own fitness and beauty center, Neon. She is the daughter-in-law of late football goalkeeper Les Sealey, who died in 2001. Their combined wealth is believed to be around PS15 million.

Nicole Sealey net worth is a major topic of discussion. The former TV star is British and her husband is an Englishman. She rose to fame with her reality show, The Real Housewives of Cheshire. She is also the CEO of four different companies. Moreover, she is married to Joe, who is also a wealthy businessman.

Hanna Kinsella Net Worth

When it comes to the money she has earned from being married to a doctor, many people are amazed to know that Hanna Kinsella net worth is approximately $1 million. In reality TV, she has become a household name, especially after she appeared on the show ‘The Real Housewives of Cheshire.’ In addition to being a popular model, she also has her own dental practice.

The real housewives of Cheshire have followed Hanna Kinsella around for the past few seasons. She was married after season 14 ended, and her first child is a boy. She has a husband who is also a cosmetic dentist. She is currently pregnant with her second child, and they are excited to share their news with the other housewives. She is a mother of three, who is expecting her second child.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star had a successful career before going into show business. Before entering showbiz, she was a dental specialist. After finishing her studies, she decided to become a model, which landed her a role on the hit British reality TV show. After she became a dentist, she opened her own clinic, Kiln Lane Dental. She is an expert in cosmetic surgery.

Lystra Adams Net Worth

The following is a quick run-down of Lystra Adams’s life and career. Lystra Adams has a net worth of approximately $2.5 million. She’s married, has two children, and is an Aries. Her age and height are not available, but she weighs about 53 kg. Her husband is also a member of the Real Housewives of Cheshire.

Lystra Adams’ entry onto the scene was dramatic. The actor and presenter moved to the UK from South America in 1997. Her debut on the show was on September 30. She announced her birthday on Instagram, where her name was displayed in light-up letters. She’s been a fixture on the Cheshire social scene for years. She recently revealed her net worth. She’s not shy about sharing her thoughts with fans.

Lystra was born on March 23, 1977, and has been in the UK since 2015. Her appearance on the show has made her a famous unscripted personality. She’s a sign of Aries, and she’s known for her appearances on The Real Housewives of Cheshire. On September 30, she revealed her age, and she is married to former PP accountant David Fox. Her zodiac sign is Aries, and she is currently a prominent unscripted television star.

Leanne Brown Net Worth

The ‘RHOC’ star has a net worth of $18 million. In fact, she’s worth more than half that amount. Her net worth was estimated at $34 million. However, she’s kept quiet about it, preferring to keep it low-key. While she’s a mother of three, she is still very private about her finances. Here, we’ll take a look at her personal details and income.

She is married to Wes Brown, a former Manchester United footballer. In fact, the couple also has three daughters. Their net worth is estimated at PS10 million, and they are split between England and India. Their family vacationed with Dawn Ward and her family, and they vacationed in the same resort. 

Her charity work has made her a valuable member of the public. She started a clothing line for teenage girls called Kiss Frogs. The show’s star ratings were smashed by her bitter rival, Dawn Ward. She also owns a clothing line called Lux Activewear. 

Ampika Pickston Net Worth

Ampika Pickston is a British television personality who has earned millions of dollars. She is known for appearing on a variety of TV shows, including The Real Housewives of Cheshire. She has been married to multi-millionaire David Sullivan for several years. Although the couple has a turbulent relationship, Ampika is now living in Cheshire, where she resides with her husband. Ampika has been in a serious relationship with a wealthy man who has been a part of her life for a long time.

Ampika Pickston has a net worth of $3 million. She is a British beauty salon owner and a reality TV star. She is also an actress. The show’s popularity has led to her marriage to the businessman Mark Pickston. She has a son with him, Jake. She met her husband through a dating website and the two have been together ever since. Ampika has a daughter named Jake with her ex-husband.

