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In Season 1 of Orange County, Kimberly Bryant was one of the original housewives. Kimberly’s life centred around her two children and their many extracurricular activities, hanging out with her girlfriends, and improving her beauty as a stay-at-home mom and self-proclaimed trophy wife. Kimberly’s husband, a corporate executive, as do most Coto housewives, aggressively urges her to keep her attractiveness. Kimberly decides to have breast augmentation after her husband persuades her. She went from an A to a D cup, which is a frequent improvement in the Coto society. On the show, Kimberly revealed that at least 85 percent of Coto women have had breast augmentation.

Kimberly Bryant is a conventional housewife in every meaning of the word. Kimberly and her husband Scott, a Fortune 200 executive, agreed early on that she would devote her time to their two children, Bianca, 13, and Travis, 7. This means Kimberly spends a lot of her time driving the kids to and from their many activities, which include tennis, golf, swimming, and hula lessons. Kimberly is a fitness enthusiast who spends several hours a week mountain riding, attending Pilates courses, and surfing.

Kimberly Bryant's Net Worth

According to sources, the former RHOC star‘s net worth is predicted to be $10 million in 2021. The majority of this sum came from her pay for appearing on the Bravo reality show, as well as other reality series. It’s not unexpected that Bryant received a lot of attention because of how popular the show was (its series debut drew over a million people). Despite this, she has not been on television since then. Her pay for the season she was a part of, however, was not released. Considering the popularity of the franchise, however, she most likely received at least $15,000 for the one season (perhaps some more for her subsequent guest appearances). (1)

Married to Scott Bryant, an executive at a Fortune 200 company, she enjoys a lavish lifestyle, one which involves various activities such as swimming, golf, tennis, and surfing. Now that she’s no longer a part of the show, she says that there are still some people who recognize her and her family when they’re out, but she chooses to mingle with her Chicago social circle and participate in Chicago charity events.

Kimberly's Early Life

Kimberly Bryant has not revealed her birthday, age, and parents on her platform. It is still unknown whether or not she has any siblings. It is noted that she must be over the age of 46 in 2021.

Unfortunately, not much is known about her early life at this time. There is no information regarding where she came from or where her birthplace is. But, since her husband is a native of the midwest, she could potentially also be from California.

Just like information regarding her immediate family, there’s no information that can be retrieved about her extended family members like aunts, uncles, cousins, paternal and maternal grandparents, and whatnot.

Kimberly Bryant's Education

Kimberly Bryant seems to be a smart woman, but she is, however, believed to not have gone to college. There is no public data available as to whether or not she attended college, what did she major in, or what year did she graduate. Even where she attended high school is also unknown.

Kimberly Bryant's Husband/Boyfriend and Family Life

Kimberly Bryant appears to be inactive on social media platforms like Instagram.

Kimberly Bryant has been married to her husband, Scott, for many years. Scott worked in the past as a Fortune 200 executive. (2)

With her spouse, the former housewife has two children: their firstborn is a young adult daughter named Bianca who entered college back in 2010 and a younger son named Travis.

It would have been fascinating to learn how the couple met and how they managed to start their modest family, but that information is also unavailable.

After noting that many of the ladies in their private enclave were fairly well-endowed, Scott approached Kimberly and requested that she get breast surgery. Unfazed by the suggestion, Kimberly was overjoyed to be recognized as her husband’s trophy wife. Kimberly may be the stereotypical Orange County soccer mom, but she is also a dedicated wife and mother who is hardworking, intelligent, and articulate, and who shares many of the same dreams and worries as many American women. She is ecstatic to be referred to as a wife-material. She got to it fast because she said her husband had vasectomy for her, and they were like switching surgeries.

Kimberly Bryant's Career

Kimberly Bryant is undoubtedly successful in her career both as a real-life housewife and as a former Bravo Housewife. Sadly, she does not have her Instagram account to document her endeavors.

Kimberly Bryant is a television personality who rose to prominence as one of the original housewives on The Real Housewives of Orange County. She was a stay-at-home parent who starred in the first season before returning as a guest performer for the next few years. She shared the screen with Lauri Peterson, Jeana Keough, Jo De La Rosa, and Vicki Gunvalson during her stint on the show.

The blonde hasn’t featured on television much since her time on RHOC, as far as we can determine. According to her IMDb website, she only has a number of other reality show credits to her name, including roles in The Girls Want to Come Out and Play and The Housewives Are Back! where she starred as herself.   It’s no surprise that as a mother of two, her family takes up a major chunk of her time. However, being a fitness enthusiast, she enjoys a number of other activities such as pilates and surfing.

After relocating from Orange County to Chicago, Kimberly busies herself with Chicago-based charity events. She was able to sold-out a 1,300-seat fashion show fundraiser for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital as the honorary chairperson of the said event. (3)

Today, she’s enjoying life as a happy wife and mom away from the limelight of the showbiz industry. She spends her free time bonding with her family.

Real Housewives of Orange County Storyline for Kimberly Bryant

In 2009, Kimberly Bryant joined the cast of ‘The Real Housewives of Orange Country.’ She was one of the original cast members of the Real Housewives franchise, dating back to the first season. Previously, the RHOC star was a Bravolebrity pioneer and a “stay at home” mom.

Season 1 of Real Housewives of Orange County focused on the gorgeous, although drama-filled lives of socialites such as Jo De La Rosa, Jeana Keough, and Kimberly Bryant. Some of the show’s original cast members stayed on for more than a decade. Others, on the other hand, believed it was best to follow a different course, distancing themselves entirely from the spotlight. Kimberly belongs to the latter group.

She insisted on living a healthy lifestyle, as some followers may recall. Having a tv-free home and only feeding her family organic foods cements her as a caring mother and dutiful wife. She was also one of the first celebrities to go under the knife, agreeing to a breast augmentation treatment at the request of her husband, Scott.

Fans were disappointed to learn that the star and her family, which included Scott and their two children, Bianca and Travis, had left the show after only 11 episodes.

The Bryant family had a pivotal role on RHOC Season 1, after which they vanished from the show. They appeared in Season 2 on one episode and Season 3 on another. They’ve added two more episodes to Season 4’s schedule.

They did not, however, leave voluntarily, according to one theory. Scott allegedly assaulted one of Kimberly Bryant‘s acquaintances, Jana Kindchadwick, after she allegedly poured a can of Red Bull over his wife’s back, according to a previous piece in The Orange County Register. Before anyone called the cops, he hit Jana at least twice.

Kimberly’s scare with melanoma, a skin cancer, at the end of Season 1 drives her to announce her family’s transfer to Chicago to avoid the California sun. Bryant was diagnosed with skin cancer when she was 27 years old, after a doctor excised 22 moles from her body, one of which was cancerous. This earlier medical history was not revealed on the show, with her current cancer worry being revealed only at the show’s conclusion. 

Since leaving reality television, the former Bravo star has kept a low profile, relocating her family to the Chicago suburbs, including her daughter Bianca and son Travis. The choice was reportedly made when Travis, Kimberly’s kid, was diagnosed with a precancerous mole. She appeared in a few episodes of RHOC in seasons 3 and 4 when Vicki Gunvalson and Jeana Keough visited her on Chicago, however she skipped the cast’s March 2016 reunion to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the original Housewives franchise. (4)

Kimberly Bryant's Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height5 ft 8 in
1.72 m
Weight200 pounds
90 kg
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

Facts About Kimberly Bryant

Estimate Net Worth$10 million
Zodiac SignUnknown


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