Real Housewives of Nairobi: Net Worth & Personal Information

The Real Housewives of Nairobi, Kenya was announced in April of 2021.

Juliet Ochieng's Net Worth: $16 million

Miss Kenya 2004 Juliet Ochiengh’s net worth is $16 million. Juliet started modeling and making several appearances in shows at various towns. Later on, she worked for Suzazuri. Her unquenchable drive later on won her recognition in the modeling industry.

After a Miss World Kenya tryout in 2004, Juliet won the prestigious Miss World Kenya title. Juliet went on to represent Kenya at the Miss World pageant in China. In addition, she won hearts at the pageant, and was ranked alongside the most beautiful women in the world and the sexiest woman in Africa in 2004.

The Kenyan beauty later on expanded her portfolio making star appearances in TV commercials. She has also appeared at the renowned television series, “Be the Judge.”

The beauty queen also embarked on a musical career. She planned to breathe a new life to the Kenyan music scene with her pop songs. Her debut release was “Ni kweli” and it is a captivating, lyrically rich and inspiring Afro Fusion song that provides the audience a glimpse into the momentous journey of her life.

In 2018, she was a lingerie model for a Valentine’s campaign for Double Dees lingerie. Juliet Ochieng was the face for the month of February for the brand. In addition, she has teamed up with Jaber Foundation to empower women in Kisumu from the rampant issues of skin bleaching. It allows her to give back to the community and take pride for being part of her hometown.

Catherine Kariuki's Net Worth: $7 million

Catherine Kariuki is one of the richest women in Kenya. Catherine Kariuki’s net worth is estimated at $7 million.

Catherine does a lot of things with her strong presence in social media and she prefers to be called “The Fashionable Stepmom.”As a digital creator, she maintains a blog, YouTube Channel and Instagram account to build her brand.

Catherine also created a YouTube Channel named Fashionable StepMum to widen her influence on social media. She wants to inspire other people by sharing her beauty tips, fashion inspiration and lifestyle. At present, she has more than 58,000 subscribers and million views on YouTube.

In addition, Catherine has a blog named, The Fashionable Stepmom. She posted a lot of articles about her journey from being a single woman to being a step mother. Her goal is to tap the community of step mothers, share with them her ideas, and inspire them to thrive in a blended family setting.

The fashion maven is also the founder of Image Redefined, an image consultancy company. The tagline of her business is “setting you apart from the rest by enhancing who you are.” She tells her clients that “understanding the importance of image perception is key to achieving success, in all areas of life.” She believes that “you are evaluated by your appearance, behavior, and communication – the image your project.

Catherine has also an LTK Shop and brand partnerships list. Through her knowledge in fashion, insightful tips as a step mother, and impeccable sense of style, she has attracted a lot of from around the globe.

Sonal Maherali's Net Worth: $2 million

Considering that she is a stay-at-home mom who is also a famous fashion blogger and YouTube content creator, it is quite likely that she is making a large amount of money. Sonal Maherali’s net worth is an estimated $2 million.

Sonal is a well-known style expert. Because of her great fashion knowledge, it’s natural that she shines brightly in the world of beauty and fashion. With that, she is an artistic story-teller and vlogger and has a lot of views on her “closet tour” videos on YouTube. The lovely television personality visits top fashion destinations across the globe to sample the finest in luxury. She has a splendid wardrobe full of fashion trinkets that she has accumulated along her travels.

Aside from that, Sonal regularly appears in numerous leading magazines and publications. Recently, she was featured with Africa’s aficionados with diverse tastes in the November 2019 issue of Forbes Africa Collector’s edition. After building her own community and followers on various social media platforms, she launched her own superb brand, Sonal Maherali. It reflects her ties to Africa.

Sonal Maherali launched her luxury line with a successful sale of apparel in 2009. She described it as the very first of its kind in Kenya Luxury line. The first collection was a special brand of tee-shirts loaded with beautiful nuances from the African wild. The same year, she also launched her own shoe-line. On February 24, 2020, Sonal confirmed through an article posted on her website that her shoe line is finally available. It includes new limited edition collection of posh footwear items. Besides, the limited edition of heels and loafers are dubbed the Simba Hills and the Simba Plains, respectively.

Sonal Maherali’s Instagram account under the handle @theofficialsonalmaherali has more than 125,000 followers. On YouTube, she has more than 70,000 subscribers.