Fiona Apple’s Net Worth, Career, & Personal Information

As a teenager, Fiona Apple had a troubled relationship with men. After a rape when she was twelve, she had trouble trusting men and began to experience panic attacks and eating disorders. Her third album, Unbound, made it barely to release. She quit drinking and moved to Los Angeles to live with her father. According to MTV News, Apple had a rift with Sony over the album’s production. Ultimately, she had to drop out of college and moved in with her father. She also quit her drinking habits.

Fiona Apple

In addition to her work as a solo artist, Apple has been a member of the Watkins Family Hour, a collaborative group of Sara Watkins and Sean Watkins. Among her many collaborations, she wrote the opening theme for the TV show “The Affair.” In 2006, she appeared on the joke track of Zach Galifianakis’ film “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” In 2014, she recorded a cover version of Andrew Bird’s “Sally’s Song” for the soundtrack of the movie.

While she has been in the spotlight recently, Apple has been largely under the radar. She has a few albums under her belt, but it’s hard to predict what her next project will be. While the singer is currently busy promoting her next album, her fans will be pleased to hear her back in the spotlight. In the meantime, check out this video, which shows a song from her new album, “Left Handed Kisses.”

Her song “Sullen Girl” (also called “Criminal”) topped the Billboard Hot 100 in 2001. It reached 2 on the Billboard Adult Alternative Songs chart and topped 21 on the Hot 100. The album was a hit and earned the songwriter a Guinness Book of Records nomination in the same year. She continued to perform concerts and write one-off singles. Despite her recent popularity, she has not released a studio album in four years.

As a teenager, Apple began writing songs at a young age. As a child, she was classically trained on the piano. When she was seventeen, she was arrested for possessing hashish and later won a Grammy Award for Best Female Vocal Rock Performance. During the past year, she has been married to Lionel Deluy. She has also had a long-term relationship with her father’s former boss.

Although she is a popular singer and songwriter, her early career was a struggle. She was forced to turn down several offers from major companies and struggled for recognition. Eventually, she was able to get signed to a record label and released her first album. She has toured the world, and her fourth album, “Awaken,” was certified gold. The release of her fifth studio album was delayed after the singer sued Sony.