Captain Bling Bling TikTok Net Worth, Relationship, & Personal Info

Captain Bling Bling is a famous TikTok star known for his flashy possessions. He gained notoriety when he started posting about his money and expensive possessions such as diamond-studded sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and even a mouth grill. He has over 7.4 Million followers on his TikTok account. 

Captain Bling Bling's Net Worth

As of 2022, there is no definite net worth recorded for Captain Bling Bling. However, a lot of sites claim that he is actually worth $19 Million (1). This net worth is not yet verified, since there are a lot of sources who claim that the Captain Bling Bling character is not real. 

If Captain Bling Bling is indeed a fraud he might still be a millionaire. This is because of the fact that a lot of people actually became his fans when he started doing the Captain Bling Bling character on his TikTok account.

The number of followers and user engagement plays a  vital role in establishing a good TikTok creator fund, which pays content creators with real cash as a form of creator salary.

In addition, Captain Bling Bling’s net worth might also be increasing because of the different brand collaborations that he has done. He gets paid by promoting brands and apps. One of the apps that Captain Bling Bling promotes is the app Sweatcoin, an app that pays you just for walking. The link for the app is found on Captain Bling Bling’s TikTok bio. 

Captain Bling Bling's Early Life

Captain Bling Bling is a private individual despite the fact that he is a social media personality. Although people know him as Captain Bling Bling, his real name is actually Ron Wright. His nationality is not known but some sources claim that he might be Canadian. 

Captain Bling Bling was born on April 25, 1988 (2), making him 34 years old now. 

There is no information about his parents, siblings, and other family members online. 

Captain Bling Bling's Education

Captain Bling Bling or Ron Wright’s educational background is not found on the internet. 

Captain Bling Bling's Relationships

Captain Bling Bling is married to Catherine Szabo. The couple will be celebrating their 10th year wedding anniversary on May 14, 2022. It is unsure whether or not the couple has a child together. However, Catherine Szabo has posts about a child named Samantha Szabo on her Instagram account but it’s unclear if she’s their child or just her niece. 

Captain Bling Bling's Career

Captain Bling Bling’s flourishing career on social media began in October 2020, when he started posting brick-laying videos on his TikTok account (3). However, despite his entertaining videos and unique persona, it wasn’t enough for him to gain traction on social media. 

It was in late 2020 when he began gaining the attraction of a lot of social media users when he started doing his videos as Captain Bling Bling, a wealthy man who flaunts his expensive possessions on social media. These possessions are often diamond-studded ranging from sunglasses, mouth grills, watches, and necklaces. Basically, he began gaining fame by showing off an extravagant lifestyle. 

People would question the authenticity of his possessions in the comment section of the videos he uploads and he would reply to each with a video of him testing the item with a diamond tester. 

However, all of these Captain Bling Bling videos are no longer being posted by Ron Wright, the man behind Captain Bling Bling. He underwent a major rebranding for his TikTok account. 

Now, Ron Wright posts video commentaries in a documentary style. He also no longer posts videos that flash his wealth. 

Is Captain Bling Bling Fake?

Captain Bling Bling is known for being flashy on social media. As a result, people are curious about his authenticity as a creator. 

Ron Wright, the man behind Captain Bling Bling is actually a businessman, that is why he has a lot of money. He may not be the richest man on TikTok, but he is rich.  The cash that he uses for his videos are all legit. However, the pieces of jewelry and mouth grills have been debunked by TikTok users who served as online detectives. 

A lot of TikTok users have debunked the alleged diamonds posted by Captain Bling Bling. People have actually found the items on eBay and Amazon. They also showed various ways in which Captain Bling Bling was able to cheat the diamond tester. 

In conclusion, Captain Bling Bling’s videos are all satire and are done just for the sake of content. But the money that he uses in his videos are all real money. 

Captain Bling Bling's Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlue
Body TypeStout
Sexual OrientationStraight

Facts About Captain Bling Bling

Estimate Net Worth$19 million
Zodiac SignTaurus
BirthdayApril 25, 1988


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