Real Housewives of Melbourne: Net Worth & Personal Information

The cast of The Real Housewives of Melbourne has officially reunited after a social media tiff. The OG Housewives Chyka Keebaugh and Lydia Schiavello have become friends once again after a three year hiatus. The newest members include Gina Gillies, Kyla Kirkpatrick, and Anjali Rao. Those who have watched the show for years will recognize many of the faces.

Lydia Schiavello Net Worth: $50 million

lydia schiavello

Lydia Schiavello is an Italian-Australian television star who has a net worth of $50 million. She is an interior decorator and cosmopolitan housewife who is a devoted mother to five kids. She also owns a private plane and a beautiful holiday home in Thredbo, Australia. In addition to her booming career, she has a busy personal life, including a thriving home business.

After graduating from university, the reality star went on to pursue a career in interior design. She is of Italian ancestry and resides in Malvern with her family. She also owns a greyhound and enjoys cooking. She has been a member of Celebrity Apprentice Australia since its second season and has been a cast member of the show since season one. She joined the show for season four in 2016, but left it abruptly due to a medical advice.

Although Lydia Schiavello is a mother of three children, she is also a stepmother to three children from her previous marriage. She enjoys spending time with her family, and has many interests. In addition to cooking, she has a blog about her personal life, sharing her recipes and fashion tips. In her free time, Lydia shares her knowledge about art and architecture with followers. In addition to her blog, she owns a holiday home in Thredbo and a Malvern home.

Chyka Keebaugh Net Worth: $40 million

chyka keebaugh

Chyka Keebaugh is an Australian actress, reality TV star, and entrepreneur. She is also a sailor. She is worth $40 million and is known for her successful ventures in catering and hiring. Her net worth came from her appearance on the hit show The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Despite her success on television, she has kept a low profile and prefers to keep it low-key.

This Australian businesswoman and reality TV star has an estimated net worth of $40 million. She is married to Bruce Keebaugh and has two children. Her blog includes decorating tips, recipes, and lifestyle advice. Her lifestyle blog is filled with photos and videos of herself having fun and living the life she loves. She has a blog where she posts tips on how to make your life easier. Besides blogging, she enjoys travelling and shopping.

As a successful businesswoman, Chyka Keebaugh is famous for her involvement in several projects. She owns several event spaces, as well as a catering company and an exclusive hiring agency. She has worked with celebrities and even founded an award-winning restaurant. She is also the owner of Big Group.

Janet Roach Net Worth: $25 million

Janet Roach is a famous Australian actress and author who is unknown about her net worth. She was born in Australia on August 16, 1958, but has made a name for herself on television and the internet. Despite the harrowing circumstances of her tragic accident, Roach remains on good terms with her family, despite a brief hiatus from the show in January 2016. Her estimated net wealth is $25 million.

In 2016, Roach won a $30,000 game of Family Feud, which helped her charity work. Her other net assets include two dogs and a property developer. She was a successful property developer before joining the show. Her son Paul is also a successful property developer and runs the Love Machine nightclub. During her free time, Roach enjoys gardening, tending organic gardens, and golfing.

Janet Roach is a highly successful businesswoman who has made a name for herself in Australia. In fact, she has a following on Instagram, where she posts about her business. Moreover, she has also revealed her use of Botox and fillers. Her net worth has been boosted by her extensive social media presence. This is because she has a huge fan base on Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, Roach has openly discussed plastic surgeries on her social media accounts.

Andrea Moss Net Worth: $20 million


Andrea Moss has a net worth of approximately $20 million. She is an Australian television journalist who appears in The Real Housewives of Melbourne. She has been a TV reporter for the ABC for seven years and is currently working on a new book. Her book, “The Real Housewives of Melbourne”, has been an instant hit in Australia. Her book, ‘Are You A Mother?’ is a helpful guide to working moms, and she has worked in Sydney as a tennis coach.

Besides being a successful actress and television personality, Andrea Moss is also a mother of three children and has founded her own company, Liberty Belle Skin Centre. She is 51 years old and has been working as a professional tennis coach for seven years. She is also a businesswoman, and has made her net worth through her successful skin care line.

