Real Housewives of Sydney: Net Worth & Personal Information

The Real Housewives of Sydney aired in 2017, but unfortunately only lasted one season of 12 episodes. Nonetheless, the reality stars gained many fans and were able to flaunt their wealth and the high net worths of the Real Housewives cast memebers to their fans and haters.

Real Housewives of Sydney Net Worth Ranking

Melissa Tkautz Net Worth: $93.3 million

melissa tkautz

During her acting career, Melissa Tkautz has had several top hits and has appeared in many movies. She has been in a number of reality TV shows. She has a number of films and has also starred on popular television shows such as All Saints. In addition, she has been married to Kwesi Nicholas since 2005. She has one child and two grandchildren. Melissa Tkautz’s net worth is estimated to be $93.3 million.

Melissa Tkautz is an actress, singer, and television personality from Australia. She has appeared in several TV series over the years. Her net worth is said to be in the three to five million dollars. She has two children and lives in Sydney, Australia. She has appeared in over 160 commercials and has been married to a businessman named Kwesi Nicholas since 2009.

Aside from her role as a model, Melissa Tkautz has also enjoyed a successful career in music. She co-wrote the hit “Goodbye Daddy” with Paul Wiltshire and appeared in many pop entertainment movies. Additionally, she has appeared in TV shows like E Street and All Saints. In addition, she has married finance businessman Kwesi Nicholas. Her net worth can be estimated from her net worth.

Lizzy Buttrose Net Worth: $6-9 million

lizzy buttrose

Lizzy Buttrose has an estimated net worth of $6 million and $9 million. This media personality has been married six times, and her third husband died in 2003. She has two children. The first was a son, named Ben, and the second was a daughter, named Kate. She was also engaged to a cage-fighter, Zoran Stopar, but their relationship broke down after a public slinging match on social media. Now, she is smitten with her ninth fiancé, yacht builder Allen Mitchell,

Buttrose’s career began in the early 80s, when she was voted Variety Club ‘Personality of the Year’. She later became an ambassador for Alzheimer’s Australia and a patron for the National Menopause Foundation. She served as the president of the Alzheimer’s Association until June 2014, and is a patron of the World Vision Australia and the University of the Third Age. However, her most notable role is as a charity worker, and her charitable foundation work has been in the form of numerous fundraisers and fundraising events. 

In 2009, Buttrose sold a contemporary Queenslander to a fan, pocketing $1.1 million for it. This sale price is based on the auction price of the property, which will be sold at a public auction on December 16. Ita Buttrose has also remained a close supporter of Buttrose since his release. She and Stopar’s turbulent relationship has led to frequent police visits, and Buttrose has been undergoing substance abuse treatment.

Lisa Oldfield Net Worth: $5 million

Lisa Oldfield is an Australian reality star, who is 44 years old and belongs to the Capricorn zodiac sign. Her main source of income is being a Reality Star. She is married to Australian politician David, who is a former Prime Minister. According to her profile, Lisa has a net worth of $5 million. She is a professional actress and has two sons. More information including, Lisa Oldfield’s net worth and other personal information is available on this site in more detail.

She is married to Australian politician David Oldfield and has two children. She has two sons, named Alexander and Eloise. In addition, she runs a blog called Lisa Oldfield Unfiltered, which discusses her lifestyle. She also has two daughters and a son. She has an Instagram account but doesn’t have a Twitter account.

In 2007, Lisa Oldfield joined Billback Systems. She worked at the company until 2007. In 2006, she moved to London and became a Senior Sales Executive. She later joined DocuSign, Sydney, where she remained until May of this year. However, she hasn’t been successful in her career since and has been criticized by the media for her bad habit. 

Matty Samaei Net Worth: $1-5 million

It is difficult to determine how much money Matty Samaei is worth. The renowned beauty expert is best known for her appearance on the reality TV show The Real Housewives of Sydney. According to her Wikipedia page, her net worth is anywhere from $1 to $5 million dollars. Listed below is an estimate of her net worth.

Her cosmetic nursing career has earned her worldwide fame, and she owns her own brand called Forever Young.  She is also a mother of two daughters. This is not surprising since she grew up in a modest family.

