Ian Moore TikTok Net Worth, Life, Height, Age, Relationship & Wiki


Ian Moore is a famous British Author, Column Writer, Corporate Speaker, Blogger, Podcaster, and Comedian. Ian Moore started being an author and comedian in 1997. Ian Moore is one of the greatest and hottest comedians in the United Kingdom. He has appeared in many TV shows, including Richard Osman’s Home of Video Games, World Comedy Tour, The Soccer’s On, and Comedy Large Mouths. Ian Moore began writing career-like novels and making comedy stand reveals at a younger age.

Ian Moore is also a TikTok user with thousands of followers on his account. He went viral when he made a Tiktok video of the Hillsborough disaster in which around 96 people lost their lives.

Ian Moore’s Early Life

Ian Moore was born on June 15, 1954, in London, England, United Kingdom; this year, in 2022, Ian Moore is 67. Ian Moore’s mother, father, siblings, and educational background remain unknown. Ian has British nationality, and his religion is Christianity.

Ian Moore’s Personal Life

Ian Moore is married to Natalie Moore and has three daughters. They are living in England, United Kingdom. Ian Moore stands 5 feet and 7 inches. Ian has brown eyes and hair.

Ian Moore’s Net Worth

Ian Moore’s net worth is approximately $1 Million. He has an estimated salary and income of $320,000 earned as a Folk Singer.

Ian Moore’s Career

Ian Moore started his career in September 1997. He is an author and comedian who has worked at Bespoke Comedy Ltd since 2019. Ian Moore’s best-selling novel was Death & Croissants, released in July 2021, and after that, Ian Moore released Death & Fromage in July 2022.

Ian Moore has also appeared on BBC 2’s Richard Osman’s House of Games and BBC 5Live’s Fighting Talk and became a regular guest on BT Sport’s The Football’s On.

He became more known in a Tiktok video he uploaded. He made a video on the Hillsborough disaster in which 96 people lost their lives as well. He dedicated the video to Mr. Lee Wood, who lost his cousin in the disaster. He said that Mr. Wood should have died instead of his cousin. After that video, Ian Moore got many comments bashing him, and everyone bad-mouthed him.

Ian Moore’s Controversies

Ian Moore

Ian Moore got bashed big time when he made a Tiktok video that Mr. Lee Wood should have died instead of his cousin in a disaster. Ian Moore and Lee Wood hate each other so much. They were fighting through their videos being broadcasted on social media. People named Ian Moore the worst Tiktoker.

There is also a YouTube video uploaded by Ginty 01 about why he hated Ian Moore so much. However, although he criticized Ian throughout the video, he reminded the viewers not to send Ian Moore to hate and nasty comments.

Quick Facts about Ian Moore

  • Ian Moore’s TikTok account got banned as many people reported his account.
  • Ian Moore has no Facebook or Instagram.
  • Ian Moore won plaudits for his performance on the long-running The Now Show on BBC Radio 4.
  • Ian Moore is also a Chutney Maker.
  • Ian Moore’s ethnicity is unknown.


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