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Junya is a well-known content creator based in Japan. He is a comedian, Youtuber, TikTok star, and social media personality. His attractiveness, the boy-next-door features, and being a fitness fanatic made him famous on different social media platforms. He first made a name on Instagram in April 2017; then, he entered the microblogging website Twitter and started vlogging on YouTube and Tiktok.

Junya’s Personal Life

Junya Childhood Photo

Tiktok star Junya’s real name is Junya Gou. He is a social media star based in Japan. Junya’s birthday is October 17, 1991. He was born in Osaka, Japan. Junya’s family and relationship status are unknown. Junya is entirely private about his personal life and does not disclose anything.

Junya holds Japanese nationality and practices Christianity as his religion. He stands 5 feet and 5 inches. He has light brown eyes and blonde hair.

Junya’s Net Worth

Junya’s net worth is estimated at $112 Million. He earns a lot on his Tiktok and YouTube channels. The average earnings of Junya per video are around $1,000 to $7,000. YouTubers have sponsors and could earn by promoting their products. Junya’s YouTube channel receives more than 11 million views a day and generates $1.34 million from advertisements and sponsors a month.

TikTok influencers like Junya can also sell shoutouts to big brands and accounts aiming to grow their following. Compared to YouTube ad revenues, the cost of a shoutout differs widely, and Tiktok influencers can have the option of fixing their prices.

From Junya’s 40 million followers, Junya Tiktok’s net worth is approximately $3 Million.

Junya’s Career

Junya Gou started on Instagram in April 2017 until his presence became known on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Tiktok. He is one of the most followed internet celebrities, tagged as the legend of funny videos, and is still progressing on his career path.

Junya is very active in creating comedy and dance videos. He is always up in challenges for his every content. “I will be King of Tiktok” is written in his profile description on Tiktok.

Junya has 42 million tiktok followers and 306 thousand followers on Instagram. He created his YouTube channel in September 2020 and now has 15 million subscribers. Junya is the first and only in their country to have more than 10 million followers on Tiktok.

His most viewed video was when he pulled tomato juice in a straw, which was viewed 3 million times, and his video with Coke with Mentos earned 40 million views and 2 million likes.

Junya’s Collab With Collab Asia

Junya’s creativity and passion led him to collaborate with Collab Japan Co., Ltd. Junya and Collab Japan signed a content agreement in November 2020.

Collab Asia supports YouTube channels and Tiktok personalities with over 20 million followers. Its motto is “Creator First,” one of its objectives is to create an atmosphere where you can focus on your creative content and improve profits by supporting its YouTube channel.

Collab Asia has seven offices in Asia. It already supports more than 2,000 YouTube channels and supports influencer marketing in each country. Collab Asia also uses the YouTube system to manage digital rights to maximize content value through revenue collection.

Quick Facts about Junya

  • Junya’s ethnicity is mixed.
  • Junya was a fan of social media before fame.
  • Junya has gained much recognition and fame from his 199 thousand subscribers.
  • Junya started to earn six-digit figures back in 2019.
  • Some viewers tell him that he isn’t funny and needs serious help.


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