Born on January 24, 1974, Matty Samaei was born in Australia. She is a successful entrepreneur and founded the cosmetics brand Forever Young. She is engaged to Australian footballer Michael Stathakis and has two daughters. She is 47 years old. 

Nicole O'Neil Net Worth: $1-5 million

Nicole O'Neil

The total net worth of Nicole O’Neil is $1-$5 million. She is a well-known entrepreneur and was the first Miss Australia in the United Arab Emirates. She founded an event planning and production company, Pret-a-Party, and has since been a well-known face on social media. She is 39 years old, and has a wealth of experience when it comes to business.

O’Neil is a former Miss Australia and a Reality Star. She is the sister of Krissy Marsh, who became a successful entrepreneur and founded a company called Pret-a-Party. She has two daughters with her husband Adam O’Neil. She has been married to Adam O’Neil since December 2002. In 2007, O’Neil announced that they were divorcing. In 2008, O’Neil revealed that she had “failed” to get a divorce from David O’Neil. She was forced to make a split with David, and Victoria urged Lisa to leave David for the sake of her children.

Her first major success was in her role in the ABC sitcom, “The Real Housewives of Sydney.” She is 41 years old, and has worked on a variety of television shows and movies. Her personal life is centered around her professional work. Her career has been very successful, and she has made money as a television personality.

Victoria Rees Net Worth: $ millions

victoria rees

The net worth of Victoria Rees is estimated to be about in millions. She is the only ‘housewife’ on the show who has been married twice. She has been described as carefree, funny, and outgoing. Her latest project is a new website where she sells merchandising with her signature sayings. She was born on March 8, 1964 in Sydney, Australia. Her networth is expected to grow even further in the future.

Victoria Rees is a famous Australian reality television star. She earned her net worth by starring in a television series called Real Housewives of Sydney. She has been married twice. In her first marriage, she lost her mother Gail Anne to cancer. However, she later recovered from the trauma by marrying her second husband. In the same year, she had her son Austin. In a recent interview, she said that she found a girlfriend sleeping with her husband in her house.

While most of us know Victoria Rees as a star of The Bachelorette, you may not know that she is also a successful interior designer. She has worked with several brands including Armani Exchange and Lane Bryant, and has recently launched a new beauty line called Wrinkles Schminkles.

Krissy Marsh Net Worth: $1.5 million

krissy marsh

The net worth of Krissy Marsh is not available for public viewing. However, based on her net worth and salary, she can afford a luxurious lifestyle. She rose to fame on the Australian reality TV series The Real Housewives of Sydney. The 49-year-old model has been in the entertainment industry for quite a while. Besides her role in the show, Krissy has also established her own real estate company. Krissy Marsh’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

As a founder of the Billicorp, Marsh has built a very high net worth. She is known as the Property Princess. In addition to acting, she has a successful modeling career and has made a name for herself in the fashion industry. The actress is 49 years old. If you’re looking for the best celebrity advice, consider checking out Krissy Marsh’s website. If you want to know more about her net worth, you can read Krissy’s biography.

As a mother of three children, Krissy Marsh has made a lot of money. In addition to her modeling career, she has two French teacup poodles. Aside from her modeling career, she also has a business in Sydney called Billicorp. She also owns a house in Sydney where she grew up. Her husband, Johnny, is an ex-officer who became a popular personality on the show.

Athena X Levendi Net Worth: $100,000 - $1 million

athena x levendi

Athena X Levendi is an Australian sculptor and interior designer. She is 42 years old and received her BFA in sculpture from the National Art Institute in East Sydney. Her wealth is estimated to rise to a maximum of $100,000 to $1 million by 2021. Her wealth can be attributed to her extensive work experience and the specialized knowledge she has in the field of interior design and styling.

Athena X Levendi, who appeared on The Real Housewives of Sydney, has a net worth between $100,000 and $1 million. Her wealth is derived from her work as a reality star, and her husband, a jeweler, has a fortune from his business. Athena has been in the entertainment industry for over ten years and is married to Panos Levendi, a jeweler. She has three children with her husband and a background in interior decorating.

She is a member of the Generation X club, a socialite and a yoga teacher. She has three children, one of whom is a baby girl, and she also has a boyfriend.