Real Housewives of DC: Net Worth & Personal Information

RHODC Net Worth

Even though the Real Housewives of DC was cancelled very early, there is still a lot of intrigue into the Housewives net worth. The five stars are still hot topics among viewers. 

After the show was cancelled, RHO Potomac seemed to have taken the spot, considering its proximity to DC.

Richest Real Housewives of DC

Rank Housewife Net Worth
1 Stacie Scott $18 million
T-2 Michaele Salahi $10 million
T-2 Lynda Erkiletian $10 million
4 Catherine Ommanney $4 million
5 Mary Schmidt $400,000

RHODC Cast's Net Worth & Bios

Stacie Scott Turner: $18 million

Stacie Scott Turner

As a famous real estate broker, Stacie Scott Turner’s net worth is about $18 million. In addition to promoting real estate, she has done philanthropic work around the world. In her early days, she started working as a marketing supervisor for the TV network BET. Later on, she became a supervisor at Procter & Wager and later, became a successful realtor. In addition, she also took part in some popular birthday parties.

The net worth of Stacie Scott Turner has increased since she appeared on “The Real Housewives of D.C.” Her career began when she began a charity that provides life-changing experiences for foster girls. Her charitable work helped her achieve her success. She has two children and was formerly married to Jason.

Michaele Salahi: $10 million

Michaele Salahi

As of 2022, Michaele Salahi’s net worth is estimated at $10 million. She garnered so much attention after she and her then-husband, Tareq Salahi, disrupted the White House state banquet in honor of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. 

Her parents are Howard A. Holt, Sr. and Rosemary Salahi and she was born in 1965. In the 1990s, she worked at a radio station and claimed to be a cheerleader to have previously competed in the Miss USA pageant, however there is no record of her involvement in the competition.

In 2003, Michaele Salahi and her husband went to a state dinner without an invitation. The event was a huge success, and they were filmed for the episode of Real Housewives of D.C. The photos, which were posted online, made the couple instant celebrities. However, the White House rejected the invitation, and the couple got divorced in 2012. 

Lynda Erkiletian: $10 million

Lynda Erkiletian

Born on September 17, 1957 in the United States, Lynda Erkiletian’s net worth is an estimated $10 million. She is a former cast member of The Real Housewives of D.C. and founder of T.H.E. Artist Agency.

The real housewife was born into a military family and attended a private school in the south. She moved to Washington, D.C. in her early twenties and temporarily worked as a backup singer for R&B performer Candi Staton.

Before becoming a cast member on the reality TV show, Erkiletian was a successful model. She has worked at top fashion houses and modeling agencies, including Vanity Fair, Ralph Lauren, and Peoples Place. She founded T.H.E. Artist Agency in 1985 and has a client list of prestigious fashion designers.

Catherine Ommanney: $4 million

Catherine Ommanney

Real Housewife of DC star Catherine Ommanney’s net worth is an estimated $4 million. In 2010, she was cast in the Bravo reality series “The Real Housewives of D.C.” She has also written a book, “Inbox Full,” which recounts of this single woman’s scandalous antics while living in London, in addition to exposing her character in the performance.

Her net worth also depends on her popularity as an interior designer. Her recent biography reveals that she is a successful writer and is married to Charles Ommanney. Nevertheless, she was born on July 31, 1972 and her zodiac sign is Leo.

Her career has brought her fame, and she has two children from a previous marriage. She is married to photographer Charles Ommanney. Despite her wealth, she has not gotten a huge amount of press.

Mary Schmidt Amons: $400,000

Mary Schmidt Amons

Mary Schmidt Amons is an American entertainer and businesswoman. She is the chief executive of the Vincent T. Lombardi Foundation and the founder of the District Sample Sale. Mary Schimidt-Amons’s net worth is estimated to be around $400 thousand, based on her yearly compensation and salary. She is a Virgo, and has a high net worth for a woman of her age.

The philanthropist has been a fixture in the Washington, D.C., community for decades, and her wealth is not only based on her work with nonprofits, but also her charitable work.

Before separating in 2012, Mary Schmidt Amons was married to then-husband, Rich Amons, a telecom executive, for 26 years. Matt, Meghan, Alexandra, Ryan, and Lolly are their five children.

Why did Real Housewives of DC get cancelled?

“Real Housewives of DC” was one of the first new shows on Bravo, but the ratings were disappointing. Among the reasons why the show was canceled were its controversial characters, including Michaele Salahis and Tareq Salahi. The series featured the lives of five successful women, who often straddle the line between work and friendship. In addition to their celebrity status, the women are also known for their political activism, and a few were even invited to a state dinner.

The show was canceled a few months after its premiere, and there was a flurry of drama. As the show’s cast continued to feud with each other, rumors of a white-collar scandal erupted. But, despite its controversies, the cast and crew of the show were quick to point out the sexy drama. During an interview with Andy Cohen, one of the cast members confessed that she didn’t realize that the show would be canceled until it had been re-run.

What happened to Oasis Winery?

In February 2009, Oasis Winery filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Virginia. The business had a large amount of debt and was looking to sell it for $4.7 million, but its business practices caused it to become insolvent. The company owed creditors $965,000 in debt, $334,000 in assets, and a boat they used to rent for FedEx Redskins games. Tareq Salahi, the son of founders Dirgham, reportedly promised to sell the winery for $1 on the day he passed away.

Several lawsuits against the Salahis family are pending. The youngest Salahi and his parents have been accused of embezzling company assets and assaulting a family member. A civil lawsuit has been filed against the younger Salahi’s parents, claiming she hid corporate assets. She and her father have also filed for divorce. While many people may think that these allegations are unfounded, they’re hard to believe.

Tareq Salahi’s parents sued him and his son. The divorce was so bitter that Tareq’s father took him over. The two argued and the couple filed for bankruptcy. After filing for bankruptcy, they owed more than $6 million in corporate taxes. They owe the IRS $1.7 million in 2007 but only $335,000 in 2008. However, they claim they had only $35,000 in assets. In addition, they’ve never filed their corporate taxes.

Who is Lisa Spoden?

Lisa Spoden is marraied to Tareq Salahi, Michaele Salahi’s ex-husband. Lisa Spoden, who was born in Saudi Arabia, is CEO of Cruise Ship Charter Company Hotels at Sea. Despite her extensive work experience, she is still relatively unknown to many.  She has worked in different fields such as operations, marketing, and planning. Besides, she is a member of the College of St. Benedict, where she earned her Doctorate of Medical Science.

As a CEO of Hotels at Sea, Spoden is a prominent figure in the cruise industry. She has a diverse background and is no stranger to media attention. A polo-playing former Real Housewives of DC co-star, she has also had numerous acclaims. For years, she was closely associated with the cruise industry and is known for her expertise in this field.

Lisa Spoden is an internationally recognized speaker and consultant on luxury travel. In addition to providing expert advice to travelers, she also entertains her clients with a variety of programs that include wine packages. This makes her a great choice as a keynote speaker at high-profile events and corporate meetings. In addition to offering a variety of services, she also hosts various events. While sailing on a cruise ship, Lisa Spoden often lives on board the vessel with her family and friends.