Perrifleur Berenger Net Worth: $10 million

pettifleur berenger

Pettifleur Berenger’s net worth is estimated to be over $10 million. She is a property developer and author with an autobiographical book that chronicles her life. She moved to Australia from Sri Lanka in her early twenties and joined the show after Andrea Moss left the show. The book, “Switch the Bitch,” is her latest venture. 

The Australian TV personality is one of the most famous women in Australia. She has an impressive net worth and has appeared on the hit reality show, The Real Housewives of Melbourne. She is married twice and has three sons. She was also involved in the popular book series, Switch the Bitch. Her first book was released in April, 2015. Her other books are called “Mrs. and Mrs. Brown” and “Rosebuds and Rosebuds.”

Berenger is a successful businesswoman who has built a multimillion-dollar empire. Her personal life is filled with charity work, which has helped her earn millions of dollars. She is married to a businessman named Frank Palazzo. Her book Switch the Bitch became a bestselling best seller and has gained her an additional six-figure fortune.

Susie McLean Net Worth: $10 million

susie mclean

Susie McLean is a multi-millionaire from Australia. She was born in 1954 and is now living in America. Her net worth is estimated to be $10 million as of 2021. She was married to Australian comedian Mick Molloy when she was 19 and they separated after four years. Her net value is believed to be a multiple of her net worth. Regardless of her current wealth, she will turn 54 in 2022.

While her appearances on The Real Housewives of Melbourne have brought in a substantial amount of revenue, she’s also earning from her other endeavors. For instance, she recently started investing in race horses. In addition to her acting work, Susie McLean has been a property developer and reality star for several years. Currently, she and Rod are engaged and have two children together. Her net worth is estimated to be in the seven-digit range.

While Susie McLean has earned a fortune from her acting roles, her income from her work as a musician is increasing. Her music has earned her national and international acclaim. She has won several awards for her songwriting, including Best Jazz Artist at the Toronto Independent Music Awards. She and Rod have two sons together, a boy and a girl. She is married to Rod Butterss but lasted only couple of months, and got separated due to personal difficulties.

Gina Liano Net Worth: $10 million

gina liano

Gina Liano has a net worth of $10 million. She is an Australian-born lawyer who was admitted to the Victorian Bar in 1999. She has been practicing law since then, and has a wealth of knowledge about all types of law. Her specialty is intentional torts, but she has also practiced family and employment law. She also worked as a property developer for several years before joining the cast of Neighbours in April 2015.

Liano began her career in the entertainment industry in 2014, as a cast member on the hit reality television show Neighbours. She has a history of being an independent woman and has also worked as an ambassador for the Victorian Cancer Council. Her net worth has increased dramatically since her time on the show. Aside from her acting career, Liano has also published an autobiography. Aside from her extensive acting credits, she is a writer.

She has worked in the fashion industry for the past two decades and has recently launched a shoe line. She was born in Brighton, Australia, on May 18, 1966. She has been married twice and has two young sons. She studied at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1992. She has been a lawyer since 1997.

Venus Behbahani-Clark Net Worth: $1-5 million

venus behbani

The net worth of Venus Behbahani-Clark is presently estimated at $1-5 million. This Australian woman is a human rights lawyer and has made her name in the entertainment industry with her dual-tone lipstick range. She is 34 years old and is married to businessman James Nicholas Clark. She has two daughters from previous relationships. Her younger sister, Giselle, is also a popular YouTuber.

Behbahani-Clark is a human rights lawyer, entrepreneur, and former child protection advocate. She has founded her own cosmetics line and has been involved in many TV projects. She is currently completing her lawful studies. Her net worth is likely to rise in the coming years due to her thriving career in the beauty care industry. She has also won several awards for her charitable work and is an active member of philanthropy.

Her career has included many high-profile roles in the media, from the legal field to television. She is an advocate for basic freedoms and represents youngster assurance laws. She has a large net worth and her family is her top priority. Besides her legal career, Venus Behbahani-Clark is also a successful money manager and businesswoman.

Jackie Gillies Net Worth: $2 million

jackie gillies

The Real Housewives of Melbourne star Jackie Gillies has a net worth of $2 million. She is a mother of three and a Psychic Medium. In addition to her television career, Jackie has a successful business. She has many relationships and is active on social media. This is one reason why she has such a huge fan base. Read on to learn about her relationship history and her net value. Further, you’ll discover the details about her children.

