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Angry Reactions, known as Oneya D’Amelio or Oneya Johnson, is an American TikTok and social media star. Oneya rose to fame for his angry reactions and comedic reaction videos that he uploads on his TikTok account.

The Internet celebrity attracted millions of fans through his TikTok account @angryreactions. He started Tiktok just for fun and as part of a trend. Later, he amassed over 21.9 million people following him on TikTok alone. Oneya Johnson also extended his social reach on Instagram and gathered over 1.3 million followers.

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Angry Reactions’ Net Worth

As of May 2022, Angry Reactions’ net worth is $10 million. (1) His career as a TikTok content creator is his primary source of income.

His wealth also increases from his YouTube Channel, “Humble King.” Oneya Johnson also earns from brand collaborations as a web personality.

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Angry Reactions’ Early Life

How old is Oneya Johnson, a.k .a. Angry Reactions? He is 24 years old as of this year, 2022. Oneya Johnson was born on March 14, 1998. (2) He was born in Jackson, Mississippi, United States, and was raised by his parents.

Oneya Johnson of Angry Reactions is of African-American ethnicity. He appears to be reserved about his family history. Oneya hasn’t mentioned anything about them. However, it is known that he has a brother.

Angry Reactions’ Education

Oneya Johnson of Angry Reactions is a famous and talented TikTok content creator. His fans want to know about her educational background. However, there is no exact information available about it.

In other words, he hasn’t disclosed yet where he finished high school and college education. Angry Reactions hasn’t mentioned anything about it.

Angry Reactions’ Ex-Girlfriend and Dating History

Angry Reactions is already a father. (3) This may shock his fans, but it is true. He is a father of two children he had with his girlfriend, Jillian.

However, Oneya Johnson has not revealed much about his children or dating life. He keeps his children out of his social media uploads.

Talking about the mother of Angry Reaction’s children, they’re no longer together. But even if he and Jillian have already separated, they have maintained their current friendship. Besides, their love story isn’t disclosed to the public.

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Angry Reactions’ Career

Angry Reactions rose to fame on TikTok due to his @angryrections account. Oneya started posting videos on TikTok in January 2020. He is a prominent TikTok content creator, Instagram star, and YouTube partner.

He got recognized for his Tiktok account, with more than 14 million followers, by posting his angry reaction videos. Besides, it features duet videos.

In addition, Oneya Johnson gained one million followers in a day. (4) He gained popularity after the viral video he posted on August 23, 2020. On his TikTok account, he created a video reacting to @bobbysrey’s cake-decorating tutorial, where he asks people not to be mean in their comments.

With that, Oneya took the opportunity to share a duet where he yelled, “Who being mean to you? Who? Who says your cake looks like s***? You point ‘em out because your cake looks good!!!” The video became instantly famous and was viewed over 42 million times in a few hours.

Oneya Johnson has another TikTok page called “faceonlyamothercouldlove,” where he posts funny reactions to comments. Through Instagram, he gathered more fans by posting pictures and short reel videos. As a result, he gathered over 1.3 million followers on social media.

His most recent upload on Instagram first posted on his TikTok account, is about Valentine’s Day. At the beginning of the video posted on February 15, 2023, it says, “No Valentine? I got you!” Then, he shops for Valentine’s Day gifts such as flowers, chocolates, and a jumbo card. At the end of the video, it says, “Will you be my Valentine, gorgeous?” This immediately garnered positive responses from fans, especially those who were alone celebrating the said momentous occasion.

“This literally made me cry tears of joy. I haven’t had the best Valentine’s day so this cheers me up <3,” one user commented. “Yes absolutely!! You’re the best and you just made my day ????❤️❤️,” a second user also said.

This third user even said that she and her boyfriend recently broke up, and Oneya’s video comes in perfect timing, writing, “this means so so so so much to me!!!! my boyfriend broke up with me Saturday and I had all this Valentine’s stuff for him and this just makes me feel so much better.”

Aside from that, Angry Reactions has accumulated more than 220,000 subscribers on his “Angry Reactions” YouTube channel. He uploads content on her account, such as prank videos and angry reaction videos.

While it is true that Angry Reactions is an overnight star, he had to go through many challenging phases in life. Reportedly, he had been homeless for months before he became famous.

There were reports that he was evicted from his neighborhood after his neighbors made police complaints about him fighting and shouting out loud. After the eviction, he started creating TikTok videos on his car most of the time.

Interesting Facts About Angry Reactions

Oneya Johnson was born on March 14, 1998. Hence, he is 24 years old as of May 2022.

Oneya Johnson is popularly known as @angryreactions on TikTok.

Oneya Johnson gained one million followers in a day.

He lives in a car in Lafayette, Indiana.

His nickname is Humble King.

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Angry Reactions’ Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height 5 ft 7 in
Weight 76kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Body Type Fit
Sexual Orientation Straight

Facts About Angry Reactions

Nationality American
Estimate Net Worth $10 million
Religion Not identified
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Birthplace Jackson, Mississippi, United States
Birthday May 14, 1998


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