I’m Joey Reed TikTok Net Worth, Girlfriend, Height & Wiki

Joey Reed is a TikTok star, social media influencer, video content creator, and businessman. He created his TikTok account last January 2019. His popularity is his short videos posted on his TikTok channel Imjoeyreed, with almost 7 million followers and 163.5 million likes. His content is all about hip-hop dancing, dancing with different viral music on TikTok. He also posts fashion-related pictures and video reels on his Instagram account with more than two hundred thousand followers. He also has a Youtube channel in which he shares his adventures and lifestyle videos. It garners almost 70 thousand subscribers as of today.

He is currently 23 years old and was born on March 30, 1999, in Omaha, United States, and his zodiac sign is Aries. (1) He also has a twin brother whom he later posted on his Instagram account. 

Joey Reed's Net Worth

Joey Reed made his spot on the famous and rich TikTok stars list. His numerous followers from different social media platforms gave him tremendous wealth. His millions of followers on TikTok, his advertisements, brand deals, and his own merchandise business gave him a net worth estimated $1 million up to $5 million. (2) He also works as a model that can add up to his wealth.

Her wealth is increasing from his social media presence and his own business, which is inclined with his passion as a content creator and a TikTok star.

Joey Reed's Early Life

Joey Reed is 23 years old (as of 2022). He was born on March 30, 1999. Joey Reed was born in Omaha, United States, and was raised by his parents. Like other TikTok stars, Joey Reed chooses to make his personal information private. The identity and knowledge of his family members are discrete.

In Joey Reed’s Instagram post, he greeted his twin brother with a baby picture of them. He tagged his twin brother with the username @syba33. His brother is an engineer, marketer, musician, and producer. We know that Joey Reed recently shared with the public that he works on a music album named Big Drip. His brother’s taste in music was complimented by the fans and followers of both personalities.

Joey Reed's Education

As we all know, Joey Reed was a private person. His educational information remains public as he enters the highest peak of his career. He doesn’t share anything about his High School and College information.

Joey Reed's Girlfriend and Family Life

Joey Reed with his rumored girlfriend

As a TikTok star, his fans will Joey Reed choose to keep his relationship status private. He is not married nor in a relationship. But last October 2019, everyone got shocked by his Instagram post with a woman wearing the same robe. (3) This woman became a spotlight, but Joey Reed didn’t disclose any information about the said girl. His fans fussed and argued if this woman was his girlfriend or just a friend.

Joey Reed's Career

Joey Reed is a well-known TikTok star, social media influencer, content creator, singer, and businessman. He is very popular because of his street-style fashion and hip-hop cover videos on TikTok and Instagram.

He garners 6.9 million followers and 163.5 million likes on his TikTok account. He has 204 thousand followers on his Instagram, and his Youtube account, wherein he shares his adventures and lifestyle videos, has 3.79 thousand followers. (4)

On his Instagram account, he gradually shares how he loves his fashion, how he mixes and matches his tops and bottoms, and he also loves to make video reels on his Instagram account. He doesn’t include himself in any controversies as he keeps his career excellent and safe.

Today, Joey Reed still works as an influencer and does his own merchandise business that can add up to his wealth.

Quick and Fun Facts about Joey Reed

His real name is Joey Reed.

He is 23 years old.

His birthplace is Omaha, United States.

His birth date was on March 30, 1999.

He has a twin brother.

He is a TikTok star, social media influencer, content creator, singer, and businessman.

He loves street-style fashion.

Its joey reed TikTok net worth is approximately $1-$5 million.

He is a model.

He works with different brands and advertisements.

His TikTok account is @imjoeyreed.

His Instagram account is @imjoeyreed.

His Youtube channel is Joey Reed. He usually vlogs his videos on TikTok together with his travel videos.

He has his merch and made it his own business.

He has an album named Big Drip.

He has a brown eyes

He doesn’t include himself in any controversies.

His pieces of information are all private.

His content is all about dancing, singing, and lip syncs, and he is a short form video creator.

Joey Reed's Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Hair ColorNA
Eye ColorBrown eyes
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

Facts About Joey Reed

Estimate Net Worth$1 million to $5 million
Zodiac SignAries
Birthplace Ohama, United States
BirthdayMarch 30, 1999


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