She was born in 1980 and has lived in Cheshire since she was 18. She was a hairdresser before becoming involved with her husband. Ampika has become a celebrity after her marriage to Mark Pickston. She is engaged to West Ham owner David Sullivan. She owns her own salon, Opium Hair and Beauty. 

Magali Gorre Net Worth

The Net Worth of Magali Gorre is estimated to be in the range of $1 million to $5 million. This reality star has been married to Dutch footballer Dean-Gorre, and has three sons who play soccer. She is also an author and has authored several books. She also has a Porsche and owns real estate properties. Listed below are some sources of Magali’s net worth. Interested readers may also want to read some of her articles and read some of her books.

She first appeared on television in 2015 as part of the popular reality show, The Real Housewives of Cheshire. She was born on June 6, 1972, in The Hague, Netherlands. She is the mother of two daughters and one son. She was married to Dean for 21 years and has two children. She has a strong sense of humor and is comfortable in both English and Dutch.

Ester Dohnalova Net Worth

Ester Dohnalova net worth is estimated to be in the millions, above the $1 million mark. Despite being a former reality TV star, she is still a married woman. . The actress has been married to billionaire John Temple since the sixth series, but in the recent series, the couple announced their separation and that they were no longer living together. She has more than 500 pairs of shoes and a designer purse and has a million-dollar wardrobe.

Her ex-husband is Rob Lloyd, who is also a successful businessman. They own the Cheshire-based estate Warford Hall and have four daughters named Charlie, Aston and Derby. She also owns a beauty salon, which has been in operation for many years. Lastly, the couple has a 12-acre plot of land at their house called Warford Hall, which is worth PS 15 million.

While with Lloyd, Ester was with a multi-millionaire name John Temple, who funded her lavish slifestyle.

Stacey Forsey Net Worth

Stacey Forsey’s popularity is growing rapidly. She was born in Salford, England, and has made a name for herself as a social butterfly. In addition to blogging and YouTube, she is also a successful businesswoman with a PS6 million mansion. Her husband, Gary Forsey, is the CEO of the sportswear company Sport Direct.

Her husband, David Forsey, is the CEO of the sportswear retailer Sports Direct. The couple has two children together, Zac and Grace. She also has a website where she writes about healthy cooking, travel, and style. She also hosts charity events and has a personal Instagram account where she posts photos and videos of her adventures.

Her net worth is estimated at PS2.6 million. In addition to hosting charity events, she is an avid fashion designer who has a high profile in the fashion industry. 

Debbie Davies Net Worth

Debbie Davies is a well-known blues guitarist who has an unknown net worth. Originally from the United States, Debbie Davies has worked with a number of other musicians. Her most notable band is Fingers Taylor and the Ladyfinger Revue. In addition to her work with the Icebreakers, she has played with Maggie Mayall and the Cadillacs. Currently, it is unclear how much money Debbie is earning, but it is estimated that she is worth PS6.9 million.

She was born in 1952, and her net worth is unknown. She is currently 54 years old and remarried to Pete Davies, whom she divorced 12 years ago. In the show, she posts personal photos and videos, and engages with her followers in conversation. She has over 400 psychic and medium friends, which are probably a big reason for her popularity. In addition to her role on the show, she has her own website.

he earned her net wealth through her primary career as a guitarist, which she continues to do. She has also collaborated with several other famous artists, including Jimmy Buffett and Coco Montoya. Additionally, she has performed with a number of well-known musical acts, including J. Geils, Tommy Shannon, Chris Layton, and Coco Montoya.

Misse Beqiri Net Worth

Despite the fact that Misse Beqiri has worked for a number of famous TV shows and movie roles, she is still relatively unknown to the general public. Her estimated net value is $5 million, which makes her a high-profile figure in the reality television world.

Although Misse Beqiri was born in Sweden, her career started in the fashion industry in Denmark, where she worked for a clothing company. After moving to the United States, she began modeling. Her popularity quickly expanded in New York where she met Anders Lindegaard, who is the husband of a professional football player. Her income was estimated to have been about PS70K-$80K per year.

