Real Housewives of Napoli: Net Worth & Personal Information


The Real Housewives of Naples (Real Housewives Di Napoli) premiered on November 29th, 2020. The cast of the new series consists of six ladies: Daniela Sabella, Maria Consiglio Visco Marigliano del Monte, Noemi Letizia, Raffaella Siervo, Simonetta De Luca, and Stella Giannicola. The show is able to be watchd on Discovery+.

Daniela Sabella Net Worth

Despite her small net worth, Daniela Sabella has made a lot of money in the past few years. She has a daughter, Denise, and also hosts events. She likes to stay fit and is an event organizer. Her main source of income is her television show. But she has no intention of stopping there. You can also find out her other incomes by checking out her blog and Twitter account.

Maria Consiglio Visco Marigliano del Monte Net Worth

As a duchess of Marigliano del Monte, Maria Consiglio is the owner of a net worth of millions of dollars. She is also known as the “Real Housewives of Naples” due to her role on the Italian reality show. While many women have been influenced by this Italian royal family, the etichetta is not the only source of her wealth. The duchess’s wealth can be estimated by the fact that she is married to Chanty.

The Duchess owns the Cooperativa Ortofrutticola, which has contributed to her fortune. She has also been an active member of the Italian motor racing scene. As an entrepreneur, she has developed various products that are used for cosmetic purposes. Her net worth is estimated to reach millions of dollars. The Italian actress lives in a historic villa and has two daughters. Her net worth is estimated to be at least $1 million.

She has acquired several real estate properties, including the Sessa Aurunca cooperative agricola, situated in Riccione. Besides, she owns a sardegna and a vineyard in Vieste. In addition, she owns a number of other businesses, including the Sessa Auruncal, an agricola that produces wine.

Noemi Letizia Net Worth

Noemi Letizia’s net worth is estimated to be at least $3 million. This amount is the same as that of other celebrities in her class. However, her income is mainly from acting. She has an estimated salary of $450,000, according to her bio. Noemi’s divorce from Silvio Berlusconi was finalized in March of this year, but her future is still uncertain.

After the split, Noemi Letizia was hired to represent Berlusconi’s political party in the 2009 European Parliament elections. She had a complicated relationship with the Italian President and his wife, Veronica Lario. However, the two have remained close ever since. This is one of the most compelling reasons to see Letizia in the spotlight. Noemi Letizia has a huge net worth.

Noemi Letizia’s divorce has sparked a controversy. The actress and former prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, separated in May. The relationship is a major source of discord among Italians, as she claimed that Silvio had a whirlwind affair with her. Noemi has a high net worth, but her ex-husband, Sonia Proetta, denies it.

As a result, Noemi Letizia’s net worth has increased dramatically. After all, she has been a member of the Italian Senate since 2013. In addition to the political scandals, she has become a popular media personality, which means she has a huge net worth. She has been accused of sexually abusing younger girls. The criticisms of Silvio’s wife, Veronica, have said that she should not publicly shame the former prime minister for having an affair with a young girl.

Raffaella Siervo Net Worth

The Real Housewives of Napoli star, 44, has a net worth of $2 million. She is the star of the Italian reality television show. She is a native of Napoli, and belongs to the Siervo family. She has a bachelor’s degree in linguistics, and her filologico specialization means she is well-educated. She has dark eyes and a dark carnagione, and resides in Torre del Greco, Napoli.

Despite her fame and wealth, Raffaella Siervo remains a private person. She does not reveal her personal life to the public, though she has a close relationship with her daughter Simonetta Posillipo. Her life is private, and she does not like invecchiating or flaunting her skin. She has a son, Biagio, and a house with a pool.

The star has a stunning villa with an agrumeto, limoneto, and a tennis court. She loves the sea and uses sea water for her makeup. Besides her home, she also has a giardino and Instagram account. She has over eight million followers, and she is still gaining followers on social media. Aside from her social life, she has a huge amount of wealth.

Simonetta De Luca Net Worth

Simonetta De Luca has a net worth of $4.5 million. The actress and model is well-known for her roles in Venice (1992) and Necrosis. She has also been an award-winning designer. However, her networth remains unknown. The following are some of the most important facts about De Luca.

The Real Housewives Napoli is a reality show that features six women. The cast of the show is renowned for its eccentric personalities. One of the most popular housewives in the show is Simonetta De Luca. The star of the show is the Queen of the Housewives. In the reality show, she is referred to as “the Queen of the Housewives.”

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Stella Giannicola Net Worth

If you’ve been keeping up with the Real Housewives franchise, you probably know that it heads to Italy. The Italian version has already made stops in Vancouver, Hungary, and Johannesburg. Now, it’s time for Naples. The cast of the show includes Stella Giannicola, Noemi Letizia, Daniela Sabella, and Angela Alves. If you’re a fan of Italian-American reality TV, you’ll be thrilled to hear that the show’s cast will be featuring some of the most successful women in the country.

Alessandra Parlato Net Worth

Alessandra Parlato was born in Spain and has been living in Napoli, Italy for several years. She is an actress and an impresario. Her father was a banker and her mother a public relations manager. Her net worth is estimated to be at least $1 million. She has also appeared in movies and TV series, including the popular Titanic. Her net value will continue to grow as she continues to play leading roles in popular television shows.

Her success in television shows like “The Real Housewives of Napoli” has also helped her build a substantial net worth. The Italian actress is also known for her role in the reality show “THE REAL HOUSEWIVES di Napoli,” which is broadcasted every Sunday on Discovery Plus. Her net value has also grown significantly, as she has appeared in a number of movies and television shows.

The actress also has a personal website called Alessandra’s Fashion Blog. She shares stories about her personal life, including her love for Domenico. She shares her favorite fashion and shopping tips. Her Instagram account is also worth following. Alessandra Parlato has an estimated net-worth of $1 million. However, her personal life is still a mystery. 

Januaria Piromallo Net Worth

Januaryia Piromallo net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. This former Miss Universe has been on The Bachelor since season nine. She is known for her bubbly personality and has built up a hefty fortune through her showbiz career. She has accumulated a house of 12,000 square feet, 18 bathrooms, and a basement. She has been very successful on the show, earning about $600,000 per episode.

Besides her work on the show, she has a small and private life. Her husband, Frank Catania, works as the social media manager for Shouty LLC. As of 2018, she has a net worth of $500,000 and is very active on social media. She also has a personal blog, which can be followed on the internet. Her net worth is growing rapidly, thanks to her work on “The Real Housewives” and other reality TV shows.

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