Griffin Johnson TikTok Net Worth, Bio, Girlfriend and Personal Information

Griffin 'Griff' Johnson

Griffin Johnson is a famous young American social media personality who has millions of views on his videos on his TikTok account. His Tiktok videos brought him to become an internet star, a Youtuber with more than 941 thousand subscribers, and on Instagram with more than 3.1 million followers.

He was also a cast of Brat Web Series Attaway General(1) which he played the lead role. 

Griffin Johnson Net Worth

Griffin Johnson’s net worth is approximately $2 Million. The sources of his net worth are his social media platforms, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, advertisements, sponsored posts, and brand deals. He is considered one of the  wealthiest TikTok stars and ranked on the elite list of celebrities.

Griffin Johnson's Family and Early Life

Griffin Johnson was born in Paris, Illinois, on January 13, 1999, but he is originally from America, so his nationality is American, and his ethnicity is white, his religion is Christianity. His friends call him Griff or Johnny. He doesn’t often mention his family member’s name, but his mother is Amie Branson Johnson; he really loves his mom, and she means his life to him that he even bothers to call him mama’s boy. He has an elder brother named Graham Johnson.

Griffin with his parents
Griffin with His Mom and Dad
Griffin and Graham Johnson

Griffin attended a private high school and was part of the baseball team. He holds a Nursing degree and graduated at Indiana State University. He studied Nursing because he has a strong interest in the medical field.

Griffin Johnson's Personal Life and Relationship Status

Griffin Johnson on baseball

Growing up, Griffin had a massive interest in baseball, in which he became a to be part of the baseball team during high school, and later on, he added basketball as one of his passion. Griffin is one of the famous and has good visuals in the social media world. His height is 5’7, and with his wit in creating content and charm being posted on social media, most of his followers are female. Aside from being busy and focusing on his career as an internet celebrity, Griffin loves to travel and has a big heart for animals. He is a dog lover, and he has one named Diesel. He even created his dog an Instagram page which he handles as well.


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Griffin is very wise in creating content. Before starting a video and posting it on his social media, he still researches things, especially on fitness, diet, and training. He is now an advisor at 305 fitness and a Youtube dance workout class.

His videos mix dance, comedy, and lip-synced videos that make him unique and his viewers entertained.

Griffing Johnson seems to keep his relationship status very private, or he is really single and wants to focus on building his career. Still, he had dated Dixie D’ Amelio. Dixie D’Amelio(2) is the sister of one of the most followed Tiktok stars, Charli D’Amelio. Dixie and Charli are both internet stars that became famous on Titkok. The ladies are both earning high net worth nowadays.

Griffin Johnson and Dixie D'Amelio
Griffin Johnson and Dixie D’Amelio

Griffin Johnson Career

Before rising to fame, Griffin only used to play baseball and basketball. In the year 2020, he got a lead role in Brat Web Series called Attaway General after showing his acting skills then, he suddenly started uploading Tiktok videos, and with his good looks, good quality, and consistency in posting videos, he had gathered millions of followers on his social media platforms. Griffin even collaborated with other Tiktok stars, Anthony Reeves(3), Payton Moormeier(4), and Jaden Hossler(5). He juggles studying Nursing and content creation for his media back then. 

As Griffin rise and fame, he joined Sway House(6) ith Kio Cyr and Josh Richards, a collab house for content creators; this is where Tiktok stars live together. Many ladies surround him every time he goes out of the house, and he loves the attention he gets, signing autographs, taking pictures with them, etc. But, he then left Sway House and joined Sway Game.

Griffin’s supporters see him as an aspiring music artist by the singing videos he’s posting on this Youtube channel.

Griffin is also planning to do more collaborations and tours to be more exposed and increase popularity.


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Griffin Johson Business

Griffin Johnson has a broad vision of opening a business. He is also aware that being a celebrity does not last long. Right now, he is using his platforms to enter business and entrepreneurship. He said that he sees himself in a trading venture and will be having his own company, so he has already entered trading and is investing in other companies. With Josh Richards, they invested in SportsHI. Griffin also made investments in PYM Super Coffee and Health House. A healthier type of coffee.
Aside from Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube, he also has a podcast that is really going well for him.

Together with other influencers, they also wanted to do business in show business like music and acting.


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