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Mick Molloy

Michael “Mick” Molloy is a Melbourne-based Australian comedian, writer, producer, actor, and television and radio host who has worked in radio, television, stand-up comedy, and cinema, best known for being featured on the Triple M Melbourne series The Hot Breakfast as well as on the Seven Network’s AFL preview show. 

He is also a Richmond Football Club fan. His support for the Tigers has been discussed on The Front Bar, and he has also had a street mural painted outside of Hector’s Deli in Richmond picturing him donning a Richmond guernsey to commemorate Richmond’s 2017 preliminary final victory against Greater Western Sydney.

Mick Molloy's Net Worth

In 2022, Mick Molloy’s net worth is estimated to be $8 million. His career in the entertainment industry is his main source of income. He had roles in the films “Tackle Happy,” “Crackerjack,” “Bad Eggs,” “Macbeth,” “BoyTown,” and “BoyTown confidential,” in which he either starred, wrote, produced, and/or directed, including TV shows, “The D-Generation Goes Commercial,” “The Gerry Connolly Show,” “The Comedy Company,” “The Late Show,” “The Mick Molloy Show,” “Kath & Kim,” “Stiff, The Brush-Off,” “Any Given Sunday,” “The Nation,” “Before The Game,” “The Jesters,” “Saturday Night Football,” and “Friday Front Bar.”

Mick has also collaborated with Tony Martin on three comedy CDs. He earned an Australian Comedy Award and an Australian Movie Convention Award for Australian Star of the Year in 2003 for Crackerjack.

His net worth is also growing as a result of his other media appearances, since he has 74.6k Instagram followers, where he often updates his fans on his new releases, trips, and family images.

Mick's Early Life

Mick Molloy was born in Canberra, Australia, on July 11th, 1966 and  and is of Caucasian ethnicity.  In the 1980s, he relocated to Melbourne from the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Richard Molloy and John Molloy are the comic’s two siblings. However, there isn’t a lot of information on his parents. We will update this site once we learn more.

Mick Molloy's Education

Mick Molloy went to The Peninsula School for high school and then to the University of Melbourne to study performing arts, where he composed and performed his first public act in 1987. Mick befriended the Australian comedic ensemble The D-Generation (the future cast of The Late Show), which included members who would later join Working Dog Productions; He would also cooperate with them on various projects during his stay at university.

Mick Molloy's Relationships and Family Life

Mick Molloy does not have a wife at the moment. From 1994 until 2000, he was in a long-term relationship with Australian actress and playwright Sophie Lee. Following their split, he began dating reality star Susie McLean on March 2017, best known for her appearance on Bravo TV’s, “The Real Housewives of Melbourne,” and the couple welcomed twins Lenny and Fred Molloy into the world in 2012. Their romance, however, was brief as well and he’s back on the market as a single man again.

Mick Molloy's Career

Mick Molloy was a writer-performer for the D-Generation on their 1988 Seven Network specials. He had auditioned for the D-Generation in 1986, but the company didn’t sign him until they saw him in the 1987 Melbourne University revue, Laminex on the Rocks, according to his Wikipedia. He subsequently landed a job for ABC’s The Gerry Connolly Show (1988), Network Ten’s The Comedy Company in 1989, and the Nine Network’s The Late Show (unscreened) prototypes (1990).

Mick also worked as a writer and performer on ABC’s Late Show from 1992 to 1993. He co-hosted the segments “Muckrakers” with Jason Stephens and “Commercial Crimestoppers” with Santo Cilauro, as well as coupling up with Tony Martin for each episode’s opening and the “Street Interviews” portion. In “Shitscared,” he portrayed stuntman Rob Sitch’s thick-witted helper, and he also appeared in a number of other skits (providing the voices of Sergeant Olden in The Olden Days and Chief Chromedome in Bargearse). In the Late Show News segment “Mick’s Serve,” he also performed a series of explosive outbursts.

“The Mick Molloy Program,” which launched on the Nine Network in 1999, was the comedian’s first late-night TV show. It was supposed to be a twenty-episode series, but it was panned by reviewers after just eight episodes. The program Any Given Sunday, which he co-hosted with Nicole Livingstone on the Nine Network in 2006, was his next appearance on television. He was a broadcaster for the lawn bowls events of the 2006 Commonwealth Games, which aired on the Nine Network. 

The television personality additionally starred in the debut episode of “The Nation,” a weekly late-night news-based comedy show on the Nine Network, in 2007. The program premiered on June 5, however ratings were low, with just 575,000 people tuning in for its fourth episode. It was originally shown on Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m., but was switched to Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m. in August 2007.

After Peter Helliar left Channel 10’s “Before the Game,” an AFL-themed program, in 2007, it was revealed that the presenter would replace him on the panel. Helliar had left the show in 2007. His enthusiasm for the Richmond Football Club (Tigers) was often expressed on the broadcast. Mick is a well-known fan of the club, and he has been in club membership promotional campaigns in addition to appearing on “Before the Game.” The producer then reported that Nicole Cornes, the wife of former Adelaide coach Graham Cornes, had slept with player Stuart Dew on the broadcast in June 2008. Nicole Cornes sued the Ten Network for slander and was granted A$85,000 in July 2011. The actor stayed with the program until the conclusion of the 2013 AFL season when it was canceled.

