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George The Monkey

Georgie Boy was a 12-year-old black Capuchin monkey famous Tiktok pet with his owners. This TikTok star had a 17.6million followers and 202.6million likes. Georgie The Monkey has an Instagram page as well, which is being handled by his Texas owner.

Georgie is a type of monkey also known as tufted brown capuchin, capuchin, or pin monkey. This type of monkey is a primate from South America.

Georgie Net Worth

Georgie The Monkey Tiktok net worth is approximately $994.64 thousand, possibly $16.35 thousand a month if Georgie promotes a shoutout that might usually capture an $18.17 thousand per post day, as per Net Worth Spot Industry (1). He could earn a potential $198 thousand per year. He holds the username @heresyourmonkeycontent. (2)

Georgie has additional sources of income, promotes products with his discount code, and has monkey merch.

Georgie Boy Life and Career

Georgie is a Capuchin monkey who got the spotlight in the social media platform Tiktok. His owners began sharing videos of him ripping into packages. Georgie’s owner is a couple living in Texas. On May 23, 2009, Georgie was born and passed away on June 7, 2021. He was 12 years old then. He came to live with the owner couple of 10 years ago as a service animal for their mother, who has a painful nerve disorder called CRPS. The videos of him taken by the couple to document his life they shared online, and he instantly became an internet celebrity.

Georgie Boy’s quirky and cute, mischievous videos made him attract fans and new viewers that instantly loved him. The viral TikTok monkey loves snacks of dried foods, fruits & nuts, and most significantly, what made him most popular was opening packages he received from his fans. Georgie really loves that. He often receives fan art, stickers, toys, and snacks.

Georgie Boy

Adorable Georgie
Adorable Georgie
@heresyourmonkeycontent TYSM to the anonymous sender who sent us organic California pistachios 🥰 #fanmail #food ♬ original sound – Georgie Boy

Georgie Boy's Cause of Death


George made everything better ❤️

♬ original sound – Georgie Boy

The Tiktok pet Georgie passed away due to complications in anesthesia. Many have grieved his loss. His fans show their grief through social media like Twitter, Instagram, and most especially on Tiktok.

The couple took George to the doctor for his regular teeth check-up, but he suddenly went through anesthesia, which raised numerous issues. While they prayed for his fast recovery and allowed him to live longer, the doctor announced his death.

On June 8, the couple announced the most devastating news about him through an uploaded video on Instagram, saying, “George was the light for all of us, and he was the real and best example of love.” “He was a reminder of the love that exists in all of us.” Alongside the announcement video, the couple shares clips of Georgie’s happiest times, snuggling with his favorite toys, eating his favorite snacks, and getting his head rubbed. They also announced it on Tiktok with messages, “Through the fight, George was sent thousands of thoughts and prayers hoping that he would make it,” “On June 7 at 4pm Central, Georgie Boy passed away.”

Fans took the comment section to express their mourning with the couple.

“Devastated. Rest in Paradise, my friend,”

“George, you had the power to make everyone happy and laugh when they were down. Such a loving little soul,”

“Thank you for sharing George with us and making our lives that much brighter. He will be missed ❤😢.”

Even the American actor Zak Bagans  (3) showed his grief and love to George. 

“George, you had the power to make everyone happy and laugh when they were down. Such a loving little soul. My thoughts, especially to his immediate family. Such sad news. Can’t believe it.” he wrote.

Georgie's in sick


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