Despite being a celebrity, Jackie Gillies is also an accomplished psychic. She has helped celebrities and regular people re-connect with their dead loved ones. She has an impressive net worth of $2 million. This Australian reality television personality is married to a British musician and is expecting twins. While her net wealth is small, she is dedicated to helping others. Her career began in banking and has expanded into the realm of charity work.

She has three children with her rocker husband, Ben. The couple married in 2012, and they celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary in August of that year. They have one child together, and she is currently pregnant with twins. Their children are their first stepchildren.

Gamble Breaux Net Worth: $2 million

gamble breaux

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the Real Housewives of Melbourne, you know how wealthy their cast member, Gamble Breaux, is. Born in 1972, she is 49 years old and has a net worth of $2 million. The former model and art consultant has also gotten rich through her modeling career and TV engagements. Besides her successful business career, she enjoys creating art and designs in her spare time.

She has worked in the art industry for several years and currently works as an art consultant in Sydney. She also has two sons from her previous relationship. She lives in San Diego with her family. She also has a daughter, Luke, from a previous relationship. Besides being a fashion designer, Gamble Breaux has other business ventures, including a boutique that sells handbags.

She has spent a lot of her life traveling. She was raised in a nomadic lifestyle in Australia, spending school breaks in Palm Beach with her grandparents. Her parents were both artists and her grandparents are of pure Australian descent. Despite living in different parts of the world, her career has allowed her to accumulate a sizable net worth. The entrepreneur and former model has a wide range of interests and has built a successful business to support her lifestyle.

Anjali Rao Net Worth: $1.8 million

anjali rao

Anjali Rao is a television presenter and journalist from Melbourne, Australia. She studied sociology and received an honors degree from the University of Bath. She began dating Matt Wilkinson after her divorce from her first husband. They had no children, but Rao has a total net worth of $1.8 million. Despite her divorce, Rao is still married to Matt Wilkinson. Her mother is from Bendigo, Victoria, and her father is Indian.

Anjali Rao has several roles that bring in high salaries and a large net worth. In addition to being a television host and obstetrician, she has also worked in various fields. Her first job in TV was as a CNN International anchor. Later, she worked at Star TV and Channel 7 in Australia. Her first husband, Matt Wilkinson, died when she was five years old. The two split up a year later, but she is still married to Matt Wilkinson.

Anjali Rao was born on 29-4-1990. She was raised by her parents in the Australian town of Folsom, where she also attended an army school. Her first marriage, with Brett Gullan, ended in a misunderstanding. She started dating Matt Wilkinson and they were married in 2012. They were engaged for a short time, but the marriage disintegrated. Anjali Rao net worth is estimated based on her salary as a journalist.

Sally Bloomfield Net Worth: $1.5 million

sally bloomfield

Sally Bloomfield is a British TV personality and model. She is 56 years old and has been working as a hotelier and a Harper’s Bazaar editor. She was born on October 10, 1965, in Melbourne, Australia, under the zodiac sign of Libra. The deceased’s widow had two children with her husband Ian. The couple also owned a boutique called Bloomfield in Bali. In November 2017, they reopened the villa.

Sally Bloomfield net worth is estimated at $1.5 million. She joined the Real Housewives of Melbourne in 2010. Sally Bloomfield’s bio is available on her website. The site also provides an estimate of her annual salary and earnings.

Sally Bloomfield is a British television personality and professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Many “Real Housewives” viewers think that the Melbourne franchise is the greatest of all of them. They laud the show’s powerful female ensemble, who are both well-off and witty and engaging. This is something this Twitter user voiced: “I think #RHOMelbourne may actually be the best real housewives franchise to ever exist.”

This second user even invites others to watch this franchise if they haven’t yet, writing, “Okay but I actually cannot stress enough how much I think that @RHOMelbourne is the best Housewives franchise. If you’re not watching it, you’re missing out. 🤣”

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All in all, the program has a loyal following of viewers who anxiously tune in to see what drama and excitement the women of Melbourne will bring to the screen.