Furthermore, Mick featured in the comedy The Jesters, which aired on Foxtel’s Movie Extra in 2009. He portrayed Dave Davies, a seasoned comic who has taken on the role of manager of a bunch of young, inexperienced performers and is dealing with the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of creating a comedy sketch show. In 2011, a second season aired.

Following allegations that their on-air programming of the 2010 Winter Olympics men’s figure skating featured homophobic insults, the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board stated in February 2010 that he and Eddie McGuire will be scrutinized by the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board. After meeting with McGuire, the complainant withdrew the complaint. He was named as a member of the Seven Network’s one-hour AFL match preview program on Saturday evenings throughout the footy season in February 2014. Mick was selected the presenter of an internet program called Friday Front Bar in 2015. (subsequently renamed to The Front Bar). The program was taken up by Channel 7 in 2016.

After writing and producing on Triple M Melbourne’s The D-Generation Breakfast Show from 1990 to 1992, Mick partnered with Tony Martin for Triple M’s Bulltwang, and after The Late Show ended, Mick co-created the popular Austereo radio show Martin/Molloy, that also produced three ARIA award-winning tracklistings, The Brown Album, Poop Chute, and Eat Your Peas. On Network Ten’s The Panel, he appeared alongside his old D-Generation companions on occasion. “Tough Love with Mick Molloy,” which he co-hosted with Robyn Butler and Richard Molloy on Triple M, was Mick’s second radio program. He returned to radio in 2011, joining Triple M Melbourne’s “The Hot Breakfast” as a regular member. On Triple M Brisbane’s The Grill Team, he appears every day at 6:50 a.m. Mick will host a new national drive program with Jane Kennedy throughout the Triple M network in 2018, according to a Triple M announcement made in July 2017. As a consequence, he was substituted by Wil Anderson on “The Hot Breakfast.” Mick eventually left the production on October 6, 2017, and the next week, he began his new program, “Kennedy Molloy.”

As for the films he has worked on before, Mick released with a video, named “Shonky Golf with Mick Molloy,” and produced the feature-length documentary “Tackle Happy,” upon the discontinuation of “The Mick Molloy Show.” He portrayed as Kim’s dad Gary Poole on “Kath & Kim” and in two Murray Whelan telemovies, “Stiff” and “The Brush-Off,” he co-starred with David Wenham.

Today, Mick Molloy currently hosts “The Front Bar” on the Seven Network and will most likely accept other media appearances anytime soon.

Mick Molloy And Nicole Cornes Defamation Lawsuit

Nicole Cornes, a failed federal Labor candidate, told a court she felt like a “dirty joke” and sought to hide from the public when comedian Mick Molloy said she had slept with a footballer on the network’s football program, “Before the Game.” Mick apparently questioned Cornes’ faithfulness, implying that she had slept with veteran AFL player Stuart Dew.

Cornes is a lawyer who is wedded to renowned AFL coach Graham Cornes. “I was shocked because I have never met Mr. Molloy, and I could not understand why he would say that about me,” she explained. “I felt that they were sexually ridiculing me for conduct that never happened and that I was a dirty joke and they were laughing at me… For a time I shunned the world. I just did not want to have to deal with people … whispering about me and questioning whether it was true.” 

She claimed his remarks were prompted by a discourse of a Sunday Mail article in which she referred to Dew as a “catch” and commended him for quitting football to be with his lover. “When I watched the show, I was really upset, really surprised that he would say that,” she continued. “How could he get ‘slept around with Stuart Dew’ from that article. I was really hurt, I was really upset and I became emotional.”

Despite the actor’s on-air remorse in September 2008, her attorney, Stuart Littlemore QC, informed the court that his client will be pursuing punitive damages. “The nature of that publication, delayed as it was by three months, and the insincere and stilted delivery will be an issue going to aggravated damages.” The producer’s quip, according to Littlemore, was defamatory since it implied Cornes was immoral and had committed adultery. Channel Ten’s justification that the statements were made in fun was dismissed by him. “His conduct in directing sexual ridicule to Mrs. Cornes and traducing her good name for a laugh was not that of a entertainer but a lout.”

Cornes further told the court she worried the incident would harm her political aspirations and expose her children to bullying. She stated the words made her feel ashamed as a survivor of child sexual assault. “The point to me was that I was a victim of child sexual abuse, the same time I am being ridiculed again … you just have to draw the line,” she said. “It is important that (my daughter) Amy see as women we will not be ridiculed by dirty jokes. This is about the respect and dignity of women.” She won the lawsuit and was awarded $93,000 in damages.

Mick Molloy's Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height 6 ft 0 in
1.82 m
Weight — pounds
— kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Body Type Fit
Sexual Orientation Straight

Facts About Mick Molloy

Nationality Australian
Estimate Net Worth $8 million
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Birthplace Canberra, Australia
Birthday July 11, 1966