Real Housewives of Toronto: Net Worth & Personal Information


The RHOT was a Canadian reality show that only lasted one 10-episde season without a reunion. This was the second Real Housewives series, with the first being Real Housewives of Vancouver.

Roxy Earle Net Worth

Roxy Earle is a television personality, fashion designer and women empowerment activist. She is a well-known champion for size inclusivity, body confidence and embracing one’s true body image. Roxy Earle’s net worth is 1.5 million dollars. She is a new mom to a cute baby boy, born earlier this year. 

She was previously married to a billionaire businessman, Raghu Kilambi. Unfortunately, the couple announced their divorce in 2020. During their marriage, Roxy was a doting stepmom to Kilambi’s two teenage children. Kilambi was frequently in the United States because of his various business engagements which was most likely the reason of the divorce. 

Currently, the Real Housewives of Toronto is happily married to Arnold Mahesan a well-known and very successful medical doctor which specializes in fertility. They got married in 2021 and welcomed a healthy baby boy in January of 2022. 

Kara Alloway Net Worth

She was portrayed with a villainous character in The Real Housewives of Toronto. But despite such portrayal, Kara Alloway still manages to catch the viewer’s attention. She is a journalist by profession before entering the showbiz industry. She has years and years of experience as a writer for various magazines in Canada and in the United States. Her years of hard work is evident in Kara Alloway’s net worth of $2 million.  

Born in the affluent neighborhood of Leaside, in North Toronto, Kara Alloway is no stranger to the life of luxury.  This may be the reason why she’s work so hard to maintain her status. She is married to wealthy lawyer and realtor, Graham Alloway. She is the mother of 3 sons. Despite her busy schedule as a reality star, executive producer and marketing director, Kara Alloway is still able to do her job as a mom to her children. 

Kara Alloway has close connections with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Kyle Richards Umansky, whom she met after working as a writer for Allure Magazine in Beverly Hills sometime in the 90s. Her close connection with Umansky has also draw her closer to Umansky’s older sister Kathy Hilton and her daughters, Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton-Rothschild. 

Jana Webb Net Worth

Fate may rule not in favor of Jana Webb, but she knows how to overcome whatever challenges fate throws at her. In her early twenties, she got into an accident that left her with breathing problems. However, the experience wasn’t entirely negative. It taught her something valuable, and that is to live life to the fullest. The accident gave her to what is now her bread and butter, JOGA. 

TV personality, yoga instructor, and speaker Jana Webb’s net worth is an estimate $1 million. She is a mother of 1 and is in a happy relationship. When RHOT ended she got a job in the Dominican Republic, where she once again got involved in a car accident which left her with a post-traumatic brain injury. 

Joan Kelley Net Worth

Joan Kelley Walker is a reality star with a heart of gold. Despite Joan Kelley Walker’s net worth of $2 Million, she remains grounded. Perhaps her kindness to the less fortunate is the product of the parenting style her parents used in raising her which was centered on kindness and the value of giving back. 

This television personality is a well-known humanitarian, an ambassador for World Vision Canada. Long before her fame, she was already volunteering in charity works locally and abroad. In fact, she met her husband Donald J. Walker while volunteering in Rwanda. 

Joan Kelley’s philanthropic works continues to change the lives of many children and women from developing nations. Even up until know, she is still working alongside World Vision to make her advocacy, a reality. 

Ann Kaplan Net Worth

Ann Kaplan redefined the term ‘housewife’ as used in The Real Housewives franchise. She is a self-made millionaire, and , as such, Ann Kaplan’s net worth is around $1 Million. This reality is like a supermom, a well-respected woman in a world dominated by men. She works like magic, turning start-up companies into a multi-million dollar enterprise in just a span of 3 years. 

This reality star holds a lot of degree titles, proof that despite her success in business, she still seeks improvement. Perhaps, this is the attitude that many of us should copy from her. She is also a recipient of various awards and recognitions. 

Aside from being a prominent figure in the business world, Ann Kaplan is also a prominent figure at home. She is married  to Dr. Stephen Mulholland, a plastic surgeon. Together they have two children. However, she is the mother figure to eight. Both her and her husband were married before and they each had 2 kids, upon marriage their families merged. In 2014, Kaplan’s sister died of cancer, leaving her the custody of her two children, Destiny and Rock, making their children 8 in total. 

Gregoriane Minot-Payeur Net Worth

Gregoriane Minot-Payeur has been a constant figure in the French-Canadian showbiz industry. Born in Bangkok, Thailand, she was adopted by a Frenchman and a French-Canadian woman. She was raised in Montreal, where at the age of 8  she was introduced to acting. She’s also a known dancer. In fact, she’s traveled along with her dance troupe until the age of 18. 

Over the years, Grego Minot has accumulated wealth. As of writing, Grego Minot’s net worth is estimated to be $5 Million. She is married to Pierre Jutras, a millionaire businessman and a well-known figure in Toronto’s hospitality industry. He owns The Spoke Club, and many other restaurants and clubs. Gregoriane Minot-Payeur is a loving mother of 2. 

What happened to the Real Housewives of Toronto?

The first season of “The Real Housewives of Toronto” aired on Slice and was supposed to be a’reality’ show, but after the season premiere, things went downhill. Ann and Stephen Mulholland invite a group of interesting women to a ‘procedure party,’ and they share their awkward history with some of the women. However, the ‘procedure party’ – dubbed the ‘Joan Dock Party’ – ended up being one of the most famous reality TV programs ever, and the cast of the show is still waiting for its debut.

The Real Housewives of Toronto are currently on hiatus. Jana Webb hasn’t been filmed since June and the cast has been keeping the scandal quiet, but she’s been on the internet since then. She posted a photo of herself on a Zoom call with her former co-stars, and has even teased a new project with them. While the season finale is still months away, fans can tune into the show every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Slice.

In the show’s final episode, ‘The Real Housewives of Toronto’ ends abruptly, and viewers were left wondering: What happened to the show? Well, the cast is back and ready to continue the drama on Slice. And while fans were left hanging, the cast of the rebooted series is on hiatus again. Despite the controversy, the cast and crew are determined to stay together. In an interview with Toronto Life, Gregoriane addressed the accusations that she purchased Instagram likes and revealed that she wouldn’t turn down a second season of the show.

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