Francis Bourgeois Net Worth, Girlfriend, Height, Age, & Personal Info Wiki

Francis Bourgeois is an English TikTok star, trainspotter, social media influencer, and engineer. He is known on his Instagram and TikTok accounts because of his love for trains. He is also notable for being featured on the second phase of The North Phase and Gucci’s January 2022 Collaboration.

Francis Bourgeois’ Net Worth

In 2022,  Francis Bourgeois has a net worth of $20 Thousand (1). This fairly understandable since, he is still relatively new to his career as a social media influencer particularly on the video-sharing social media platform, TikTok where he has over 2 Million Followers.

Another factor that may have caused his low net worth is his engagement on the app. TikTok’s creator fund is not mainly reliant on the number of followers that a creator has. Its calculation also relies on the account’s engagement rate.

Engagement rate pertains tothe number of interactions an account has such as the comments and likes for each videos as well as the number shares it has.

In terms of Francis Bourgeois’ account, he has a slightly low engagement. Despite having 2 Million subscribers on the app, his number of views are high but the number of comments and likes on his account is significantly lower.

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Francis Bourgeois’ net worth may have a significant rise in the later quarters of this year due to his new venture as a model. Earlier this year, he shocked many of his fans when he appeared in the collaboration of The North Face and Gucci.

After his modeling debut as a Professional model for Gucci, it is expected that he will have other projects that will earn him big bucks. As of the moment, a big contributor to his net worth is the money that he earns on the social media platforms TikTok and Instagram which has over 2 Million and 1.7 Million followers, respectively.

Francis Bourgeois’ Early Life

Francis Bourgeois is a British TikTok star. He was originally from Harlesden in North West London. However, their family had to move to Frome a town in the eastern part of Somerset in England. As of the moment, he no longer lives in the area and is now based in Nottingham where he is studying.

A lot of people don’t know that Francis Bourgeois is not actually his real name. TikTok star Francis Bourgeois’ real name is Luke Nicolson. It is unclear why he chose the name as his identity on social media, but the real Francis Bourgeois is actually a court painter during the time of King George III (2).

Francis has yet to share the identity of his parents but he has told his followers that his parents used to take him on street expeditions to Willesden Junction.

Francis has also yet to disclose any information about any other relatives except for her grandmother whose photo he shared on his Instagram account.

Francis Bourgeois’ Education

Francis Bourgeois is currently studying at the University of Nottingham (3). He majors in Engineering. When asked about the reason why he chose to major in the said field, the TikTok star said that it has something to do with his passion for trains. He used various ways to improve his writing skills before university and one of them was services like, an essay service that can help students with your schoolwork, including writing essays on railway engineering topics.
His deep-rooted affinity for trains does not only influence his chosen career path in terms of pursuing higher education. It has also led him to become who he is now, a social media  influencer.
In one of his interviews, the  TikTok trainspotter claimed that the reason why he chose to study engineering is because he wants to become a civil engineer specializing in railway engineering in order to revitalize older lines in his area.

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Francis Bourgeois’ Girlfriend and Relationships

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Francis Bourgeois is currently dating Amy Linkin (3). She is a fellow student at Nottingham University. Francis is a very private person and because of that he rarely posts or talks about his girlfriend on social media.

Francis Bourgeois’ Career

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During the coronavirus lockdown in England, TikTok trainspotter and social media influencer started using the app TikTok. His main reason for using the app was for him to be able to entertain himself and at the same time, he wants to share with other people his love for trains.

After a few months, his videos started gaining traction and before he knew it, he was already gaining a lot of followers not only on his TikTok account but also in his Instagram account.

People really seemed to enjoy his videos for he continues to expand his following on various social media sites. Because of the continues rise of his followers, Francis Bourgeois was able to be noticed by a lot of Hollywood celebs. One of his most popular one was a video he made with Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.

Francis also managed to be noticed by the luxury fashion brand, Gucci. He was one of the models for The North Face X Gucci fashion line. In the campaign video of the collaboration, the social media star appeared as a train conductor.

Francis Bourgeois’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height 6 ft 3 in
1.90 m
Weight 180  pounds
82 kg
Hair Color -Blonde
Eye Color Light Green
Body Type Skinny
Sexual Orientation Straight


Facts About Francis Bourgeois

Nationality British
Estimate Net Worth 23 Thousand
Religion N/A
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Birthplace Harlesden, North West London
Birthday July 8, 2000


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