Real Housewives of Jersey UK: Net Worth & Personal Information


The Real Housewives of Jersey (UK) premiered on December 28, 2020. This was the second British installment of the Real Housewives, following the Real Housewives of Cheshire Series. 

Real Housewives of Jersey UK Net Worth Ranked

Net Worth of Real Housewives of Jersey UK Cast Ranked

Tessa Hartmann's Net Worth: $14 million

tessa hartmann

A former actress, Tessa Hartmann is a PR businesswoman with a net worth of $14 million. She is married to Sascha Hartmann and has three children – Zach, Valentina, and Tallia Storm. Her son Zach is an actor and an R&B singer. Their other child, Tallia, is a rising pop star.

The couple owns a PR firm, Hartmann House which was created eighteen years ago and earned the reputation as an authority on fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment, with a client base that includes some of the world’s most luxurious and sought after high street brands. 

In her role as a strategic branding expert, the real housewife is also a frequent commentator on national broadcast radio and television. She has written for The Sunday Times and was formerly the Fashion Editor at Large for the Sunday Herald as well.

Margaret Thompson's Net Worth: $5 million

margaret thompson

As of 2021, the net worth of Margaret Thompson is around $5 million. She has worked her way up from being a pot washer to company owner at Thompson Estates, where she is renowned as the “Queen of Jersey property.” 

The Jersey star may be a great entrepreneur today, but she started out picking potatoes and working in hotels and perfumeries to get here. As what was widely publicized, the businesswoman filed for divorce from her husband. The question of whether Margaret had any children remained unanswered.

The real housewife started Thompson Estates in September 2001 with the objective of selling all of the island’s most exclusive homes. In addition to Thompson Estates, Margaret controlled two profitable state agency in Jersey. In addition, she also owned one of Jersey’s most well-known restaurants, where she threw some of the state’s most opulent and lavish events.

Ashley Cairney's Net Worth: $2.5 million

ashley cairney

Ashley Cairney has a net worth of $2.5 million. She lives with her husband and three boys named Jax, Jaden, and Brad in Jersey. Her Instagram followers have grown to 12.2K. She maintains a high-end lifestyle and posts pictures of her children on the social media site. The real housewife also demonstrated her entrepreneurial ability while operating an HR firm which she founded in her own home nation.

Ashley Cairney and Ben Cairney met when she was seventeen. The two got engaged and married in the summer of 2015. The ceremony was beautiful. Despite her success in the show, Ashley keeps her personal life private. 

Mia Ledbury's Net Worth: $1-5 million

Mia Ledbury has never revealed details about her personal life or educational background. The Australian model and actress is married and lives a luxurious lifestyle. However, there are no details about her age or height. It is difficult to determine her exact net value due to the fact that she is not a public figure and does not disclose all the information about her personal life. Despite her lavish lifestyle, she does not reveal her educational background or date of birth.

She has two kids, Honor and Isla, with Dan Hartmann, a banker. The couple met while working at a front desk at a London hotel. Taking over from her career as a model, the diva is now a stay at home mother. As for her husband’s employment, it’s not known what Dan works as, although the family are regularly photographed on expensive trips overseas, including Barbados.

Jane Rayner's Net Worth: $1-5 million

jane rayner

Jane Rayner’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 Million – $5 Million. The well-known money manager-turned-reality star has been featured on the Real Housewives of Jersey television show. She has not revealed her birthday, but she is a member of the white ethnic group who spent her childhood and teenage years in Austria and Majorca before returning to the United Kingdom. She is a mother of three children and holds dual citizenship aside from being a British citizen.

The real housewife has been volunteering for a number of charities and a proud ambassador for Brighter Futures, a fantastic organization that helps parents, families, and children. She has earned her net worth by making a good living and supporting a lot of people. Aside from being a celebrity, she is also a successful businesswoman. She has earned a fortune from her career. There are various factors that make up her net worth.

She is also a famous businesswoman and cloth and fashion connoisseur, as well as someone who is dedicated to making the world a better place. 

Hedi Green's Net Worth: $1-5 million

hedi green

Hedi Green net worth is said to be in the range of $1 million to $5 million. Hedi was born in India and later spent time in South Asia. She grew interested in natural medicine and aspired to become a medical practitioner after seeing her grandmother do miracles with nutrition and herbs. Her height is five feet and eight inches. Her weight is estimated to be around 57 kilograms.

Hedi Green has been in the health and wellness field for over 30 years as a small company owner. In 2003, she won the Jersey Telecom Small Business Award, and in 2011, she ran for Deputy of St Savior #1. However, she has not revealed details about her net worth. She has not revealed details about her past love affairs, or about her career. In fact, she has not even disclosed her exact date of birth. The wellness expert has not been open about her personal life, including her assets but disclosed that she had been divorced twice.

She has a daughter named Laetitia. Her relationship with Laetitia’s father remains a mystery.

Sarha Courtnay's Net Worth: Undetermined

sarha courtnay

Sarha Courtnay is a well-known figure who shot to fame after announcing her debut on the second season of “The Real Housewives of Jersey.” There isn’t a lot of information on her on the Internet since she’s new to the reality program scene including the exact total of her net worth.  

Sarha Courtnay married her spouse, Mike Le-Gallez. Shortly after their marriage, they relocated to Jersey. Her husband is a company entrepreneur, a boxing promoter, pilot, and skier.

Karen Loderick's Net Worth: Undetermined

karen loderick peace

The latest addition to the list of Housewives is TV personality Karen Loderick. Her net worth is unknown at this time since the reality star has been tight-lipped about her earnings and financial situation. She has been married to Jeremy Peace who is a British businessman and the former chairman and owner of West Bromwich Albion F.C., a professional football club in the West Midlands of England.

The most recent news of her wealth is that she has been paid for her role on “The Real Housewives of Jersey.” She attended London School of Fashion and majored in Fashion Design. The real housewife is also a published author who aspires to start her own fashion business. 

Will There be a Season 2 of Real Housewives of Jersey UK?

Yes, there will be a second season of Real Housewives of Jersey. ITVBe officially stated on April 29, 2021 that filming of the second season has begun. Rayner will not be returning to the show, and Green has been demoted to a friend. Sarha Courtnay and Karen Loderick will join the show as the new housewives.

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