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Mikayla Nogueira is a TikTok star and makeup artist from the United States. After posting tutorial videos and makeup videos on her TikTok account, she became famous. She was recently named Emerging Makeup Artist of the Year. Her Instagram account, where she posted beauty and makeup instructional videos, was where she began her social media career in 2013. Mikayla Nogueira, a makeup artist, has mastered every look imaginable. The star rose to fame thanks to the popular social media app TikTok, where she regularly shares helpful advice, evaluations, clothing hacks, and immaculate makeup looks.

Mikayla is recognized for perfectly matching her makeup to other jewelry, such as earrings. Like everyone else, Mikayla Nogueira used the popular TikTok app to relax and unwind during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mikayla’s first-ever video on the app, a spin-off of the famous “Catfish Challenge,” was incredible and catapulted her to fame on the platform.

Mikayla Nogueira, born June 13, 1998, will be 24 years old in 2022. She was born and raised in a well-known family in Massachusetts, USA. She is a stunning young lady with lovely features and a beautiful appearance. Mikayla stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs around 75 kilograms. Her long brown hair is gorgeous, and her brown eyes are captivating. Her figure measurements are approximately 32-25-32 inches, and she has a curvy, sleek body type.

Mikayla had created her career during a pandemic. Mikayla has 12.3 million followers and 809.9 million likes on her TikTok account, wherein you can see her recommend beauty products and makeup tutorial videos. Mikayla once told her fans that she had already established her career on Instagram before becoming a TikTok star. She now has 2.3 million followers on her Instagram account, where she posts makeup tutorials and lifestyle posts.


Mikayla Nogueira’s Net Worth

Mikayla Nogueira is a famous social media personality. She is a TikTok celebrity who loves to display her makeup tutorial videos openly. She has a considerable net worth because of her talent in makeup and attractive appearance. As an outcome of her accomplishments, Mikayla Nogueira now has a net worth of $2 million.

Mikayla Nogueira only shows that she is deserving of her status as a well-known and wealthy TikTok star. Her social media influencer career increased her net worth. Her net worth primarily derives from collaborations, sponsorships, brand deals, and advertisements. Mikayla Nogueira has a sizable net worth and a large fan base that helps her advance in her career.


Mikayla Nogueira’s Early Life

Despite being famous and rich, Mikayla Nogueira prefers to keep her information private. Fans asked when they could meet Mikayla’s family, but Mikayla politely refused and did not respond. Mikayla Nogueira has several supporters across multiple social media platforms. It is reasonable that Mikayla Nogueira would want to keep her family’s data private. This could make them feel safer.

Her own family and relationships are only vaguely familiar to her. Patrice Nogueira, an artist, and Michael Nogueira, an elementary school counselor, are Mikayla Nogueira’s parents. She has an elder brother with someone with whom she is extremely close. Mikayla Nogueira will be 24 years old in 2022, born on June 13, 1998. Mikayla was born and raised in Massachusetts, and the USA is a well-established family.

Mikayla Nogueira’s Education

Mikayla’s fans are interested in learning more about her academic accomplishments. If she is currently studying, has she completed high school or received any college education, or where did she start school before becoming famous? She completed her elementary school education at Bowman Elementary School in Massachusetts. Following that, she graduated from Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island. This shows how Mikayla was educated not only on her makeup tutorials but also on her principles and humor.


Mikayla Nogueira’s Fiancé and Family Life

Compared to other social media personalities, Mikayla’s love life became the talk of the TikTok world when her longtime boyfriend, Cody, proposed to her in November 2021. They were gradually seen in public and on Mikayla’s social media accounts. They look charming, like they loved each other years ago. You can also see some of their photos on Mikyla’s Instagram accounts. No further information about Mikayla’s fiancé. Her fans think that the TikTok star refuses to share information about the said guy.


Mikayla Nogueira’s Career

Mikayla Nogueira’s interest in beauty products, makeup, and fashion did not begin. The TikTok star explains that she’s always been willing to participate in everything related to beauty since childhood. She recalls viewing beauty and makeup tutorial videos online when she was ten years old and her desire to learn and exercise. At 23, the artist has already succeeded as a beautician, makeup artist, and TikTok star. This only means that her passion for doing makeup brought her into an unexpected life.

Mikayla’s growing career started when she posted a video on TikTok, a spin-off of the famous “Catfish Challenge,” which was incredible and catapulted her to fame on the platform. She has 12.3 million followers and 809.9 million likes on her TikTok account. Mikayla is known for pairing her makeup with jewelry, such as earrings. On the other side of her social media accounts, she now has 2.3 million followers on her Instagram account. Mikayla is knowledgeable when it comes to her career. She put her employment away from any other controversies that may affect her and put it in danger.


Quick and Fun Facts about Mikayla Nogueira

  • Mikayla Nogueira is a TikTok star and makeup artist from the United States.
  • Mikayla Nogueira’s birthplace is in Massachusetts, USA. It was Mikayla Nogueira hometown
  • Mikayla Nogueira’s celebrity net worth is approximately 2 million dollars.
  • Mikayla Nogueira was born on June 13, 1998, and she will be 24 years old in 2022.
  • Mikayla Nogueira stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs around 75 kilograms.
  • Mikayla Nogueira’s hair and eye colors are both brown.
  • Mikayla Nogueira’s figure measurements are approximately 32-25-32 inches, and she has a curvy, sleek body type.
  • Mikayla Nogueira has 12.3 million followers and 809.9 million likes on her TikTok account.
  • Mikayla Nogueira already established her career on Instagram and now has 2.3 million followers.
  • Mikayla Nogueira’s TikTok videos are all about doing makeup tutorials and makeup challenges.
  • Mikayla Nogueira was already engaged to Cody last November 2021.

Mikayla Nogueira’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height 5 ft 5 in
Weight 75 kg
Hair Color Born
Eye Color Born
Body Type NA
Sexual Orientation Straight

Facts About Mikayla Nogueira

Nationality American
Estimate Net Worth $2 million
Religion NA
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Birthplace Massachusetts, USA
Birthday June 13, 1998


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