Anders Lindegaard is an actor, and Beqiri began her modeling career with him. She later married Anders Lindegaard, a football player. The couple’s daughter, River, was born in 2012. Beqiri’s net worth rose even higher as she became a part of the celebrity world. While working for the brand, she met her current boyfriend Jake Hall, who is also a famous television personality.

Perla Navia Net Worth

Perla Navia, who joined Celebrity Big Brother in 2019, has an estimated net worth of PS2.6 million. She lives with her husband Chris in Wilmslow, Cheshire, and has two children. She also owns her own yoga studio. Her husband is a self-made millionaire who started a meat firm and then expanded it into a PS60 million food service operation. The couple has two children together.

She first began teaching yoga in 2007 and has a studio in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Before joining RHOC, she worked odd jobs in Spain and Israel before becoming a full-time teacher. She had a clothing line before meeting her husband, and the two have been together ever since. Before joining the RHOC family, Perla and her husband had an on-and-off relationship, despite their high-profile careers.

The couple has been married for over a decade and are expecting their fifth child in 2020. According to the couple’s website, their net worth should reach PS15 million by that time. The pair met while she was studying fashion at the University of Salford. The couple have two sons, a daughter, and a granddaughter. As a young mother, Perla navigated the pressures of raising a child and has been open about it.

Nermina Pieters-Mekic Net Worth

The net worth of Nermina Pieters-Mecic is between $500,000 and $1 million. She is married to soccer player Erik Pieters. They have two horses and two dogs. She makes around $45,000 to $65,000 a week from modeling assignments. She was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After four years of being married, she’s still enjoying her new life. She is currently focusing on her modelling career and hopes to have a child of her own. She will be able to spend this time with her new family. The family will be a part of her journey in life.

Besides modeling, Nermina Pieters-Mecic is also a reality star. She married footballer Erik Pietters in a ceremony that lasted for four hours. The couple’s marriage took place in Maastricht, Holland, and later they welcomed their baby girl. The youngster is now four months old. 

Sheena Lynch Net Worth

Sheena Lynch has a net worth of $2 million dollars. She is an actress and a backing singer. She is married to Boyzone member Shane. She has two daughters, Billie Rae and Marley Mae. She has also portrayed a number of brands. She has no children of her own, but she is an active presence on social media. Here are some details about Sheena Lynch.

She has been married to Shane Lynch for two decades. The couple has two children, Marley Mae, and Billie Rae. Their second marriage was broken up due to marital issues in 1998. Sheena is currently married to singer Shane’s ex-wife, Sheena White. Sheena and Shane have two children, Marley Mae, and a son named Shane.

Her success has landed her several lucrative projects. Sheena has been a backing singer for Westlife and has run her own high-end performance car business. In addition to this, she has appeared in movies such as Cold Feet. Sheena Lynch is a Gemini, and her Instagram profile refers to her as Mrs. Lynch.

Leilani Dowding Net Worth

Leilani Dowding is an English model and television personality. She has won several beauty pageants, including Miss Universe in 1998 and Tough Love Miami (2011). She studied economics at the Royal Holloway University of London. In 2003, she ranked #89 on the FHM Sexiest Women in the World list. Born on January 30, 1980, Dowding was raised in Bournemouth. She is the daughter of a former tennis player and a model. Leilani Dowding’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

After obtaining a place at the University of London, she began studying economics. She also competed in a celebrity poker tournament but lost to Jakki Degg in the final. She has appeared on numerous British television shows, including This Morning, Faking It Celebrity Wrestling, and Big Breakfast. She is the youngest celebrity to win the Miss Universe pageant and has appeared on several reality television series.

She is a successful entrepreneur, having won the Miss Universe pageant in 1998. She has appeared on numerous British shows, including This Morning and Maxim Uncovered! Vol. 2. She is also a popular TV personality.